Orange Sky

February 10, 2017

On November 30, 2222, my whole world changed (like literally). Right now the whole world is becoming covered in electronic flares from planet Teutonic. The planet was in the Sun's orbit, but then the sun put out a gravitational ray that was just figured out in 2150. That gravitational ray put the planet out of orbit. But the thing is the gravitational ray wasn’t from the sun. Oh wait! It will be much easier if I explain from the beginning.

I woke up and looked at my new phone, the joo joo, (I know. Hilarious, right?) and it said 9:20. I was late for school! I got dressed and ran to the kitchen, yelling to my Mom, “Bye! Love you!” She yelled out, “You, too! And don’t forget this evening!” “I won’t!” I replied, grabbing an apple, running out of the house.

About 15 minutes later when I got to the parking lot, I started to walk. But I didn’t slow down fast enough, (Curse my athletic coach!), and I ran right into this girl. We both fell over each other. I opened my eyes and found them to be drilling right into hers. We only stayed like that for 30 seconds, but it felt like forever. She coughed at me, her way of telling me to get up, I blushed, stood up, and helped her up. She was beautiful. She was wearing jeans with a short sleeved shirt with peace on it, and her hair was in a ponytail.

“Hey, umm….  I haven’t seen you before. What’s your name?” I asked before I stared to long. She replied, but not right away. She looked down and drug her shoe across the ground along with her foot. “Alexis -Alexis Compton,” she said.

“Cool, my name is Alex--Alex Tetris. That’s pretty cool how we just bumped into each other with names like these. Anyway, are you going to the school?” she nodded. “Cool! Do you need a guide to help you get to your classes? Because i’m willing to help, especially a pretty girl like you.” She nodded, but in her mind she was thinking, “He thinks I’m cute, but all the other guys at my last school were jerks and thought I was ugly. So I started to think I was, but then this guy wearing khaki shorts and Realtree shirt was being nice and telling me I was pretty. Either he’s different than all the people in the my old school, or he’s different then all the other people in my old school, (Oh, my bad. That’s one thing).
While I was in mid thought he said “ you coming”? I nodded and we started walking to class. I gave him my paper and he smiled and said “perfect you have all the same classes as me” I brightened at what he said and then remembered what happened to Jake.


I was crying cause this guy at my school told me I was A useless peice of trash that was A mistake. Then I felt A hand on my shoulder and looked up to see this guy that I remembered to be in my biology and Algebra 2 class, He looked at me with so much compassion then he leaned down and hugged me and said “ it’s alright don’t listen to anybody that says that they're just jealous that you're beautiful and they’re not” I would’ve laughed at this, but I was still crying. I leaned into his shirt and cried as hard as I could” The next day he asked me out and I said yes and we were going to go on A date later, but then my Mom talked to him and he came out yelling that he hated me and we broke up and I was left with A broken heart again and I was going to ask my mom what she told him, but I was going to wait until later to ask her, but I kept on avoiding asking her, that’s the main reason I left that school.

    End of flashback

I started crying and he asked me what was wrong and also asked was it that I didn’t want to be with him in the classes. But I said “ n-no, it’s not you*sob* I ju-just remembered som-somebody” in between sobs.He asked me if I wanted to talk about it and said it would help. I replied saying “ yes, but after school” . “ok, but we're here at class, so let’s go in”I nodded my head.

We walked in and this guy at the front of the class basically yelled” hey, looks like we figured out what you was doing, how’d you get that lucky man” I blushed and saw Alexis blush as well at my best-friend saying this. So I decided to help and pulled her into A kiss, I kissed her and in my mind it was saying what are you doing and also saying don’t let this moment end. To my surprise she kissed back, once we were done wesley yelled “man I was just kidding, but I mean if it was true then good for you”, I replied “ no actually I stumbled into her on my way to class and decided to help her to her class”. Wesley asked “ so then why did you kiss her”?
“Because we are going out” I replied.

Later I asked him at lunch “ why did you kiss me and say we were going out without even asking me” he replied “ I did, when I kissed you that told me whether you wanted to go out or not” this stunned me. Then A tremor shook the cafeteria and i jumped into his arms, once it was over he grinned and whispered in my ear “ I didn’t ask whether or not I could hold you or not so do I have to ask” she laughed and said” don’t worry about it this time i’ll let it pass”.

It’s been 3 hours and now we're in athletics we got dressed and coach told Wesley to start running, and me to go to the basketball court and take someone with you and not wesley. I smiled and grabbed Alexis and jogged to the b-ball court. Once coach got there he was surprised to find out that I brung A girl with me since usually I complain how girls will just slow me down. He said “ ok, but does she even want to play basketball, because I’m not going to waste my time if she’s not going to play the sport” she replied quickly that she was one of the best at her school. At this statement coach told us to start A one-on-one game and we did. It was so fun she was really good, but I only won by 3 points on the last second shot at the three point line.

Once we got out of school I asked her if she wanted to come over to my house because I had this thing after school and if she wanted to she could accompany me to it.She said yes, but she had to talk it over with her mom first I told her she could use my phone if she wanted to. She did and she could come over i smiled at this and said great.

Once we got to my house my mom said “ what took so long usually you run back” but stopped when she saw her she smiled and said “oh, never mind. Did you have fun?” she asked. I knew what she meant and yelled out “Mom, we haven’t done that yet” she walked up to me and whispered in my ear “exactly, not yet” and she slipped something in my hand that was out of Alexis’s sight. Later I found out what it was when I got to my room( but that’s something you don’t need to know about.

I heard his mom ask “ so, are you going to bring her with us” I quickly asked “to what”? Glaring at alex for not even asking me if he could take me. I heard him ask “where”? This time his Mom yelled “I told you not to forget, and then you go and forget like I told you not to,even this morning I told you not to, what do you so you go on and forget” she continued on and on until he said “ Mom, i’m sorry that I forgot but I can’t help it,I mean i’ve obviously had my mind on other things” taking A glance at alexis. Then she blurted out again “ now you lied to me you just got done telling me you didn’t do that with her yet and-” he cut her off right there and said “ no we haven't I’ve already told you that”. I stepped in and said “Mrs, Tetris please i’m sorry that i kept him from remembering, but please don’t take it out on him”.

Later once we started going Alexis asked where we are going? “ we are going to my friends party that he invited us to. Once we got halfway there the car started to sputter and stopped out of gas and were on the an abandoned road in the middle of Nevada(so the desert) I got out and started to try and get signal with my phone, but my phone rang but then it like made A static noise I looked at it and it was exactly 12:00 but it was almost dark the sun was on the horizon and it looked almost green instead of orange then switched to blue. I looked at it kind of funny and took a picture/ a video of it to show everybody, but we never got anywhere because my phone call picked up and the other side said “ tell everyone to get out of the car and walk 1 mile east and you won’t die” my breath picked up ( when someone tells you you're going to die if you don’t or do this it kind of puts a weight on your shoulders)

We did that because we were kind of scared once we got there there was A girl she was wearing A black arkansas jacket with a pink shirt and black striped wind pants. I asked her what she was doing out here she responded by taking her phone out of her pocket. Then A green light flashed before us and appeared two human like creatures or at least they looked human except for the fact about their tails ( huh i remember reading something about that in A comic or movie) they said “come, we need to train you” Me being me asked “y” and they calmly replied “because you are the only humans that are part titunian, and the only ones that are earthling as well that can stop the planet teutonic.

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