Monster in Disguise

February 7, 2017
By , Franklin Lakes, NJ

August 14, 2021
His men walk by my house each night. I stand in shock when I see them go by. I hope to be one of them one day. Carrying out his every word. Maybe one day I’ll get to see him in person like they do! He is everything to me and that would be my dream. I would be complete if I could see him in person. He is perfect, so I do not ever oppose like the people down the street used to. Five houses down they would protest for months and talk about an armed rebellion against him. How could they want that? I was relieved when I saw his men carry out his order and bring the people out of that house. They were transported to the capital to be dealt with by his judges. I’ve never seen someone come back from being judged in the capital. Probably because you have to say some pretty bad things about him to be sent there. I know I’ll always be safe from him. I’ll always be behind him, no matter what. He is my hero.

March 24, 2039
My dream has come true. I saw him today as he gave my classmates and me the oath of initiation. I finally work for him. I’ve talked to every official I can to try to become one of them. I want to be in his inner circle so I can help him even more. Training was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but it was worth it. I worked hard because I knew this day would come where I would get to serve him. The past few years have been hard on the nation. I know he’s been living well, but rations haven’t been as large as they used to be. I don’t know about other people, but I was willing to be a little hungry as long as he wasn’t going to bed hungry. I saw my hero in the flesh today. He is everything I wish to be. I have to go to sleep soon because tomorrow starts a busy career of carrying out his will.

May 6, 2040
I need to find a way to talk to him again. I can’t do it in front of everyone without risking my life and his. I’ve heard talks of a coup. The soldiers want to start it within the year. They are angry because some people aren’t happy. The only times we can go see outside of the capital are to go on missions, but those are quick. He doesn’t want us interacting with the protests that could be forming outside. I guess he wants to keep us safe. We do get to watch what is happening on the T.V. with his channel on it. I always like to turn it on at eight before I go to sleep. I get to watch the same documentary they show every night of how he came to power. It’s incredible. He saw the injustice that was happening here and decided to fix it himself. Once he started his rise, he was unstoppable. It took him one year from deciding he wanted to rule the nation to ruling it. I get to see what the country was like before him, and how much better it is now that he deals with everything. The past couple weeks I’ve seen him in action. I go from house to house at night taking care of those he wants gone. They don’t tell us why, but I know. Anyone who he knows won’t help the nation has to go. Anyways, I have to go find a way to tell him about the rebellion before it’s too late and he’s in serious trouble.

September 4, 2040
I can’t believe this is happening to me. It’s the nighttime and he’s a few feet away from me sleeping! It isn’t the circumstances I dreamed of, but it’s incredible anyway. The mutiny went through. I warned him and he took out the kingpin, but that made it worse. Now we’ve fled. He wants me as his chief advisor in a fight against the rebellion in his own country. How could they? After everything he’s done for this country. They don’t appreciate how great life is here with him. Compared to other countries he told me it is like living in heaven here. I’ll need to sleep if I want to be able to work with him. This needs to end soon or the whole country will be in danger. Maybe the whole world. With the threat of war from outside for his actions, the war on the inside needs to end. Other nations are jealous of the riches he’s brought here. Hopefully, we can end the whole affair and focus on the international threat to his glory. My hero needs my help, and I need to be there for him.

January 15, 2043
It was all a lie. How could I fall for it? He was killed under my watch. His reign was ended. The country rejoiced. I was blinded for so long by what I thought was his glory. The new military leaders told me everything he did that I was too brainwashed to realize. He killed innocent people. He killed anyone he deemed unfit. He starved his country to thrive alone. He took the country from success and destroyed it. Outside life was far better than anything he could offer us. The reason we could never go out of the capital was because it was a wasteland filled with protestors and starving people. I played along with his whole charade. He was my hero. They air a new documentary at eight now. On his war crimes. Before he got ousted the rest of the world was planning to come save the country and end him. His own military found him out first. I guess that he got too much power too fast and it destroyed him. They say he even killed his own family members to keep his legacy intact. I thought he was a hero, but I was looking at a monster.

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