The First Minute of a Black Eye

February 7, 2009
By rockurself SILVER, Hillsboro, Ohio
rockurself SILVER, Hillsboro, Ohio
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Shane touched the pink skin beneath his eye. It was slowly turning dark shades of purple, yellow spotted his pale face, and coal like marks outlined his flesh.

He winced as his fingertips traced the bruised and broken outline of his skin. He starred at his shattered face in the mirror. Only a small souvenir of the gruesome fight. Aching flesh surrounded his left eye and the swelling slowly covered his face.

The rain poured outside on the roof of this apartment. It's sound deafening. Thunder boomed outside as lightening lit up the sky, as bright as sunlight.

Shane stood in this bathroom soaking wet, rain dripping off his cold wet body. The freezing rain fell from his body hitting the bathroom titles, leaving behind small lucid puddles.

Her face kept flashing in his mind. Only if he had known this could have happened he would have stopped it. He should have stopped it. Her screams were etched into his mind. He didn't want her to be harmed, but what could he have done to stop it? His demons were too strong. The Oxy too nice, falsify laying his demons peacefully to rest. His hands throbbed from broken bloody knuckles. Open flesh stung as the air kissed its freshly cut edges. Crimson teardrops fell into the bleach white basin. They slowly traced unknowable scarlet paths upon the sink.

If only he was not the monster that stood staring back at him.

His reflection smirked at his lunacy. A wicked, sinful smirk was illuminated on his double's face.

Regret sealed his fate. He would be thrown back into this magical mirror. His double to take his rightful place, yet he would be able to see it all unfold before his eyes. His memories not his own.

Forever seared in his memories, the script of murder, a path of destruction.

The blood curdling screams of that lonely girl never to stop screeching, howling into his ears.

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