Zari's summer adventure

February 8, 2009
By kewdee GOLD, Kaysville, Utah
kewdee GOLD, Kaysville, Utah
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I walked into the forest, the sun light giving everything a warm glow. It was just another summer day, and I could not sit one minute more inside the castle. So I decided to go for a walk through the forest instead. The green leafed trees filtered the sunlight into soft yellow green streams of light. I smiled and then slipped off my sandals and placed them at the base of a tree. I smiled as I felt the soft lush grass still wet with morning due underneath my bare feet. I smiled and then let my wings release and glided deeper into the forest, just barely off the ground.

I was so absorbed in my happiness at finally being outside the kingdom and castle walls that I forgot to pay attention to where I was going. Soon I stopped, realizing I was completely lost, and far too deep into the forest to be safe. I then noticed how eerily silent and still the forest had become. Suddenly all the warmth I felt earlier was replaced with the feeling of helplessness.

Suddenly I heard a twig snap close behind me.

I whipped around, my long brown hair flowing gracefully and then settling back into place. My bright blue eyes searched the shadowy forest for what made the noise.

'Cody?' I asked softly. 'Chris?' I hoped it was one of my brothers playing a trick or me or teasing me rather then one of the demons that might be in the forest. The forest divided the Fariy kingdom and the demon kingdom so I was a little scared.

'Guys, this isn't funny.' I called. It just had to be my brothers teasing me. But there was the lingering feeling that it wasn't them, that it was something far worse then my brothers.

I waited for them to come out, or for an animal to pass by. But when neither happened I began to feel fear replacing the helplessness I had felt only moments ago. I started to back up, away from the direction in which the noise had come from, and began to feel very vulnerable and helpless.

What was that protection spell again? I wondered wishing I'd been listening better to my teachers.

Suddenly my arms where bound to my sides and I was flung hard against the tree behind me.

I struggled to break free of the invisible magic bonds which held me, but to no avail. Whoever had cast the spell was strong.

'What's wrong princess?' A male voice asked in a mocking tone. 'Do you not want to stay?'

I looked up to see who the voice belonged to, but found no one.

Suddenly a cold laugh cut through the forest and suddenly a demon stepped out of the shadows. I then felt my heart stop.

His skin was pale as aspen bark and his eyes were as red as blood. His night black hair hid one of his eyes. I could see the blood lust and want to kill in his eyes.

Franticly I opened my mouth to scream, but his hand flew up and pointed at my throat and I found I suddenly could make no sound escape.

'Now, now Princess, we don't want to alert anyone, or tell them what's going on.' He said, grinning evilly as he slowly walked towards me, 'it would spoil all the fun.'

I suddenly felt tears spilling from my eyes down my cheeks as he approached. I looked at his other hand and saw a dagger gripped fiercely in it.

He then used one of his hands to tuck some of my hair behind my ear and I flinched at his touch which caused him to laugh cruelly. Then he raised the dagger.

This is it, I though helplessly, I'm going to die.
I then closed my eyes and waited for the dagger to stab through me.

Fighting is useless and will just be a waste of time. I though, so I saw no other options.

What am I thinking? I can't die yet. I thought desperately, someone save me. I prayed.

I then opened my eyes and looked around for something, anything; I could use to distract the demon.

Then suddenly a dagger sailed down from the trees, dangerously close to the demons head.

He looked up, anger flashing in his eyes, and let a growl escape him. 'What are you doing here?' He demanded angrily at whoever it was.

'Leave here now, or else the next one won't miss.' I heard another person, male, command. Then, as if to emphasize his point, another dagger sailed down.

My attacker jumped back, so as not to be hit by the dagger. He then growled again, but surprisingly enough he then vanished into a black mist.

I felt new tears, tears of happiness, descending down my cheeks. Gratefully I looked up to see who my savior was, then my heart stopped and I was filled with fear and sadness again. It was another demon.

He jumped down in front of me and then pulled his daggers out from the ground.

I tried to break free of the magic and run, but even with the one who cast the spell gone it was still strong. I couldn't break free and run, and I still couldn't yell for help.

I really am going to die. I thought.

He then turned to me, one dagger in his hand and raised it high.

I closed my eyes once again, seeing death was inevitable this time, and waited. But the feel of the dagger against my skin never came. Instead I felt the magic binding me to the tree disappear.

I then fell to my knees onto the forest floor, my hair falling around me I gasped for air feeling the spell that had sealed my voice disappear as well. I then looked up at the new demon. He too had pale aspen bark skin and red eyes. His raven black hair came down to his chin and he looked at me concerned.

'Why?' I questioned suddenly.

'Why what?' He questioned back.

'Well'why did you save me?'

'Do I really need a reason, or even if I had one do I need to tell you?'

'Well no, but I would like to know.' I said politely, standing up.

He sighed, defeated. 'I saved you because I felt like it, and I'm letting you go because it would be better then killing you, we don't need a war,' He answered, answering my next question he knew was coming. 'Unless you want me to kill you,' He added.

'Oh no, thank you very much,' I said doing a small bow and then looking up at him.

He smiled softly and then suddenly leaned forward and kissed my forehead.

I let a small gasp escape, surprised by both the action and the softness of his lips. I felt my cheeks begin to grow warm and knew they must the color of the sunset's pink sky.

'Be more careful now princess,' He murmured softly against my skin.

'Alright,' I whispered softly.

He then looked at me and chuckled, probably because of my cheeks, and then started to leave.

'Wait!' I called in desperation, remembering I was lost.

He stopped and then turned back towards me and began to walk back to me. 'Yes?'

I suddenly looked down, knowing my cheeks were growing darker by the second. 'Well'I'I'm lost,' I stuttered out. 'Would you help me?' I asked, looking back up at him.

He smiled softly down at me. 'Yes princess.'

'Call me Zari,' I said, smiling.

'Alright Zari,' He said, smiling as well.

'And may I ask the name of my savior and guide?'

'Kain,' He replied, taking my hand. 'Now come on. The forest is dangerous when it's dark.' He said leading me along

We had been walking for a little while when the air suddenly turned eerily still again.

I felt his grip on my hand tighten slightly and he pulled me closer.

'What's wrong?' I asked, trying not to let the fear be heard in my voice.

'What do you mean?'

'Well the way you are acting, it just seems like you're worried about something.' I replied.

He sighed in defeat again, and then looked to the left. 'Someone's following us.' He replied.

I felt my heart stop and my blood run cold. 'Is it the same person from before?' I asked, my voice shaking.

'Yes, and he's brought friends.' He said.

I then felt my legs become jelly and I struggled not to fall to my knees.

'Don't worry; you're fine as long as I'm here.' He said reassuringly. Almost as if he could tell how worried I was.

'Why's that?' I asked.

'I-I can't tell you.' He said quickly.

'Oh.' I said, deciding not to pry. Then suddenly I had the feeling that this might be a trap.

But that's ridiculous. I though, but the nagging feeling would go away.

Suddenly a little ways in front of us the same demon stepped out from the shadows.

'Well done Kain.' He called.

'Stay away Seth.' He warned, pulling out a dagger with his free hand.

Suddenly two more demons appeared behind my attacker, Seth.

'Prince,' They said bowing to Kain.

'Prince?!' I exclaimed in surprise, looking at him. Then I suddenly felt as if it had been a trick, it made sense to if it was. The prince demon kidnapping me would start a war, and no doubt they had been preparing and planning, my kingdom would be defenseless. I thought.
'So this has all been a trick?' I asked.
'No, Zari, let me explain.' He said, looking at me.
'Why? So you can tell me more lies?' I asked.
'No, you need to trust me. I would never do anything to hurt you.' He said, his eyes pleading for me to believe him.
Somehow I could tell by his eyes that he was telling the truth. 'Alright, but lets get out of here then.' I said.
'Okay.' He said pulling me behind him. 'Out of the way,' He commanded.
'Sorry, we can't.' Seth said. 'See the fairies will pay a pretty price to get her back unharmed.' He explained. 'So we need her.' He said, and then started towards us.
'Over my dead body,' Kain challenged.
'Now that can be arranged.' He said. 'Talon, Eli, take care of him.' He commanded.
'But Seth,' One began.
'Shut up and do as I say!' He yelled.
'Yes sir.' They both said in unison. They then each pulled a dagger out and started towards us.
'Zari,' I heard Kain whisper.
I looked up, 'What?'
'On my signal I want you to fly far away from here.'
'But what about you? I don't want to leave you.' I whispered.
'Forget about me and do what I say, they won't hurt me.' He said. 'But they would hurt you, and I don't want that to happen.'
'Alright.' I whispered, nodding.
Then suddenly he picked me up and threw me into the air. 'Now!' He shouted.
I understood and then released my wings and flew off fast in the opposite direction of them.

When I felt I could fly no farther I landed at the base of a tree and leaned against it. Night was quickly coming, and I knew my family would send guards looking for me soon/. But I didn't know which way the kingdom was, and soon enough it would be to dark to see anything. I stood still, listening for the sound of someone approaching, or of water, or of a bird, of anything really. But the forest wad deadly silent.
I then sat down and rested against the tree. I looked up through the tree tops and watched the sky as it began to turn black.
Suddenly, the sound of twigs snapping in the distance met my ears. I looked at the direction the sound had come from and saw an approaching figure, but it was too dark to see who it was.
Because of the darkness I flew up into the tree branches and hid, waiting to see who the figure was. Then I recognized the person was Kain.
'Zari,' He called softly. 'Zari, where are you?
I then flew down out of the tree and landed at the base. 'Here Kain,' I called softly.
He looked at me and then suddenly wrapped his arms around me. 'Thank goodness you're alright.' He said.
I then wrapped my arms around his middle and hugged him to me. 'I'm just glad you're alright.' I said.
'Yeah, well they really can't hurt me; I am the prince after all.' He said smiling a little.
I giggled slightly. 'Yeah, that true.'
He then took my hand and started leading me through the forest again. 'Come on. We still need to get you home.' He said smiling.
'Yeah we do,' I agreed.

We walked in silence, being careful not to let anyone know where we were. Suddenly we heard a shout.
'Princess!' I recognized the voice as one of the castle guards.
'Zari!' I heard one of my brother's shout.
'Kain,' I whispered. 'I can hear them, they're close. You have to go.'
'Yeah you are probably right,' He said.
I looked up at him and was about to thank him when he suddenly leaned down and kissed me. I gently kissed him back. Part of me was screaming at me to stop, but another more dominate part was telling me I didn't have to, and that it was alright.
Suddenly he pulled away. 'Until next time princess.' He said.
'Yes, next time.' I said and then he vanished into the shadows.
'Cody!' I called, starting towards where I heard his voice.
'Zari!' He exclaimed as he ran up to me, a small ball of white light following behind him.
'Hey.' I said as he pulled me into a tight hug.
'Where were you? We were all worried.' Chris said as he joined us.
'Oh I fell asleep.' I lied. I knew I couldn't tell them what had happened. I knew it would just result in me never being able to leave the castle walls again.
'Well at least a demon didn't get you.' Cody said, setting me down.
'Yeah, good thing. Now let's get home, I'm starving.' I said pulling them along.
They laughed and then started walking with me back to the castle.

I entered my room and closed the door. I was tired because of the day's adventures. I'd fed the same story to person after person. I hadn't told any of them the truth because none of them would understand.
As I changed into my night gown and then sat down at my vanity to brush out my hair I heard the curtains to my window rustle. I turned around quickly and began to scan the darkness, but saw nothing. I then noticed a white rose on my bed.
I walked over and picked it up. It lay on top of a piece of paper with a note scrawled on in elegant hand.
I love you princess Zari

I smiled and then took a deep breath of the rose, knowing my life was never going to be the same.

The author's comments:
Originally this was supposed to be a memory for a differnet story, but I liked the idea so I decided instead to make a short story bassed off of it. And it's my first short story longer then a page that I have acutally finished.

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Tomoyo said...
on Jul. 8 2009 at 3:44 am
I love this story! ^w^ There, uh, wouldn't happen to be a sequel or anything, would there? (Please?)


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