February 14, 2017
By Anonymous

Walking across a windswept field, I could see my destination: The Great Fortress of Hundar.  A battle cry broke the silence around me.  I, turning quickly, drew my wand.  A fireball rocketed from the tip of the wand, flying wildly past a barbarian.  The giant man charged and yelled, drawing closer.  The mighty warrior raised his axe up high, the edge gleaming in the sunlight.  I stumbled backwards as I braced myself for his attack.  Suddenly, a bolt of lightning struck the warrior's chest and, with a mighty cry, he falls.  I look to see where the magic came from, and see my wise, old teacher: Protanius.  He was clad in his white battle robes, a giant wizard hat atop his head, holding his magic staff. 
“You mustn’t falter on the field of battle my young apprentice”  Protanius said in his ancient, gravely voice.
  “I had it under control”  I said, frustrated.
“Of course you did Neverus”  The old one calmly said.  “We must go to the fortress now”.
As we approached the fort an ominous feeling fell on us.  I looked over my shoulder several times, searching for whatever was spying on us.  We came upon a small grove of woods between us and the fortress. 
“We should go around Master,” I said quietly still looking around. 
“Nay, ‘tis would take twice as long we must move swiftly” Protanius said as he began walking into the woods. 
I followed quickly behind the grand wizard.  The trees grew tall here and blocked out all but a few rays of sunlight.  A light shone from the top of Protanius’s staff fighting off the hungry darkness.  From the shadows shrill laughter started softly, then grew to a chorus around us.  Red eyes reflected light from the staff.  Goblins darted in and out of the circle of light taking swipes at us with each pass.  I drew my wand and prepared to cast a spell. 
“Leave us be you despicable beasts!” I shout while casting fireballs into the dark.
“There is a better way” Protanius tells me “shield your eyes”
And with that he raises his staff and a blinding light flashes from it.  Shrieking and screaming the goblins scatter into the forest.  The old man chuckles and continues to walk.  We exit the woods and find ourselves near a flat rocky area. 
Suddenly a large metal contraption on 4 wheels rolls up to us.  A glass panel slides down and a voice from within tears me out of reality. 
“Nathan it’s almost time to go home”
“But Mom…” I whine “I’m not done LARPing”
I turn to look at the park now.  The Great Fortress of Hundar a playground set, the dark forest only a couple of trees, the goblins other kids dressed up, my wise old teacher my friend Pete in a bedsheet.

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