Out Of This World

February 6, 2017
By beste BRONZE, Ankara, Other
beste BRONZE, Ankara, Other
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     It was a very normal morning for the human forms  which were living on earth . The sun  was up most of the human beings  were awake as they had to go to work or school. Leonardo  was one of the small human beings  who  was awake  because he had to go to school. Just like any other  small  human being he did not  like school.  Schools  definition was not the place you get  education  in his  dictionary it’s definition  was hell. In this hell there  were  lots of different    personalitys there were his friends that were the angles who  accidentally  ended up in hell and there were the monsters who had big foreheads. The  monsters in Leonardo ‘s  hell were  actually very stupid but  we guess that  stupidity  leads  you to succes in being popular at hell . Now you might  be thinking why  ? used we well because  ? am Leonardo’s   inner ghost friend and he likes to talk to me when he is bored . I give  him lots of advice sometimes he does not listen  to me  and sometimes we fight but ? never  leave him alone .We do everything  together . Now  if  we continue  with the story Leonardo  woke  up  to go to  school  that morning and the minute he went out of his house  he sensed something weird  and unusual  .He turned his head to the sky and saw that round object just hanging there .The first thing  he thought was the unusual thing he sensed .It was probably the strong electromagnetic field that the round object had  then he started thinking  about what the round  object was and why was it just hanging there.While he was searching for a logical explanation  in his brain he realized that everyone was doing the same thing .They were all trying to understand what was going on .Then suddenly the round metalic looking unusual thing started  to shake  . Everyone was going crazy . The human beings near  him  started running back to there house  because they did not know what to do .While everybody was going crazy Leonardo was standing there thinking that it might be  an alien invasion or time travelers coming from the future.His mother saw Leonardo so she came out of the house and pulled him inside .Leonardo asked is mother if she knew what was going on .His mother did not say anything  she just  pointed the television . The news were open and the speaker  was  also going crazy .It was very easy to understand that  he did not know what the hell was going on like anybody else .Leonardo sat in front of the window  examining the round thing  while  his mom was trying to figure out what to do.This  normal starting day turned very unusual and ended quickly as everyone was tired and scared . Most of the people were sleeping except for Leonardo .He was still sitting in front of the window  watching the round thing when suddenly the round object stopped shaking and landed on the ground very silently .Leonardo got really excited for the first time .He directly went to his room to get a baseball bat just in case anything happens .Then  he went out very silently .He was very scared actually but he needed to stop his cravings to know and to understand  so he went near the round object .He was getting closer and closer and every step he took was giving him a head ache maybe it was from the magnetic field  he thought or maybe  it was because of the feeling he had which was a mixture of excitment and fear.He stoped when there was just ten steps  between the object and his feet.The round object looked very smooth and shiny even in the dark.It had a really weird metalic smell but it did not bother Leonardo that much . He could not get his eyes of the round thing that was out of this world  .He started raising his hand  as he wanted to touch the object his inner ghost which is me started shouting no but it was no use he was to curios to find out.The minute his hand touched metalic looking surface .He felt power and satisfaction .It was very cold and smooth like it looked .Just a few seconds later the round object sucked Leonardo inside and so it sucked itself out of our planet earth.

       Leonardo woke up in a room which had no corners .It looked endless but  he could fell the floor  he is lying on so it could not be endless. He started looking around there were lots of different patterns  and looking at these pattrens made him fell dizzy so he shut his eyes and started to listen hoping he will hear something that would end his curiosity  just a second later he heard a loud wave noise he was suprised because he was expecting  to hear something mechanical more robotic not a naturel wave sound .He slowly opened his eyes and in that very moment he saw a human like  creature  it had very dark eyes . They were so dark that you could lost yourself if you looked at them long enough also the creature had a musclular body .?t was really hard to understand its gender .the creature  started getting closer to him it was not walking it looked like the creature was flying  directly  at him suddenly the creature grabbed Leonardo in the arm , lifted him  a and looked directly in to his eyes Leonardo was amazed  he was very close to losing it in the creatures dark eyes  . He started getting a strange felling that he actually knew what was going on it was like the more he focused  on its dark eyes  the more he could understand he started slowly turning his head away from the creatures eyes. The creature started telling a summary of what is going on probably to make sure Leonardo understood.this round ship was built buy time travellers and it came from the future and the creatures who are living here were improved human beings some parst of them was robot  ,they had been through some mutations ,there IQs were very high and they didnt have any gender. By the way the creatures name was Apollo .The ship was controlled by very smart and fast computers that  could break long passwords just in seconds and by long i mean at least 10 million random letters and numbers could be solved in seconds so the smart computers could hack but not be hacked. Landing on earth for  was a mistake  one of the computers got confused while solving the universes code and accidentally calculated  the time line wrong well and  they found there selfs on earth.Leonardo did not want to hear any more information this was too much for him .He needed some time therefore he started looking around to find the door.Apollo pointed out the door for him Leonardo was suspicious .’’Can Apollo read my mind? ’’ he wondered Apollo noded its head but it was a fast and hard to understand  move so Leonardo  was not sure if Apollo really nodded or did Leonardo hallucinate it. Apollo allowed Leonardo to examin the ship .  Leonardo  went out the door he ended up in a coridor that also looked endless with hundreds of doors.What should we do he silently asked me Apollo looked confused it was easy to understand what  it was thinking. Apollo must have thought Leonardo was crazy i silently answered him saying that we should get out of here .He shacked his head with agreement i could fell he wanted to go back to earth back to his hometown .he turned to apollo and directly asked if they could send us back to earth again Apollo made a weird face  probably because Leonardo used ‘’us’’  while asking. Apollo said that we can not go back to earth as the ship was not rotated that way and it would take a lot of effort  to change the rotation because they would have to get premission for it and she also mentioned that they burised the time line so it was nearly impossible to go back .Leonardo was not expecting to hear those words coming out of Apollos mouth .I mean they were in a ship that has really smart computers which can calculate the rotation just in seconds .I could read leonardo’s thoughts clearly he was thinking about his home his family his friend and he wondered if he was  going to see them ever again .He asked again with tears in his eyes can we please  go back to our planet  .Apollo looked dirctly at Leonardo’s eyes .Leonardo understood that apollo was actually scared to go back because if they mess up the time line more the actions might change in the future so the time travellers or any thing in the future may disappear forever. Apollo said taking this risk for a little boy would be stupid thing to do.

Leonardo looked away Apollo watched him for a few seconds then left. Leaving me and Leonardo alone in the endless looking coridor.Leonardo was feeling lost he knew that he did not belong here .He did not want to be here. He was angry at himself because this was  his fault  .He did not belong in this ship.He started running. He was going in to every room he found open and looking for an exit or a map . I was shouting at him to calm down , he finally stoped when he found a guide computer he started searching for an exit but according to the map that the computer  had  there was no way to escape . He started running again he went to a no gravity room and grabed a first aid kit.He pulled out a scissor from the first aid kit .I was begging him to stop  then suddenly an alarm started to ring it was very loud apollo ran into the room and gave Leonardo a mask  then they waited  when the alarm stopped  Apollo said that we went through a worm hole so we are now in the future and we can not go back to earth now.Leonardo stood up as quick as he can and tryed to jump on Apollo but Apollo was faster It  grabbed Leonardo in the air then throw him to the Wall .Apollo  said if you do something like that ever again  i will kill you . Leonardo was shocked becaouse Apollo said that senctence in a very calm voice  Apollo left the room .Leonardo stood up   to find the scissors he was holding before he was thrown to a wall .After a few minutes to room was filled with blood baloons flying around. Leonardo started to lose his color .The blood baloons were getting bigger and bigger every minute .He was slowly losing his concious and so was  I his inner friend ghost  that failed to save him. Now there was nothing i can do but watch him die .The last thing i remember was  hearing Apollo calling for the cleaning service and so our story ends there in that room traveling through time.

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