The Ruined King

February 9, 2017
By AithlynFreye BRONZE, Oxford, Alabama
AithlynFreye BRONZE, Oxford, Alabama
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"I wonder sometimes if the motivation for writers ought to be contempt, not admiration." -Orson Scott Card

The fake chords were created to throw off other kings while creating their own songs. Only the musicians and singers knew the real chords and were bound to keep them secret at the threat of death from treason. King Henry of Embery was really baffled at the chords in his song. They were really unique and unheard by any other person in the land. King Henry hired the best musicians that he could find so they were not being wasted in other kingdoms.

This song was unique and when the other inhabitants in the kingdom heard it, they were amazed at how beautiful it was. They all rejoiced and danced throughout the ballroom as the beautiful lyrics and chords galloped in the air. The song was played multiple times that night and every day afterwards. The only people to hear it were the people of the kingdom and some of the king’s guests.

Until one day King Richard of Ricerio brought a lady with him to try to ease King Henry of Embery on the idea of becoming allies for an upcoming war. The lady was King Richard of Ricerio’s servant and she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She had long, flowing blonde hair with dark green eyes. The rags she wore as clothes did her no justice but you could see she had a great physique. Only a fool couldn’t tell she was unbelievably beautiful.

King Henry of Embery immediately agreed to an alliance as long as he could marry King Richard’s servant. King Richard of Ricerio made a deal with King Henry of Embery and left the servant in the hands of King Henry of Embery. No one knew how much of a mistake that would come to be. The day after she became his, he married her in front of his whole kingdom inviting King Richard of Ricerio as thanks for her.

Only weeks after marrying the servant, King Henry discovered a diary that his new queen had been writing in. King Henry made the worst mistake he had ever made, he opened the diary up to the first page and started to read. His precious queen walked into their room to see her new husband reading her secrets and became livid. She tied him up to a kitchen chair in front of the whole kingdom and destroyed his throne. After ruining the throne, she came behind him with a dagger and sliced off many inches of his hair.

King Henry felt betrayed and angry with his new wife. He read what she had done to her family and saw that she was a killer. He had no chance to consult her with it as she tied him up and started doing this to him immediately after seeing him reading her diary. King Henry kept getting angrier and angrier as she destroyed more things in his castle. She ruined his whole throne room and cut his hair. Luckily for him, his archer had other things in mind for her.

The archer lined up the shot and let the arrow fly. The arrow hit the new queen in the middle of her back and she fell to the ground in pain. The archer lined up one more shot and let the arrow fly. It cut the ropes around King Henry’s chest and set him free. The guards around the archer ran down to assist King Henry at once. King Henry pulled the dagger from the queen’s hand and finished her at his own hand.
Every night for the rest of King Henry’s life if you listened close enough, you could hear his sobs of misery. King Henry never remarried and never had an heir to the throne. When King Henry died, a young prince from King Richard’s kingdom came over and took the throne. The young price made the kingdom happy and joyful again by having the musicians play the beautiful song again.

The author's comments:

I wrote this short-story for a writing contest through my school's writing team. I didn't win but I thought it'd be cool to post on here. I hope you like it.

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