The Alligator Catfish Hybrid

February 9, 2017
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One weekend i went to the lake and i was going to try to catch some catfish. I was hoping to catch my limit but every time i would cast i would get big bits and i would try to set my hook but the fish would be gone. Then i looked and seen a fish jump out of the water that fish was the biggest fish i ever seen in my life. It looked like the fish was longer than my boat and my boat was at least 18 foot long. I told myself i was going to catch that fish today, so i put the biggest hook i had on my line and put some bait on the hook and casted that hook way out there. That fish never came close to my lure for the rest of the day.

I went back to the same spot of the lake and that fish was still there. I was determined to catch this monster fish. The fish came around the boat nudging the boat. Then i got the bright idea to try and shoot the fish. So i got my glock out of the drybox and set the gun beside my foot and was waiting for the fish to jump. The fish jumped way out of my gun range and it kept jumping out of range. The more this huge fish keeps taunting me the more determined to kill or catch it. So the next time i went out i took a ar-15 which is a more high power gun than a glock. When the fish jumped i shot at it i made it mad and this fished i named bob. Bob got really mad when i shot at him he started charging my boat and running into it. I think bob was trying to flip the boat so he could try to kill me or eat me. Then all of the sudden bob jumped in the boat and it turned out to be a alligator catfish hybrid fish. This fish was this weirdest fish in the whole lake and i was trying to kill it but this hybrid was more scarier than all of my other fears. This fish had the most weirds body. The body looked like a catfishes body and had alligator tail, legs and feet. That fish had a catfish mouth with alligator teeth and it would snap its jaws at me. I will never try to catch bob again. Bob was very mean and i was scared to go back to the part of the lake where he hanged around an old creepy dock. People don't believe me when i tell them about bob.they just think i'm a crazy young guy who see things. To this day i go to the opposite side of the lake cause of that hybrid fish i seen them couple days.

When i go to the lake know i never go alone i always take a buddy with me, so i never get eaten by this fish. The reason i don't go alone cause i would need help fighting the hybrid fish off. Every time i going fishing i always think that fish is falling me, and watching every move i make. So this is why i will never go to the lake alone any more by myself. 

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