Tales Left Untold (Chapter 2)

February 17, 2017

The next day brought an uncomforting atmosphere. The girls were shaking but alert, powered only by coffee. Besides that, they still ruled the halls. They strode down the school floors staring down all the impotent geeks. People stopped to notice that one of the five were missing. Grace stood anxiously waiting by their lockers, which were conveniently located next to one another. Nicole stepped out from the perfectly aligned group. Her tall figure overlooked Grace’s.
Nicole eyed Grace, “Stay away from us. And if you don’t, you’ll be sorry.” she joined the group and the four of them continued walking. She looked over her shoulder and flashed a suspicious smile. Her watermelon pink lips formed, “I know your secret.”
At lunch, the girls had their usual talk, as if nothing had ever happened. They laughed and giggled and forgot yesterday. Grace slowly walked past the girls’ table, as if making a sad puppy face would change their minds. A navy blue tray was in here hands, carrying a paper plate of spaghetti and meatballs and a carton of milk. As Nicole ordered, the girls glared at Grace and continued talking. Nicole got up and made her way to Grace.
She folded her arms and gave Grace an unflustered stare, “What? Did I not make myself clear?” Her voice was cold and sharp. Grace’s eyes glistened with tears. Her petite cupid’s bow mouth crumpled as she attempted to not start crying, “I’m sorry for what I did yesterday. Please. Just forgive me.” For a split second, Nicole considered letting Grace back in her group, seeing the pained look on Grace’s face. But she just let out a chuckle, “Grace,” she began with mock empathy, “If you think we’re going to let you back in, you’re going to have to keep dreaming,” her expression turned bitter, “so you can go back to being a loser.”
By then, a small crowd had gathered around the girls, watching and filming every moment of the conversation. A girl with long, wavy ash-blonde hair stepped up from the crowd. The girls had never seen her before; they’d never even knew she attended Newmark Reynolds High. She had unusually vibrant gray eyes, and her angelic-lips were layered with a crimson-matte lipstick. She wore a baggy olive T-shirt and black leggings with coal-black Kelsi Dagger Brooklyn boots. Her entire appearance looked mysterious, yet familiar. She grabbed the plate of spaghetti sitting on Grace’s tray. Fortunately, Nicole had seen it coming, so she effortlessly dodged the pasta and tomato sauce.
“That’s just too bad,” Nicole scoffed. She turned to a boy standing nearby. He held a burger dripping with a mixture of mustard, BBQ sauce and ketchup. The burger was in Nicole’s hand moments before it was all over the girl’s olive sweater.
“Let’s go, girls,” Nicole confidently walked out of the cafeteria, leaving everyone in awe of her perfection. She grabbed her frilled brown leather bag and exited, her Miu Miu flared faille mini skirt swooshed as she marched away. Fury glistened in her eyes, along with slight satisfaction. Her black Jimmy Choo pumps clicked simultaneously with every step. Everyone stared wide-eyed at the girl with sauce stains running down her shirt. She too angrily stomped out of the room.
Down the hall, the girls trailed behind Nicole, eager to question her. They had never seen anyone brave enough to stand up to her like that. Gigi, who understood Nicole the most, simply said, “ She’s a witch.” Gigi was Nicole’s best friend of the group. She helped Nicole pick out her outfit, went to the mall or hung out with Nicole when the other girls were busy and was Nicole’s wing woman. The other girls were often just tagalongs. They were only included in the group because they were pretty and loyal.
Though the girls tried to comfort Nicole, she stayed unusually quiet. Thoughts were swimming through her mind while a plain expression spread across her face. Melodious clicks of their designer shoes echoed through the hushed halls until they finally settled at a table in the courtyard. The girls sat down speechless, eating their unfinished lunches in silence.

The next night brought them together again. But this time, they discussed the upcoming Masquerade Ball at their school. They were especially excited because Nicole’s parents were millionaires and would buy them all dresses.
“ I’m gonna wear an Adrianna Papell short sleeve embellished gown!” exclaimed Alice. She bunched up her hair indecisively, “how should I do my hair?”
“Ooh, I know!” Gigi rushes over to Alice and twisted her hair. Her pale hands moved skillfully as she braided and knotted Alice’s hair. The finished product was a braid crown, which suited Alice’s small, angled face.
Nicole walks in, smiling proudly, “I just told Kai I’m going with you guys.” The girls gazed at her in disbelief.
Zoe let out a small gasp, “You ditched your date for us?” Nicole gave her a genuine smile, “Of course.”
Then it happened. Nicole’s dark eyebrows furrowed in panic. Her big, upturned eyes drooped, and her brilliant gray eyes swam hazily in their sockets. She made no effort to grab the doorframe for support as she collapsed on the ground. She lay motionless on the floor with her blonde hair fanned out around her.
Her memories and emotions were wiped away, along with her so-called perfect life.

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