The Unknown Galaxy

February 9, 2017
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It was a date still not known, the night was bright or was it the day. He was still floating in what felt like either jelly or a liquid or something. He could see other creature that looked like him, but what was he. This was the only thing that he could think or that he knew what to think. Then, he heard a noise one heard never heard before, then something cold hit him on the side. Then the light hit him and he couldn’t see until his eyes adjusted to the light. So, he looked around, he saw what had to be a doctor or something holding him in his arm carrying him to the table to be examined. As he was laid on the table he heard the doctors talking, but he could not understand what they were saying. Then he heard the word “Soubar.” That was his name, Soubar. As Soubar was lifted off the table he was laid on another table and was rolled through a door and into a chilly room that had a light shining right into his eyes. But he heard what seemed to be crying, but it wasn’t from him it was from the other children in this room. Then out of nowhere, someone grabbed him off the table and held him. “He’s so cute,” said the mystery person said, “Mitles can you believe we’ve had our first Glirpian.” “No, I still can’t believe it’s happened so fast, it seems like just yesterday we had learned our little Glirpian was coming to join us.” Said Mitles. That’s what he was, Soubar was a Glirpian. Little did Soubar know that one day he would become the most Glirpian in the galaxy, because he would be the saver of all his people. So as Soubar grew in age he also grew in strength, intelligence, and wisdom of his galaxy and universe. Then at the age of seventeen, Soubar was summoned by the High King of the 8th Galaxy, but the weirdest part about the summoning is that his home father was summoned as well. The reason that he was called his home father, is because all the children or as their known really known as Glirpian’s, are genetically and physically created in a lab in the home planet of Morfon. What was this submission all about, the news he soon would receive, would change his life forever.

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