Don't Breathe/ Stop Running

February 10, 2017

Don’t Breathe
I try to catch my breath as I sprint away from him. He’s only walking, but somehow he’s closing in on me. I can’t help but look back to see how far he’s advanced, taking long, elegant strides towards me. He’s beautiful in an eternal, lifeless way. He’s nearly seven feet tall, arms still by his sides as he seems to glide down the street, as if it’s totally effortless. He sports a fitted, black tuxedo with a white undershirt and black tie. His skin is totally covered except for his face and hands, illuminated by the moonlight, showing sunken-in cheeks and a jawline so sharp it could slice right through me. That’s how I feel when he looks at me, as though he’s slicing me into the smallest little pieces until my soul is completely exposed. His hair shines bleach-blonde with hints of silver  under the night sky. His lips are plump and wide, standing out slightly red against his pale skin. He stares daggers at me with his black eyes, but I almost welcome the sharp, cold metal. This man looks so terrifying, yet he seems so innocent...I pity him, and I’ve no idea why. I peer up to the luminous clock on the street corner as I make a sudden right turn onto the sidewalk. I hastily look up to see an unlit, vintage-looking marquee that spells, “ZOE”. I think to myself, “This will do,” and test the glass door to find it open. I quickly realize that it must be a movie theatre, for there are rows of cushioned seats and a large white screen with scarlet-red velvet curtains pulled to the side. I sprint down the aisle and slip behind the heavy curtain as I hear the door open at the front of the theatre. I clamp a sweaty hand over my mouth and try to contain the sound of my heartbeat, “THUMPTHUMPTHUMPTHUMP”. I hear light footsteps coming down the aisle, and I can imagine him taking long strides. My heart beats more rapidly with every step until all I can hear is my teeth chattering and deep, heavy breaths on the other side of the curtain. Hot, wet tears stream down my face as I try to stop trembling. I silently scream at myself, “Stop crying stop crying stop crying stop crying!!!” I try to focus on keeping my trembling body still, but it happens all on its own when I hear the slightest giggle come from my pursuer, “Don’t be frightened, it’s just me, Sebastian.” He releases the sickest chuckle I’ve ever heard. I can’t move. I let out a white-hot scream as the scarlet-red velvet curtain is yanked from in front of me.

Stop Running
Clarissa, sweet little Clarissa. The setting sun sparkling off of your fiery red hair. You may be running away from me now, but soon enough you will run towards me. Chasing after you is like a fairytale, little sister. I watch you sprint off in the distance, but I’m not too far behind. You are so much like your mother. Such ambition held in such a small  vessel. You really ought to stop running before you waste all that energy, I’m going to find you no matter where you go. Ah, the movie theatre! What a lovely choice for our meeting. This is going to be rather...riveting. Tsk, tsk, tsk...looks like somebody left the door open. Or perhaps this is your way of inviting me in. How fun! A game of Hide and Seek! Let me guess, you’re hiding and I’m seeking! I always loved being the predator in these games. I wonder just where you could have gone to. You are certainly not so dull as to hide in the rows of seats, are you? Of course not, for you also have your mother’s intelligence. I see now, you’ve chosen the curtains! A good selection for a girl as small as you are, but you really must learn to control your breathing, (it’s a dead giveaway). Now we are closer than ever before, my love. You make me giggle with joy. Don’t be frightened, it’s just me, Sebastian. Sweet girl, you must stop with this crying, you are going to ruin that pretty little face of your’s! I have never heard a scream quite like your’s, so heart-wrenching, and so much emotion. You’re mine now. It’s time for you to come take your throne, right beside mine. 

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