Spooky Night

February 9, 2017

BOOM! BOOM! That’s the sound that my friends and I can hear coming from the basement. Why, oh why, did we have to break the Ouija board rules? The first rule is  play with more than one person. The second rule is to pick one person to ask the questions--ONLY one. The third rule is to place you? fingers on the planchette. Rule four is ask the questions. Rule five, wait for the planchette to move. Finally, when you are done playing, always say goodbye to the Spirit.

Since we are teenagers, we don’t follow rules. It’s not in our nature.  We started playing the game and it was going great until Billy, the one that wasn't supposed to be asking the questions, yelled out, “What happened to you?” Then it started!

The Spirit told us the story of her death….. She first said, “ I was killed with a knife by my  husband. I need revenge to complete my journey!” We were scared as we could be. We had never talked to a dead person much less avenged someone’s death. What would she do if we didn’t do what she wanted? Billy started asking her questions while I just wanted to run out of there screaming!    

We found out that the Spirit’s name was Helen, and she needed our help. Without thinking, we automatically said, “Yes, we will help you.” Sally, the sweet and youngest, started sounding not like herself! We all had an eerie feeling about what was going to happen next. Sally all of a sudden started talking in a deep and devilish voice that sent chills down everyone's spines.

We all ran in terror to the door, but it wouldn't open because Helen had taken over Sally. Then a door slammed and Sally was nowhere to be seen. The door led to the basement, and we all heard some old music coming from down there. We all had the same feeling that we were going to have to go down there to save Sally from whatever happened to her.  We slowly walked down the stairs to the basement. The farther we walked ,the louder the music grew. Then we finally get down into the basement…….

There she was, standing away from us, crying and saying, “This is why my husband killed me!”

She Spins around and her face is all messed up, like it had been melted by chemicals of some kind. Sally screams, “Help! She is hurting me.” We all run up to my room and start playing the game again. We call out to Helen to leave or friend´s body and to come speak with us on the board. The lights start flickering on and off, and Sally screams again from the basement. Soon Helen comes into the room yelling, “Why did he kill me?” We all say goodbye to her with the board and she disappears.  Then Sally walks into the room, asking what happened to the Spirit Everything was fine, but a few days later……...

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