February 9, 2017
By , ankara, Turkey

The darkness night lits with moon light’s and the wind starts vehements.Same time Casper is walking in forest fast steps.He tries breathing but he is so excited and afraid.His heart beating is very fast,because he will meet with death.

He wants to be fearless to death.But he feels fear in his soul and taking last breathe.End of the forest,Casper looks around and sees cliff.

‘’Why did he invite me?’’said and suddenly he lost his sense and doesn’t move,like a manequ?n.
He doesn’t feel his souls just one thing in his head:

Death is here.

His soul force to submit to darkness night.Well then,Casper has been slave of night.He can’t cry out.His body doesn’t listen his mind.

And then,something is heard by Casper’s ears but he can’t look.His eyes force to look graw.His soul has been very desprate.

Casper has knewn to his death since when he came to here.He shouldn’t came to here.
When he heard sound,he lift head,
‘’Look!’’ said something.Casper forces to submit this sound and look at the death face.

In darkness night, death picks up night’s lust.He looks with dark eyes opposite of him,human.
Casper impressive this magical eyes.

The moon doesn’t lits death’s body just one thing lits;death’s night blue eyes as sharp knife as painfull,his beatiful body is shaply and bodied

‘’Why death is so fascinating?’’,I must be crazy,why ? want to die?

How this can be possible?thought.

When Casper looked his eyes,death hes given proud smile.

‘’Casper Edward Beccas?on.’’said and closes to him.Casper still hasn’t  move,’’You are a big sinner and tonight you will be died by my hands,human!’’said and laugh loudly,like a insane.

Casper starts shiver.And then death looks him body and,’’Oh ,please you should’t afraid of me,actually you are very lucky.’’

Casper pne more tries and he succeed in move.He said desperately,’’Why are you doing this torture?’’ and notices death’s might darkness wigs.He hadn’t seen before this might darkness wigs.

He can’t risk one’s life.Casper shoudn’t die,must be strong and fight with death.
He scream out;

‘’Because Casper,you have sold your soul to evil!’’and continue his sentence;
‘’You have sworn by Evil for power!You have to know this future Caper?Am I right?said and gives to scornful smile.

Time has stopped for Casper.He can’t breathing can’t feel anything.
He scream out,
‘’But I did everything you want!I deserve to be alive!’’

Death takes his sharp knife from inside of his wigs and smile again,

‘’You commited a big sins and you have to indemnify your sin with your life Casper.’’said.
Human prefers refuse his destiny.His tears drips on the place.

‘’No,no,no,no,no,I don’t deserve,you don’t have to kill me!You are a angel,please be a pity!’’said.
Death starts  angry but he almost calm down.

‘’You killed child Casper,you are a murder!You did that because,you wanted to power,want to be powerfull.’’said with his whisper and,he rubs the shape knife;Casper’neck.

‘’You are making a mistake mortal,I don’t live in heaven,I live in human’s mind,body and heart.Your humminty invited me Casper,your weak soul!I will take a this weakness soul and  forward to bottom of the Hell.’’

And thrust the knife into;Casper’carotid artery.Then Death aireds with his darkness might.

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