Tony the baloney

February 13, 2017
By Anonymous

Tony walks into a story, tony is really craving some sugary cereal. Now tony is a tiger, tony the tiger, the character that advertises frosted flakes. But he can’t even try his own cereal because of the law. The law states that if any character from any advertisement is caught consuming/using its product by any police official will be sent to jail. Even though they are in jail they will still have to work, but they just won’t get paid for it. The law is so strict that you can’t even be within 10 ft of that product, besides when they’re at work.
Now tony is a sweet tooth type of guy and it kills him that he can’t even try his own cereal. Now tony isn’t the only one that feels like this, Buzz, the bee from the Honey Nut Cheerios also is dealing with the same problem. There are so many other characters and mascots that are dealing with the same problem that they just had enough.
Tony had secretly made a meeting with all these characters and mascots. And in that meeting they discussed how they are tired of being handicapped from their own products. So they made a plan, and that plan was to buy each other's products since they can’t do it themself.
Once everyone got their own products they shared pictures of it on all social media. While they sat back enjoying they life the world was going crazy. Stores were being looted, trashed, burned, etc. The government was also going crazy. Like if the world just turned upside down.
While the world is going crazy tony was living the life laying on his couch with the biggest bowl of cereal, big enough to hold 3 family size boxes.
When out of nowhere the front door bust open and the feds came in guns drawn. And well you know that tony is a thug so he jumped up and started chopping. Tony dove through a window like it was rehearsed. The cops were too slow and didn't notice that he ran away. Now tony was on the run.
For days tony was on the move, trying to get ahold of the buzz and his other friends, but no sign of them anywhere. Until he heard on the radio that they all been arrest and that there was a price on tony's capture.
Now tony is all alone on the run wondering what he should do. Debating if he should stand and fight or run away and leave all his friends behind. But he decided that he needs to finish what he started.
So he did and his plan was to sneak into a news station and take it over. Which he did and what surprised everyone was that he didn't say one thing. He just ate a bowl of frosted flakes, and once he was done he poured more. He did this until the box was empty. But one thing tony didn't expect was the cop to find him and surrounded him with guns. Now tony was okay giving up and surrendering himself, but the cops had something else planned. As soon as tony put his hands in the air the opened fire on him.
This was all over the news and the cops did that on purpose to let everyone know to not disobey the law. And from tony's actions they band all characters and mascots from advertisement.

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