The Lost Man

February 10, 2017
By 42randal42 BRONZE, Austin, Texas
42randal42 BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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About 100 years ago the world was beautiful, peaceful, the sun was shining dogs barking and people at peace in their life. A man had a normal life, a normal family but the man was very ill. The only ones that could help him was the government and that was the last choice, because he knew they would try to change him, try to control him. But steve had no choice, he went to the doctors for his normal check up and they told him he wasn't going to make it and that he had less than two weeks. Steve knew what he had to do, the government found steve they knew he wanted their help now they have eyes and ears everywhere, they were sneaky. They government told steve that he would be away from his wife and his son for at least a year being treated on, but that was a small risk for a greater opportunity. The government had no intention on returning him to his family but steve didn't know that.

They arrived at the facility, it was hidden deep in a mountain in a icy, cold place protected by the government no one ever made it out once they were brought here. They explained the procedure to steve stating that they would be injecting him with a highly enhanced suram. It would heal him fully get rid of the sickness, but as well give him enhanced strength, speed, and intelligence. He was strapped down thinking they have done this before, thinking he was going to make it out, not knowing this was the first trial and that he was most likely going to die. They started up the procedure and half was through steve realized he was losing something, his memories, they were erasing them. Steve was furious and in him getting mad his adrenaline was pumping and it made the suram ten time stronger that's where everything went in his favor. Steve became stronger even while he was strapped down with titanium steel, it couldn't hold him down. He broke free, angry, lost like a wild animal he ran. Once he made it outside there was an army waiting on him, looking for a way out there was only one way to his right but with a near 500 foot fall he had a small chance of surviving. With nothing to lose he did it, the government didn't even try to follow knowing the experiment worked and that he wasn't going to survive the fall so it was okay. Steve hit the ground and paralyzed due to all the broken bones, practically dead the only thing that was saving him was his new ability to heal so he laid there in pain waiting till he could move again. 20 min passed and he started at this point he was healed and calm, but he didn't know what he was doing, where he was, not even his own name so he wondered for years in search for who he was. All he had were terrible nightmares and he got them all the time. So he searched for the people in his dreams and came across someone who was at the trial of his experiment and recognized him so started shooting and steve was scared but didn't move. Shot at least 20 times, still not dead and healed  in under a minute steve was angry but not to the point he wanted to kill. Steve asked questions to where he came from and who he was no answers came from the man, so steve torched him. Answers soon came after, and it led him to the mountains where he got his powers steve entered the building and it rang the alarm and hundreds of people showed up to his location with guns, not knowing who he was steve killed them all except the one in charge of the place. But steve was told he couldn't do anything without the president's approval so steve kill him and went on his was in search for this one man.

Steve was searching for years and nothing came up no clues, no big memories from his past, nothing. Then he saw planes flying over with huge bombs and they released them and that was a start of the war.  
Present day, 100 years later the government took over the world as we knew, they started wars with every known enemy and this led to a nuclear war that wiped out most of human life except the government of course. The world looked like it was set on fire and was left to burn, flames everywhere buildings broken down, turned to ash just looked like an apocalyptic dream. The ones that did survive weren't the good people mostly thieves and crooks that wanted nothing but violence on this world. The good ones that did survive were in hiding afraid that something worse was going to happen. The government had turned this world into hell on earth and need to be stopped but who had the power. With steve still on search for the man with everyday passing he grew closer and closer, so close he was in washington where the president was hiding out. Steve knew it would be the place where it's most heavily guarded so he went looking around and asking questions. Steve ended up at the white house and on the way he had many conflicts where he ran into some of the government's men, yes he had to kill but it led him to where he was, it was for a better cause a selfish one but in the end it will be for the whole world. The white house had hundred on men on stand by but there was no stopping an enhanced man who couldn't die, so he entered with ease. Once inside he found the man who did this to him and steve demanded he gave him his memories and of course he had no choice or he was going to die, so he did what he wanted and steve got his memories and with them back he was more hurt than he ever could be. With his memories back he grew angry, now knowing he had a family that loved him, a family that was now gone forever because of this man's doing and his world choices. Steves anger built up and he turned back into that wild animal where there is no stopping him and killed the president. Steve broke down crying knowing he will be forever alone, for a man who can't die who barely ages is a sad a lonely life, so steve started thinking maybe someone else can't kill me but what if i try myself. He tried at least hundred times and nothing he would just heal some ways took longer than others but in the end nothing could do the trick. Maybe there's a way to reverse this procedure he thought so he went out on another journey to end his life once and for all so he could reunite with his family.

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