The Mouse With Courage

November 11, 2008
By Jose Gomez, Madison, WI


"Ahhhhh! Get out the way; he's coming, run for your life. The big fat extra extra strong Elephante is coming. He's almost here hide. Shhhhh shhhh quiet don't let him hear us," screamed Rabbit

Boom boom boom!

"It is I the big fat extra extra strong Elephante. I am here to destroy all in my path. Huh!! Where is everybody at!! Slaves find them now or die with them," yelled Elephante.

"Yes master as soon as possible we will do as you please." "Ok now hurry!!" [30 minutes later]

"Master master master, we have found them they are over by the great white lake," responded Rufus and Buck.

"Good job slaves you'll get extra food tonight boys," Elephante replied.

"Yes we have finnaly made him happy!"

"Hurry come show me the way, Elephante yelled at the slaves."

"Yes master this way," said the slaves.

"We must travel up this big hill to make it there. If you run as fast as you can you should be able to make it over the hill quick in a hurry," the slaves told Elephante.

"Ok now I will run up on the count of three then I will come back with the animals that hid from me and you will stay here ok, I want them all for myself. Now stand back, one two three. Here I come you dumb animals," Elephante hollered. [Splash]

"Yes! He's fallen in the water, Rufus lets go and tell the others we disposed of him," Buck whispered.

"Let's go Buck, man it sure is a good thing that you thought of this plan, you're so smart. Let's go buddy," Rufus mumbled.

"Ha ha ha ha ha! Those foolish animals thought they could get rid of me that easy, well now they got another thing coming," Elephante laughed loudly. [5 jungle minutes later]

"Everybody, everybody come out we beat Elephante, me and Buck, we did it,"

"Hooray! Hooray! All hail Rufus and Buck defeaters of the big fat extra extra strong Elephante," shouted the happy forest animals.

"Yeah now we all can roam the jungle as we please and not be bothered or attacked," screamed the excited forest animals.

"All hail Rufus and Buck! All hail Rufus and Buck! Yeah," Echoed Rabbit.

"I could get use to this Buck," Rabbit mumbled.

"Well Rufus when you do good things good things will happen to you," replied Buck.

"Well ill be right back Rufus I have to go roam the jungle freely now," Buck whispered.

"Ok bro catch you later," replied Rufus.

"Don't get into any trouble," Rufus's voice echoed.

"Well what should I do? Oh I know I can play ahhh," Buck yelled.

"So you thought you could get rid of me Buck, well now I'm going to kill you and your brother Rufus, but for now your going to be my prisoner. All hail Buck and Rufus. Ha all hail King Elephante. Now we are going to my layer, don't make a sound," Elephante shouted at Buck.

[The next day.]

"Buck Buck Buck! Where are you! Hey Rabbit can you help me find Buck he's missing," Rufus said.

"Sure Rufus, where did you see last," Rabbit asked Rufus.

"He was just going into the jungle over by the rose bush," Rufus answered.

"Well lets go look over there maybe he came back and he didn't see you, so he just slept there because he was really tired from adventuring through the jungle," Rabbit calmly explained.

"I don't know about that Rabbit but we can check," Rufus answered.

[Mean while]

"Ok Buck your brother Rufus should be searching for you about now, and when he does get here I'm stomping him like the little mouse he is," Elepante said.

"No please don't kill me and my brother," Buck screamed.

"Quiet!! Don't speak unless I tell you to," Elephante yelled at Buck.

"I hope Rufus finds me," little Buck thought to him self.

Rabbit I don't see him anywhere," hollered Rufus.

"Calm down Rufus we will find him, we will find him," whispered Rabbit.

"Wait what's that," Rufus asked?

What's what Rufus," Rabbit asked?

"There are big foot prints,' Rufus answered..

"What do you mean big foot prints; I thought you got rid of Elephante, he's the only animal with feet that big. What's going on Rufus," Rabbit asked loudly.

"Well you see we tricked him into falling in the great white lake, but he must have got out," Rufus whispered.

"There is no great white lake," Rabbit told Rufus.

"Yeah there is me and Buck always swim in it," Rufus replied.

"Where is this lake," Rabbit asked Rufus.

"It's over by the big hill," Rufus told Rabbit.

"Oh you mean the small white lake. Rufus you should have told us, the lake you dropped him it's only four feet high, that's not big," Rabbit said unhappily.

"Well it's big to us," Rufus explained.

"Well that's because you're a small worthless mouse that's too stupid to know a big lake from a small lake. Find Buck yourself I'm going to warn the others that Elephante is on the loose," Rabbit said very mean.

"But Rabbit," Rufus mumbled.

"But nothing, bye Rufus," Rabbit replied.

"Well that's ok, fine!!!!!! I'm coming to get you little brother, don't worry at all; I'm coming to get you," Rufus thought to him self.

"Huhhhhh! I have to get out of here somehow. Maybe if I use my tail to pick the lock I'll be able to open the cage. Uhhunuhh!!!! Got it!! I have to be really quiet or Elephante might here me. Hey there goes an open window. Yippee!!!," Buck thought to him self.

"What the," Elephante said very surprised.

"Oops!! Ahhh," Buck screamed.

"Get back here Buck," Elephante screamed back.

"I have to make a good timing, to get through that window. Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh hah, that wasn't too hard," Buck shouted.

"I'm going to catch you Buck," Elephante yelled out of breath.

"Oh yeah I'm running from Elephante," Buck thought to himself.

"You can run but you can't hide, ill get you somehow," Elephante told Buck.

"Whew, I finally got away from that oversized beast. Now ive go to meet back up with Rufus," Buck said to himself.

[Twenty-five minutes later]

"Hey Rabbit, have you seen Rufus," Buck asked.

"What do you want Buck," Rabbit asked.

"To know if you've seen Rufus," replied Buck.

"What you two gonna make a bad plan again that will put us animals in danger," Rabbit answered angrily.

"Sorry Rabbit, can you just tell me where my brother is," asked Buck.

"He went into the jungle looking for you," responded Rabbit.

"Ahhh, help me," screamed Rufus.

"That sounds like Rufus! Elephante must have got him. Bye Rabbit," Buck mumbled.

"Hold on Buck ill come with you," Rabbit told Buck.

"No stay here, I don't want anything else to happen to anyone else, ill save him by myself," Buck responded.

"Ok man, catch you later, call me if you need me," Rabbit told Buck.

"Here I come Rufus," Buck screamed.

"He's so gonna die," Rabbit thought to himself walking away.

"Huh, huh, huh, Elephante stop there," Buck mumbled.

"Who said that," Elephante asked.

"It's me Buck, the mouse that will cause your death."

"Ha will see about that," Elephante told Buck.

"Put my brother down," Buck yelled.

"Fine I will," Elephante chuckled.


"Why did you throw him," Buck asked.

"You said put him down, and you didn't say how, but now it's
your turn," Elephante said.

"Huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh. Get out of my trunk, I can't breathe, get out, get out," Elephante asked Buck nicely.

Do you give up, will you leave us animals alone and never bother anyone else ever again," Buck asked.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Just get out of my trunk! Please," Elephante asked Buck even more nicely.

Ok," Buck Responded.

[Elephante started crying, and running into the jungle.]

"Rufus you okay," Buck asked.

"Yeah I'm fine, responded Rufus.

"Alright bro," Buck replied.

"Buck never leave without me again," Rufus told Buck.

"Ok i won't," Buck replied.

"I love you little bro," Rufus told Buck.

"I love you too big bro, come on lets go home, Buck told Rufus.

"Alright come on, and little bro one more thing, you are so THE MOUSE WITH COURAGE.

The author's comments:
I would like the reader to know that even though your small you can be big at times, and nothing will stop you from what you want to accomplish.

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