Midnight Death

February 13, 2017
By DiaryofaDeadman BRONZE, League City, Texas
DiaryofaDeadman BRONZE, League City, Texas
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The midnight wind whips my hair around my face. Scanning the windows I search for my next victim. Fireworks go off in the distance. New Year’s Day is always fun for deaths… well actually any day is fun for death, being the angel of death that is. Jolting to a stop I see a struggling grandma in the night. She has pale translucent skin and is wearing a pink polka dress. Not your average grandmother. With her pale clammy hands she picks up a picture and frowns.  A knock comes at her door. Putting down the picture she cries out come in. Two little kids burst in. Grandma echoes throughout the room. She greets them with hugs and kisses. They scream and chase each other around the house. Two adults walk in and try to calm the kids down. The old hag just laughs, waving them off. I hover outside thinking if the two little brats will miss their grandmother. They disappear down the hall.
Opening the window, I step in. I look at the picture that the grandma was holding. It’s a picture of a man standing in front of a plane. It’s falling apart at the edges. I wonder if that was her husband. He was wearing a leather jacket with a scarf. The picture had a faint brown vintage tint to it. I believe this was taken in WWII.  I put it down and walk down the hall. Her wall is littered with family photos. Gross.
I pull out my blades. I walk up to the grandmother, wings dragging on the ground behind me.  Slowly, I raise my blade to her throat. With a grim smile, I run my blade across her thin, pale skin. Thick red blood pours out, but of course, only I can see it. She falls with a thud to the floor. The family cries out in horror. I smile and walk to the window. Climbing out, I see the grandma’s spirit follow me. I smile and leave closing the window.
The sun shall come up any minute now. I need to decide where this old woman should go. I close my eyes and look into her past. She is pretty much a good person… oooh, what do we have here? Adultery? Now… that deserves the man upstairs punishment, not my place to decide now. I guide her spirit up to the clouds. I close my eyes as a bright light shines through.  “Here, adultery has been committed.” He nods and I leave. I hate that light, so freaking bright.

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