In Your Dreams

January 25, 2017
By , Syrcause, NY

I never wanted to be different, I just always knew I was. I always knew what was coming, weather it was bad or good didn’t matter I always knew. Like today I knew that my alarm clock was going to die halfway through the night and not ring when I needed it too, So, I set the alarm on my phone. This gift is a blessing and a curse. Shhh, don’t tell anyone about it, no one knows, and I mean no one. Oh, hey and by the way I am 16, named sammy and this is my story.


Yes I know what you're all thinking, what is the talking about? Okay well here it goes ever since I when I was 11 i’ve known what is in store, for all of us. All of my life I have looked up to my mom and me and her have been so close. I tell her everything and look up to her, she is my hero. However it was with her when my life changed forever. It happened when we were in the car together going out to dinner, she was on the phone and driving.


“Mom!” I said “Get off the phone you are driving. I didn’t know it then but all I knew is I had a feeling something was about to change, forever. Boy was I right.

“Sammy stop talking I am on the phone with your father. He needs to know what restaurant to meet us at if we want him to make it to dinner after work.”


“MOM LOOK OUT!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. The bright lights as yellow as the sun shining on us and getting closer, the truck was coming out of nowhere right at us. I could see the look on my mother face. I can’t even start to describe the devastation as she saw danger coming for me and her little girl. I still remember that sound of the glass breaking and falling to tears like the ones that were falling down my face. The car was now banged up and damaged and so were we, the people inside it. The airbag inflated and saved me from smashing my head, as the car hit head first into the truck. The sound of the crash, that awful sound of metal against metal and bone and the screams of the people within that hunk of metal. The smell of fire and blood and the sirens getting louder by the second. My head felt like it was going to explode and my whole body was too in shock to move. All I could was let the tears roll down my face and hope. I prayed that mother and I would both be okay but I knew in my heart that things were now going to be different. I felt some peoples cold hands picking me up and placing me on a board. There was chaos and I thought this is where it was gonna end for both my mom and I. After that all I remember is waking up in a hospital bed. When I woke up my mom, who had survived and was okay, told me that I was in a coma for a week. I almost didn’t believe her, all I did believe is that I knew something was different. I didn’t feel the same, something had changed, but I couldn’t explain it so I didn’t say anything. I was told that is was a miracle that I was alive and that used a new kind of medicine it get me to wake up and they were so pleased by the result.


That night when I was back in my own bed I had a strange dream, I saw that my school lost all its power at 12pm and then we got to go home early. I mean it was a great dream and when I woke up I was not pleased to know that it was only a dream, or so I thought. I went to school like it is just another day but then, I was in the middle of my math class and all of the power in the entire school went out. I thought maybe the lights just turned off or something but then all of the power was out. I was excited at first to go home early, but I thought maybe I had something to do with it somehow. I was so confused and didn’t think that it was truly happening, it's such a crazy coincidence. The announcements came on and said the power outage was due to a spill near the electrical room. I felt a little relief knowing that I had nothing to do with it. Then I looked at the clock, it was exactly 12, how weird I thought.


Then again it happened, the next night I had a dream that my cousin call me when I got home from school because she was super excited to tell me that her and her husband were expecting another child. I was such a cute dream and I would be happy if they had another kid. I woke up nothing thinking much of it, but said because I won't have a new baby cousin, but then I just went about my day. When I got home from school, I had forgotten all out my dream until the phone rang. I answered and it was my cousin, She started yelling. “Guess what sammy, you are going to have another cousin!” My heart starting beating so fast and my jaw dropped. I dropped the phone and ran to my room. My mind was racing, what is going on? Am I going crazy? How am I seeing the future? NO sammy! I thought to myself, don't be crazy this is just another coincidence. These ‘coincidences’ however, happened all week. I thought about it and maybe I got some sort of power while I was in the coma, maybe something happened to me. I decided not to tell anyone. I don’t want people asking questions. I started getting used to this, it was kinda nice knowing what was gonna happen all the time. I felt invincible. Everything was working out, no I wasn’t like everyone else but maybe that's for the best.

For a while, maybe a month even, I didn’t have any dreams, if I did I didn’t remember them and they surely didn’t come true. I actually started feeling normal, and by the end of that month I had pretty much forgotten about my “gift.” I had fun with my friends and family just like normal. I was living like a regular teenage girl and my biggest problem most of time was what to wear, and I was happy about that.


I was having a pretty good life until it came back, or so I thought it did. One night I dreamt something so horrible that I woke up in a pool of sweat and tears. I was in panic when I woke up. That night I had dreamt that my mom was taken by some crazy man while she was walking to her job, she works at the bank 5 minutes from our house. The man was in sweats and a white tee-shirt, he looked as if he hadn’t showered in weeks, and he didn’t have a very nice look on his face. She was kidnapped and held captive.I don’t remember the rest, I think I woke up, but I know nothing good could come from her being taken. NO! I thought this better not happen, it can’t. I hadn’t had a dream come true in over a month those two things must have just been coincidence. I can’t see the future, that's impossible you are just being crazy, clam down and go to school and stop thinking about it. I went to school and actually forgot about it until I got home. I knew that It was nothing and I was overreacting from one nightmare. Until, I was sitting on the couch and heard the doorbell ring. I walked towards it hoping it was some crazy monster because that would be better to find then a police officer, I didn’t see that either, what I did see was way worse, I saw my father crying at the doorstep.

“Honey, your mother is nowhere to be found” He said still crying. He words sounds as if each one he said was a blade stabbing me in the gut. He looked like a ghost as he stood in our doorway. As if now we was empty. He loved my mother with every being in my body and I know this is killing him. His eyes had lost the light in them and his voice sounded different, almost broken. He kept wiping tears from his face, trying to stay strong for me, but I knew how hard that was for him. I started to cried too but I had a plan, but I look up into my father’s eyes and he said “Darling you are not allowed to leave this house until your mother is found. I am not about to lose you too. That means no school, no seeing friends, i’m sorry but this is to protect you.”


That night I went to bed with a picture of my mother under my pillow and her shirt on, hoping that my dream would show me where she is and could help me save her. I had an interesting dream that night. I didn’t find out where exactly she was that night but in my dream I just saw her in a dark place, like a basement, and I could see what the outside of the house looked life. All I could here is the man yelling at her saying, tell me where she is, she is dangerous and powerful, I need her.


All my mom kept saying is “I have no idea what you're talking about!” She said it over and over as if she was a broken record. I didn’t know what he was talking about either. Wait! He knows about me, it’s me he wants. I need to go save her. All I needed to know is where this man lives. But, how the heck am I to do that? I don’t even know the man’s name. Then on the tv I heard something.

“Breaking news, mother and wife, Debbie West was taken yesterday at 3 pm. We have reason to believe that this man is George Colton. This man was seen walking the same way at the same time.” A picture of him popped up on the screen and it seemed like his eyes were going into my soul. Bingo. He was wearing exactly what I had seen him in. I knew that face and I hated it. I had a name and now just had to go get him.


I had stayed home from school that whole week planning what to do when I find him and how I would get my mom back. I must have fell asleep in the middle of this processes, probably because I hadn’t slept in two days. While I was asleep all I saw was the man pull a gun. I woke up and was drenched in sweat. Why did the man pull a gun on me? Doesn’t matter if he has a gun he could hurt my mom. I need to act fast. I am leaving to tomorrow to save her.


I woke up at 6 am and packed a bag of all the things I thought I would need. Remember, I am only a teenage girl about to go up against a man with weapons. All I had is my love for my mother, hope, pepper spray and a sock of pennies. Hey, I had to be creative, trust me you wouldn’t want to be hit with a sock of pennies. I headed out for the bus like I usually do, so my dad wouldn’t get suspicious. Then I darted off I knew what the house looks like so I was going to just walk around until I get a sign. I walked for what felt like hours but never saw anything that I could recognizing, I finally got hungry and stopped to get some food, and decided to ask where the nearest neighborhoods were. I got a sandwich and a map at the next gas station I came across. I found some streets that seemed like they might be neighborhoods and headed that way. I got chased by a dog, yelled at my people for going to their door and asking who they were, and rained on. I ran a couple neighborhoods over and followed my gut. I finally saw the outside of a house that I felt like I have seen before. When I came across it my gut told me it was the right house but that I should turn back. I stood in front of the house for 20 minutes. My feet felt as if there were bolted to the ground and but heart was telling me to walk towards the door and be a hero for my mom. I stood at the door for what felt like a week. My stomach was in knots and I was no longer hungry, thirsty or tired, I didn’t feel anything except terrified.  I was started to knock on the door. Did I really wanna do this? I thought to myself. There is no turning back once you knock. I raised my hand and tapped the door twice. As I did the second knock I thought of a plan; right in time.


A few seconds later a man with a white shirt and sweats answered the door. He looked as if he hadn’t showered in a couple days and he had a look on his that meant he means business. He had some scruff on his face and I could tell he didn’t care about his appearance. In that moment, I wanted to turn back. I wanted to run, but I knew I couldn’t, so I took a breath and jumped into my plan.

“Hello, I have to do some community service for school and was wondering if there was anything I can do for you?” I said.

“NO” he said and tried to close the door. I started sobbing, look I won't get into college if you don't let me at least mow your lawn for free or just sign this sheet saying I did. I am not leaving if you don’t and I am serious.

“Weather you go to college or not doesn’t affect me little girl.” He said I screamed at the top of my lungs and people started opening their front doors and windows to see what was going on. He didn’t like all of this attention because he didn’t want people knowing anything about him. I kept walking until he would agree.

“Fine” he said “i'll go get a pen, after that you have to leave me alone little girl.” After he said this he walked back inside. Once he was inside i made a break for it. I knew this wasn’t the smartest plan, but it was the only one I had. I ran inside and hid in the closest thing, the coat closet. He came back soon after I had gotten into the closet. Right in time and he didn’t see me. He looked outside didn’t see me and probably just thought I left because I was too sad and afraid, and he was okay with that, he didn’t wanna deal with some little girl anyway. I held my breath as he walked by the closest. Then he walked down the stairs where I knew my mother was. A couple seconds later I heard screaming, I knew it was my momma and her screams cut me like a knife. Tears started rolling down my face. I wanted to get up and save her but I knew I couldn’t right now, I had to wait for the right time. I decided to wait until the man goes to bed to sneak out and get my mother. I was getting harder to stay in there and not help her though as I kept hearing her screams and cries. The screaming had quieted down and it sounded like they were just talking now. Then she let out a scream that boiled my blood and shattered my heart. He was hurting her, he was hurting my mother, that is not okay and I had to hold myself back from running right down there at that moment.

After that all I could make out is “I don’t know what you are talking about trust me, I have one daughter and she is sweet, perfect and normal. Please just leave me and my family alone.” He didn’t want her what he really wanted was me. He knew I had a power and wanted to use it for himself. All he knew is she was my mother and knew where I was, so he was gonna beat that out of her.

I stayed in the closet for another couple hours until I heard footsteps head up the stairs. This was my chance he must be heading to bed for the night. I was frozen. I felt as if my body was made of a ton of bricks and I couldn’t get myself to stand up and leave. I started to panic, I am no hero, I am just a average girl. I can’t do this. I shook my head and told myself maybe I can’t do this but I at least need to try. I took a couple deep breaths and got up. I peeked out of the closest, I saw no one so I tiptoed toward the basement. The house was pitch black so I had to stick my hands out so I didn’t make noise running into anything. I found the top of the stairs and started to walk down them. There was a little light shining in through the window near my mom and I could see her. She looked awful, I almost didn’t believe that was her. I mean I really didn’t want to either.

She heard me coming and said, “why are you back? I don’t have anything to tell you. Please let me go.” She thought I was him and I could hear the fear in her voice.

I answered “Shh mom listen to me it’s sammy you daughter and i'm gonna break you outta here okay? 

“SAMMY! How did you find me? Nevermind you need to leave me right now and go home.It’s not okay for you to be here. This man is insane and dangerous, you need to go save yourself.” She said back.

“Mom shhh don’t make him come down here, and I came all the way here so i’m not leaving. Also i'll explain how I knew where you were later. Ill explain everything later.” I replied. He doesn’t want you mom, he wants me. He knows what I can do and wants to figure it out.

“What are you talking about? Why would he want you?” She said in a panic.

“Mom i'll give him myself and you can run and get help and come back for me okay?” I said to my mother.

“I would never let you risk your life for me, you need to run.” As soon as the words left her mouth I heard footsteps. He was coming for my mom and now for me too. My mom pointed behind the washing machine as if telling me to hid, I instantly jumped back there and hid.

He walked down the stairs and with each step by heart started beating louder and louder. He was at the bottom and called out “who are you talking to? I held my breath as my mom replied “No one, you mush have just heard me singing.” I swear everyone could hear my heart beating so loud and fast thought it might explode.

“Shut up then, I am trying to sleep.” Then he started walking back up the stairs and my mom made one of the biggest mistakes of her life. She must have thought he was almost at the top and she said.

“Okay honey, you can come out now.” Then I heard it. The click click of a gun loading. A sound of death. It was all over there was not going to be two of us walking out of this house anymore. I had seen this in my dream I knew he was about to kill my mom. I saw it again, my dream, he was pointing the gun straight at her and had a look in his eye that made me know he was prepared to pull the trigger.

“Who is here? If you don’t tell me i'll kill you and then find them and kill them too, you should save yourself and just tell me.” I mom looked the man dead in the eye and I could tell something inside her changed and she wasn’t fighting for herself anymore, she was fighting for me.

“Over my dead body!” He pointed the gun straight at her forehead. I had wish this was just me seeing my dream again in my mind, but it wasn’t, it was real life. I didn’t even know what I was doing until I did it. Right was he pulled the trigger I jumped in front of the bullet.

In that moment all my memories from childhood and on flashed through my mind. I saw myself growing up in my old house. I saw my my first day of elementary school, and my first day of middle school. Going on vacations with my family. The day I lost my first tooth. Getting to wear a beautiful dress to cousins wedding. Most of all I saw all the love in my mother and father’s eyes throughout my life. They would give the world to me if they could, and I know that. So here was my chance to show my appreciation to my mother once and for all. All these happy memories were broken by the scream that could have shattered windows and definitely shattered my heart. The look on my mom's face hurt more than the bullet inside me. Tears were running down her face and she looked at me the same way she did when I was a baby and I need comfort. I could feeling my life slipping away and could feel the pain start to sink in. I looked at my mother’s devastated face and then her face suddenly changed to a deep hatred and anger. Then she looked up at the man for a second, and lost it, she kicked him in the face as she screamed. I was laying there floating on the edge of life and death, watching my biggest nightmare come true. She got ahold of the gun he had.

I was still lying on the floor and I looked at my mom and said “mom don’t shoot, don’t become him.” She said “He hurt my baby he deserves it!” She pulled the trigger and hit him in the left leg. He went down and my mom came running back to me. She grabbed her phone and called 911. All this seemed to happen so fast and I felt myself slipping away from life.

“NO BABY,  DON’T LEAVE YOU ARE GOING TO BE OKAY, HELP IS ON THE WAY.” Tears were rolling down my mother's face onto mine as she yelled this at me. I could see the desperate look she had on her face. She felt helpless as she saw the blood dripping from my shoulder where I had been hit. I was her baby girl and she was watching me leave her. Forever.

“Mom it’s okay, I love you mom, but I can’t live with this curse anyway.” I passed out right as the last words left my mouth.

I opened my eyes and freaked out. I didn’t know how I got here but now I was somewhere else and I don’t understand. Where am I? What happened? What's wrong with me? All these questions ran through my head. My mom was sitting right next to me holding my hand. “Honey, you're okay don’t worry. You got shot in the shoulder saving me but you are fine now, and you are safe.” I started shaking and crying, I could finally show the fear that I had been holding in me. I grabbed my mom and pulled her tight into a hug and never wanted to let go.

“Mom, thank god you're okay, that was the scariest thing I’ve ever had to do but it was worth it for you.” I said to her as I caught my breath and stopped crying.

“I am here for you. I will protect you for the rest of your life. I promise. We will be here together for a long time. Don’t worry honey, but know that even though you are only 16 you are my hero.” She said as she pulled squeezed my hand and kissed my forehead.

My mind started coming back to me, but I almost wish it hadn’t. I remembered how I knew everything and about my “gift”. “The last thing you said is you can’t leave with this curse.”

“What did you mean?” My mom look almost scared to hear the answer. I was about to explain when I realized I felt different. Something changed. I couldn’t tell you what, but I knew something had changed within me. 

“Mom can I explain later? I really need to rest.” I said, but I really wanted to try and dream and see if the magic was still there.

“Of course i’ll be right here reading if you need me.” she replied. I closed my eyes and instantly fell asleep. I had the craziest dream. I dreamt that my favorite celebrity heard what happened and walked into my hospital room singing to me. I woke up to see that Niall Horan wasn’t actually there and I had never been happier. I guess I somehow got back to normal. I saw my mom reading in the corner and smiled at her. I almost was grateful for that girl because it means I got to save someone who is the most important person in my life. I knew I was no longer different, and that was perfectly fine with me.

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