The Day on Morfon

February 21, 2017
By eclum BRONZE, Simms, Texas
eclum BRONZE, Simms, Texas
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As Soubar smelled his chamber, he could smell mold, sweat, and maybe even vomit. So he looked around looking for anything that could help him get off of his cot. So he grabbed a pipe that was in the wall, why, he didn’t know. He looked out his chamber window and all he could see was the courtyard of his prison. He could see the abducted children not running, not playing, and not screaming, but moping and crying morning their parents. He had to get out and help them but how?
It was a date still not known, the night was bright or was it the day. He was still floating in what felt like either jelly or a liquid or something. He could see other creature that looked like him, but what was he. This was the only thing that he could think or that he knew what to think. Then, he heard a noise one heard never heard before, then something cold hit him on the side. Then the light hit him and he couldn’t see until his eyes adjusted to the light.
So, he looked around, he saw what had to be a doctor or something holding him in his arm carrying him to the table to be examined. As he was laid on the table he heard the doctors talking, but he could not understand what they were saying. Then he heard the word “Soubar.” That was his name, Soubar. As Soubar was lifted off the table he was laid on another table and was rolled through a door and into a chilly room that had a light shining right into his eyes. But he heard what seemed to be crying, but it wasn’t from him it was from the other children in this room.
Then out of nowhere, someone grabbed him off the table and held him. “He’s so cute,” said the mystery person said, “Mitles can you believe we’ve had our first Glirpian.” “No, I still can’t believe it’s happened so fast, it seems like just yesterday we had learned our little Glirpian was coming to join us.” Said Mitles. That’s what he was, Soubar was a Glirpian. Little did Soubar know that one day he would become the most well known Glirpian in the galaxy, because he would be the saver of all his people.
So as Soubar grew in age he also grew in strength, intelligence, and wisdom of his galaxy and universe. Then at the age of seventeen, Soubar was summoned by the High King of the 8th Galaxy, but the weirdest part about the summoning is that his home father was summoned as well. The reason that he was called his home father, is because all the children or as their known really known as Glirpian’s, are genetically and physically created in a lab in the home planet of Morfon. What was this summoning all about, the news he soon would receive, would change his life forever.
The date was still not known when Soubar was summoned by the High King. As he knew nothing would really happen in his lifetime that was interesting in his life that would change the world. As Soubar approached the High King he was amazed to see him smiling at him. He couldn’t understand why, but as he got closer he realized that there was a lady behind him that he’d seen before, but where had he seen her. Then he could see something in his memory, it was before he’d gotten into the jelly pod that he’d came out of when he was made. Or was he made in the lab, he didn’t feel like he did.
Throughout all of his life he’d always been different than anyone else, he was always smarter than his other peers and he was taller than everyone else, all the other people were all the same height and weight. But he has always been taller than his friends and he was heavier than them too. Then in his day dreaming stage he heard a loud voice say demandingly. “Soubar, SOUBAR, are you there.” Yelled the king. “Yes sorry my king,” Soubar said as he removed his head wear. “Soubar,” said the King, “I’ve been watching you since you came out of that hospital on Morfon, and you know as well as I do that you are much different than your fellow peers.” “Yes sir I always have noticed that.” Said Soubar. “Then, there is something that you need to know, you weren’t made in that lab on Morfon you were the first of your kind to be made through sexual reproduction.” Proclaimed the King. “What that’s impossible!” Yelled Mitles. “SILENCE!!” Demanded the King.
As Soubar pondered on what the king had said, it utterly amazed him of the fact that he was the first ever Glirpian to not be created in a laboratory. He wondered what gave the king and his queen the idea to have the first child not being made in the laboratory that all of his friends had been made in. He was different, and this made him feel special and he liked it. He was very different and no one could relate to anything that had happened, or anything that was happening.
20 years had passed since the king had summoned Soubar, he was wondering how this would affect his life. Even after 20 years, he was wondering what this would do to change his life that would make his life turn in a different direction. Then, one day the king, his father, had summoned him with some urgent news. His planet would be attacked by Morfon. “Why?” Asked Soubar. “Because, they had found out that you weren’t created in their laboratory.” Said the king.
Tragic events began to happen, most of them happened at night while everyone was laying down asleep. Then one happened during the day that changed the lives of all of all of the Glirpians on the planet. The Morfon’s came and abducting all of the children on the planet. And that’s when Soubar got pushed over the edge, he had a baby sister that had been abducted with all of the other children. So he boarded a ship and headed for Morfon. As he arrived to the planet he could first see the camps that all of the children were being held at. So he landed the ship and unboarded from it as fast as possible.
He started running toward the camp as fast as possible until he ran into the door. Unconsciously he stood up, opened the door, and he saw his target, the High King of Morfon. He ran as fast as he could until the floor fell out from underneath him. He fell for what felt like forever, until he suddenly hit water. He started to sink because he had passed out, once he came to he realized that he was already under water above his head, so he swam up as fast as possible.
Once he broke water level, he looked around for anything that he could use to keep himself from going under again. Then, he saw a bar sticking up for him to grab onto. He grabbed it, but he could feel someone on the end of the bar pulling it toward them. But, he didn’t let go, but he should have. Then, a hand grabbed him and pulled him out of the water. He’d never been so happy to hit the ground as he was then. Even though his whole left side of his body hurt, he didn’t care. He was out of water, he was one step closer to surviving or dying, or so he thought.
The mysterious person that had pulled out of the water, all of the sudden, hit him in the face. He didn’t scream, he had always been told all of his life to never show any emotion. He could feel the warm blood drain down his face. His abrasion on his face was stinging, this was the most painful thing he’d felt in his whole life. Then, the mystery person hit him again, but this time it was in the eye. But as the hand pulled away from his face, he grabbed a hold of it and threw it behind him. Then he felt the ground kind of shake, he knew that the person hit the ground because he left out a big breath of air. So as quickly as possible, Soubar stood up and looked through his one eye that he could still see out of. The person had on some kind of face protection, so Soubar pulled it off and who was behind it was horrifying.
“Mitles!” Screamed Soubar, “But why, this makes no sense.” Soubar’s first instinct was to run, so he ran, faster than he had ever run. Up the stairs and toward the door until he ran into a body, a large body. As he laid there groaning in pain, he could hear the footsteps of someone. Maybe it was Mitles, maybe it wasn’t, millions of questions were racing through his head. During all of  his questions and thoughts he head, he was lifted off the ground. Soubar struggled and struggled to get loose, but he couldn’t get out of the grip no matter what he did. He was suddenly 4 feet off the ground. “Let go of me!” Soubar yelled. “Ok if you insist.” Said the unknown person.
As he was falling through the air, Soubar realized that he should’ve thought it through before he said anything. His right foot was the first thing to hit the ground. He felt his knee bend backwards and snap, he screamed in pain for the first time in his life. He rolled on the ground holding on to it, he could feel and hear is knee throbbing and it hurt very bad. He tried to stand up but as soon as he did he fell  right back down. The shooting pain went from his leg to his to the rest of his body and it was the worst thing he had ever felt. But through the pain he stood up and started to walk toward the door. But the monster man got in his way, and he started to move him backward until he ran into something. “What’s wrong son, are you uncomfortable, are you in …. Pain?” Mitles said. “Why are you doing this to everyone, to me?” Soubar asked. “Because, I always thought that I was your father but it turns out that I’m not, and that angered me very much. The king ruined my life and took away the most important thing to me, so I decided to take something very important from him.” Said Mitles. “And what is that?” Asked Soubar. “The unity of his kingdom and the peace of his people including his own son.” Mitles explained. Soubar was so furious and surprised that his instinct was to charge at Mitles. But his broken knee caught up with him and he fell and “ate” gravel. His mouth was now bleeding and he could taste the blood on his tongue, and he blacked out.
When he came to he was in a room, he looked around and all he saw was old moldy walls. He could feel the cold wet ground on his skin. As he tried to stand, he immediately fell back down. He had forgotten about his leg, but there was a new pain and it wasn’t coming from his leg. It was coming from his head. As he examined the injured area with his hand, he discovered a bump on his head. But what was it from, there was blood on the ground and on his head. He must have been dropped on his head. So as he slowly stood up, he saw some light coming through what seemed to be light. As he approached it, he looked out the window and he could see all of the children that had been kidnapped, walking around in the yard. He looked and looked for his sister but he couldn’t find her.
After a hour of looking for her, he gave up. Then he heard a sound outside his cell, as he slowly walked that way, he realized that it was Mitles. He was about to yell at him and try to reach him until he heard a boom. It was a Glirpian war ship! They were there to save them! As he was celebrating, the floor fell out from underneath him. He fell for what felt like forever, then he hit the ground a shooting pain shot up both of his legs and into his body. He couldn’t move, this time it was a lot more than his legs that were broken. Then he could feel someone start to drag him to the ship, the kids and everyone else was saved. Then out of the corner of his eye, he saw his sister running toward the ship as fast as she could. He smiled.
As he got closer to the light, he was getting colder and he started to shiver. He closed his eyes and he saw it. It was the light that everyone had always said that you saw before you died. He remembered everything that had happen throughout his life, and he was fulfilled. He smiled and layed on the ground. As his sister approached him crying, he said his last words, “Stay happy, always.” The light was there, his body fell limp and he couldn’t feel or do anything. He had died.

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