Cube #146

February 13, 2017

A few years ago I created Cube #146. Yes, I had already created 145 universe cubes, but they all had their flaws. Due to my technological knowledge when I started, some had vacuums that they were pulled into, so I could never harvest their extra stored energy. This is part one of the story of what happened on Cube #146.

Gahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I shot up out of bed, wiped the sweat off my brow. ‘It was only the 52nd time you’ve had that nightmare.’ I told myself.  This was something I said whenever I’ve had a recurring nightmare. 
-Flashback to Nightmare-  “So how is school going so far sweetie?”
“Perfectly fine mum.”
“Not what the teachers told me.”
“Did you not catch the sarcasm in my voice father?”
“Do not take that tone with me child”
“Yes sir”
“Now, now, sweetie. You know that your father doesn’t like it when the teachers call home because of a fight.”
“Yeah Mom, I know.” This all took place after school on a friday when I got into a fight with the football players. I did beat them up though, they asked for it.
-Flashback in Nightmare-  “Looky here, we have another loser now don’t we?” The team captain David Rickman mocked me.
“Go pick on one of your own why don’t ya, David.” After that remark, David shot a sneer at me. “Those of us who get picked on all know that you don’t give a second thought for anyone else but yourself.”
“Hmmm. It seem as though she is asking to get beat up. I think I’ll let them get at you first.” When David said that, the rest of the team cheered.
“Hit me with your best shot.” I would not let them win, again. I took off running into the forest with the football team at my heels. Then things got weird. Two or three of them turned into something similar to the photosynthesis using organisms I created in Cube #135. Running and flying about chasing me through the woods. It was the perfect time for Anywhere but Here by Five Finger Death Punch to play in the background. *BZZZZZZZ* *BZZZZZZZ*

-End of flashback and dream- That's when I woke up, now I have that song stuck in my head, but when the football players turned into the flying beasts that I created in Cube #135 I kinda freaked out. When Cube #135 imploded I hoped that I would never have to see those creatures again. When I woke up I remembered that I was in a Cube, visiting my first friend in Cube #146. His father was the lead scientist. The Glorbes was their species name, like mine is Human. My friend´s name is something I can not pronounce, much less spell so I call him Shaffer, which is his last name. When I first met them was soon after I created their Cube. I immediately loaned them some tools I had, they advanced much faster than the humans did…

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