February 13, 2017

As he lays in his bed waiting to be awoken from his alarm, Jason sleeps calmly in his blanket. It's quiet throughout the house, you could hear a pin drop. The alarm blares and Jason shoots straight up. The alarm is the song of an old 80s show which Jason likes. He stretches his arm and hits the alarm to turn it off. He gets out of bed and does a big stretch and yawns in the process. He heads to the window to open the curtain and sees nobody outside as usual. He sees the grass and notices how tall it is. “I guessed dad still hasn’t cut the grass,” Jason thinks to himself. He heads downstairs to eat breakfast. He sees his parents on the couch to see them with their eyes glued to their phones. He talks to them and gets no response. He proceeds to the kitchen and pours himself some cereal. As he eats, his brother comes in with his glasses that are a phone called Ocular. Jason thinks to himself how he wishes things were back to normal and not how it is now where we are ruled by our phone.
Jason goes back to his room and gets ready for his job. He leaves his house and gets in his car and drives to work. On his way to work he sees this lady walking her dog but completely neglects the dog the whole time. She's too busy on her phone to care about what the dog wants or needs. Jason gets a little mad when he sees that. As he pulls up to his job, he sees how much everything is different and how very little is maintained. He knows the government is the cause of all of this but doesn’t understand why they did this. The government has all this control over everyone. The government put these chips into the phones to make people addicted to them. Jason thinks about how he wants to put a stop to this and decides he will.
Jason knows there’s a switch that will shut off that chip. The switch is guarded by The Protector. Jason will have to distract him if he wants to get anywhere near that switch. Jason skips work and decides to get the switch tonight. He makes a plan on how he will do it. He remembers the firecrackers he has in his closet, he will use these to cause a distraction. Jason finds dark clothes in his closet to wear. He gets a couple of flashlights and spare batteries. He finds the blueprints to the facility where the switch is at and makes a copy and plots where he will have to go when he gets there. He spends all afternoon plotting and scheming.
As dusk sets in, Jason runs how it will go in his head. He plays different scenarios in his head to check all the possibilities of this messing up. He gets a little nervous the more he thinks about what could go wrong. The time passes and it’s now 10p.m. He packs up his things and heads out to the facility. When he gets there, it’s 11p.m. He parks his car down the road a bit so it isn’t so obvious. He follows the blueprint and heads to the back of the facility where there is a vent. He cuts through the vent and follows it to the room where the switch is. He goes to another room in the facility to set off the firecrackers to take The Protector off the main room. He sets it off and scurries back to the vent and back to the room he goes.
Jason sees that the close is clear so he runs for the switch. But as he runs for it he sees The Protector coming back into the room. “That should’ve kept him busy longer,” Jason thinks to himself. He goes back to the vent and thinks of a new plan to flip the switch. He remembers the extra batteries he has a comes up with a plan for those. He sees the door cracked open. He decides to throw the batteries through the crack in the door to get him to go to the end of the hall. He throws them and they go perfectly in the crack and end up breaking a window in the hallway. The Protector ran frantically to investigate the sound.
Jason sees his opportunity and runs for the switch. He goes up to it and switches it off and breaks it so it can never be switched back on. He goes through the vent to make it back outside and runs to his car. He drives off and goes back to his house. It looked like nothing even happened so he thinks it didn’t work. He decides to go to sleep. He wakes up and hears his Mom and Dad talking. He hears chatter outside his window and sees that people are actually outside playing. He couldn't believe it actually worked. He runs downstairs and hugs both his parents. He sees his brother and gives him a nuggie. Jason is glad to see everybody back to normal.

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