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February 7, 2009
By eternaleclipse BRONZE, Moore, Oklahoma
eternaleclipse BRONZE, Moore, Oklahoma
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The night air is thick with the fog that is closing in on Bridge wood. A town in the middle of no where but is quite the tourist attraction in the winter with high snow caped mountains and big log cabins to rent out for just the right price. But what the tourist except for one doesn't know is that Bridge wood has a deadly secret. Ex- CIA agent John Miller is determined to find out what it is.

A year earlier'

Kareem, John's best friend since high- school was on a fishing trip when he got the e-mail from John.

Hey Kareem it's me john I'm planning a trip to go to Bridge wood in three weeks I just wanted to know if you wanted to come if not it's all good I'm going there for my retirement well talk to you later take care.

A year earlier

John and Kareem arrived at Bridge wood at 4:00 p.m. rented a cabin and went snow boarding. They ate dinner and went exploring the town. They found out that the town had a shaman so they had decided that they would have their fortunes told for the fun of it.

'Son let me see your hand' the shaman said. 'I see death in your near future a horrible death shall happen to one of you if not all of you' the shaman said.

'Ok stop that you freak' said Kareem

'Kareem he's just joking' said John

'I am not joking young man I shall worn you both to be careful while rooming the forest at night while your secretly snooping around' said the shaman.

'hh-how did you know' asked Kareem

'I'm a shaman remember' he said

So the team continues on snooping around or exploring as you may call it, all the while Kareem is still thinking if the so called shaman just had a lucky guess or if he was right he finally convinced him-self that John was just playing a joke on him. So when he asked John if it was a joke the next day and John denied it Kareem started to really worry. So Kareem decides to take a walk, then all of a sudden Kareem has a feeling someone or something is following him he slowly glances behind him he's sees something behind him. Then he takes off running for his life the thing is following him into the woods. Then it calls out his name in a long whisper kaaarreem he turns around momentarily stunned that the creature knew his name. Kareem ran some more until he tripped over a log while trying to get up the creature had enough time to find Kareem. It was too late Kareem couldn't protect himself fast enough.

The next day when John didn't find Kareem he went out to look for him. When John went out to search for Kareem immediately knew something was wrong. Then he saw it the caution don't cross yellow tape and police every where John knew but didn't want to know that his friend had died. He wished it was just a dream he walked up to the nearest police officer and asked what had happened there. 'There was a murder here son the victim was suffocated then hung by his feet on a tree.' said the officer
'What was the victim's name?' John asked
'Sorry son I can't release that type of information' said the officer

'Ex-CIA now you can.' said John

'The victim's name was Kareem Bates.' said the officer

'May I see him that man was me best friend sir'' asked John

'Yes you may'

'Let him pass' said the officer

John walks into the woods and finds his friend hung up side. down I'm sorry I knew I should've followed you into the woods but I went against it I wish I could have done something to help its all my fault I'm sorry.

Present time'

John is at his new job a communications manager searching the internet for information on his friend's death and trying to gather clues about his killer, there have been three more murders that the police think are related to Kareem's death

The author's comments:
i hit a wall in this story please help me

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