February 9, 2017
By , Ankara, Turkey

    I was born in chaos. Centuries ago in our country there was a big illness. That disease slowly kill the organs and lead the sick person to death, unluckily there wasn’t a cure for that illness so government started a wild administration and they rearranged the laws. According to the laws every four-year citizens that government choice have to give their organs for exchange. Sadly, this wild process still enforced to our society and I am the next sacrifice tomorrow my organs will be taken. But I am not going to expect my future. Over years I heard so many lies about fate my all friends said that there is no way to change your fate. But they are wrong I am going to prove them wrong…

   Next morning I pack my things and wait for my friend Alex. He is my best friend and he always supports me no matter what happens so he is with me in that day too. He is finally here I hug him then kiss him on the cheek after that welcome ceremony we start to walk through the dark streets he looks relax but ? have a fear in my heart if something happens to him I will never forgive myself. Now we are on our way for one hour but I feel tired so stop at the corner of the big tree and wait him to sit under it to have some rest we sit down I am tired so I fall asleep

   What is that sound it is like steps I slowly open my eyes and look everywhere quickly then I look for make sure that no one is here but I see the man looking to us I wake Alex up then we start to run after some time I start hear some gun sound I try to ignore it but one bullet pass near my arm now I can feel the hot blood coming from my veins. Look back to check on Alex but he is not behind with a serious blood pressure I cannot realise the tree so I hit my head and pass out. Only I can remember is all the sounds and darkness.
‘’ She is waking up’’
A man say after I try to open my eyes I slowly look through the room that I am in I am in shock because they tie me in to the chair like a lab rat.
‘’I think you know why you are hear. Your process continues so your organs will be taken’’
     After I hear that sentence I start to yelling and try to escape but the all start to get nearby me I accept my fate just for a second and in that second I totally lost my identity. My father told me to fight back no matter what happens when I was 10 years old. I’m still the same person… Now I am kicking the air but suddenly door opens that’s Alex with his beautiful ocean eyes he shoots everyone in that room and get me. Now we are on our way again. He stops and look at my arm
‘’You got hurt’’
‘’Yeah, it happened in the forest by the way where have you been’’
‘’We must go somewhere’’
I keep walking because I trust him, we walk walk walk…And come nearby a cute house he don’t want to get in the house so ? get through the door and the thing I am seeing is like a hallucination My mother was death or just she used to. How could it be possible? She come next to me
‘Are you real?’
‘Yes, honey I am real’
‘’But how?’’
‘Your father is in the head of our country’
I get up with anger they leave me alone for nothing they waste my childhood with craving parents I never been a kid I grow up when they were death.
‘How could you do this to your own daughter’
‘First we did it because we want to protect you but now we have a important thing to discuss I am not going to lie your father is so sick…He needs a bone marrow you are the only person who can give that that’s why the government choice you ‘
‘Your man’s shoot me with a gun, you try to stole my organs without my permission what is next chop my head off? You have to protect me instead of hurting when I thought that you and my dad die I think that I can’t live without my parents but things changed I am no longer consider as my parents you are just stranger to me now on and another thing don’t ever try to stop me!’

After I get out of this house I start running I thought I can escape from reality by running but the truth is realitiy will catch you soon or late. After some miles, I can finally see the border line I start walking rather than running I look back to my life one more time and cross it I keep walking but my eyes want to see the town that I had all of my memories I decide to look back just one more time but there isint a town behind me only I can see is grass when I realise that a small massage get in my brain it says
‘Thanks for joining our experiment you succeed in it’

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