March 6, 2017
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Suddenly, a wash of calm bore over her. She understood that there was more to life than stressing about things that would have no meaning three days later. As the great wave of serenity rolled upon her she felt at peace and at one with the world. She understood her purpose and her meaning. It was meant to be – everything leading up to this moment had been preparing her for it. She had a job. She had a goal. She had a reason. And she knew how to do it.

All she needed to do was write; write everything, every last detail about everything and anything. All the signs, every hidden meaning and how it all ties each person to the other because we are all united in this life and as The Lion King said “we are all connected in the circle of life”.

That revelation was not the first thing to set her mind rolling; there were the songs that lifted her spirits and the people who made her laugh; the games that started fires inside her and the birds that sang along but the final piece of the puzzle fell into place at that meeting.

It was boring, granted, and she didn’t want to be there but as she drifted into unconsciousness, her spirit took the reigns and pointed out which way was next and what her responsibility was to be. A gasp escaped her and the other people looked around and saw only joy and understanding as it arose from her and she knew the entirety was going to be all right because there was her intuition telling her what to do. The energy that others gave off started her in the right direction. From that moment, nothing was ever going to be the same again. She knew what she had to do and what she had to become because the energy fields around her told her she had much work to complete.

She found a pen and started to write.

At first, she wrote on skin because there was no paper to write on but it did not matter. All she had to do was write. The words and phrases poured out of her like glossy syrup: always more and always some left at the bottom. The people around her read and realised what she meant and their energy became more green as the hateful reds and dark purples changed into calmness and kindness as each person realised how to change and what to amend without losing themselves in the process.

Sometimes all it takes is one person to comprehend something and then suddenly they can communicate with others and they understand. All it takes is a well placed word or comma to get the knowledge flowing like water, always changing but never becoming something it’s not.

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