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Lustful #7

January 3, 2017
By WarZone PLATINUM, Deltona, Florida
WarZone PLATINUM, Deltona, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
The purpose of literature is to turn blood into ink. - T.s Eliot

Sometime only paper will listen to you.-Unknown

The hall was a packed mess. Couples dance as live music blared throughout the hall. The lyrics they sing filled with not breaking the word of God. I nod to the steady beat.

“S!” I hear a loud woman's voice from the distance. I'm instantly annoyed.

I turn my head quickly to come inches away from my Mothers angry one. My timing is always perfect. 

“Well look what the cat brought in.”

I sigh. “I know it was getting tired of its old trash.” I look at her sharply.

“Play.” She demands.

“I just got here and you want me to play that silly thing you imbedded into me.”

“Play what?” John pipes in.

“Oh! My apologies I didn't notice you. You must be a friend of my daughters.” She says seductively making me shiver. Ill, I’ve seen her use that tone too many times.

“Back away old witch he's mine.”

“Shut up.” She hisses to me. She turns back to look at him. “I'm talking about playing the piano."

“You know how to play the piano?”

“Yeah. I was forced to learn how to do it. I'll play your game old witch.” I get up from my seat and go to the stage where a old, dusty piano is hidden in the corner.

“What do you want me to play witch?"


“Beethoven. Don’t screw it up.”

“Like I ever do.” I crack my fingers while I pick a song in my head.


I position my fingers over the keys. I hit the first note lightly and then in a second I'm playing loudly and quickly. Never missing a note no matter how quick or complicated the song gets. I finish the song and get up from the piano stepping on the edge of the stage.

“So my dear town. How did I do?” I ask the stunned crowd.
An applause rips through the crowd.

“That's what I thought. Now let's celebrate my return.” I say as the band starts to play once again and people start to dance.

I jump from the stage and walk over to John taking his hands in my mind. I pull him onto the crowd to dance.

An hour later of my piano performance I sit in the corner of the hall. I see Nancy walk over to me her boobs bounce as she skips over.

“It’s good to see you again S. That performance was amazing as always.”

“Yes it’s good to see your boobs again Nancy.”

She blushes red when I say this. “Shhh it that was a one time thing and you know it.”

“Though why come over here if it was a one time thing? Maybe you want to make it a two time thing or a three or four or how ever long I stay here? What do you say?”


She looks behind her. Her eyes scan the hall and falls on John. “Will you new toy be joining us?”

“Do you want him too?” 

“No.” She replies bluntly.

“Then he won’t.” I smile and take her hand, kissing her knuckles. She pulls me up from my chair and we go to her house.

I’m just as shameless as my Mother. Well I did learn from the best how to get who ever I want and whenever I want.  I’ve slept with most people in this town. If I didn’t it’s because they’re too young. I’ve slept with the married, the romantic, and the crazy.

It’s night by the time I leave Nancy’s house. The party has ended and everyone is back in their homes.

I arrive at my childhood home my Mother already there waiting for me in the dark.

“You need to stop messing around!” She yells as I walk through the door.

“At least I’m selling myself for nickels and dimes.” I yell back.

“And who do you think I did that for?”

“Me? Don’t blame your looseness on me. Why am I even here to begin with? All we do is argue.”

“Yes we do because you are disrespectful child.” She walks over to me.

“No we do because you like this cult life style. Look around you, you blind bat. Made to follow strict rules with harsh punishments. Why do you think I left?”

“Sinned why don’t you do something else but complain.”

“I hate that name! Just because I was born with a scar under my eye doesn’t mean I’ve sinned. I hate the Heart Kingdom. Why don’t you guys just disappear already?” I slam my hand on the wall behind me.

“If someone hears you say that your head will be on a platter by sunrise and I will not stop them.”

“I should’ve never came back.” I open the door and rush out the house.

All I ever wanted was to be accepted but of course not. Why can’t I be accepted. Since birth I was hated by most of the town. As I got older people wanted to sleep with me. Not because they liked me. No! It was only because it was bragging rights. Look I slept with the sinner. Damn them all to hell.

I walk outside in the cold. Having no location to head to. I look up to see a girl a few feet from me. She stands on the edge of the cliff. She wears black pants and a corset. It may be my imagination but the air around he looks to form wings.

I go up to her and she turns around when she senses me.

“Hello Sinned.”

“How do you know my name?” I say in shock.

“I know everyone’s names. Though you may not know my name. Call me Balance.” She turns around to look over the cliff again.

“Are you God?”

“Yes, I am but please don’t say God. As I said call me Balance. Here take my hand.”  She holds out her hand out behind her.

I grasp it and she holds my hand tightly. She turns to face me and then falls off the cliff taking me down with her.

“What is wrong with you?” I yell in between a scream as we fall.

“Don’t worry we won’t die.” She says calmly.

With a jerk we push against gravity and float in the air. The moonlight reflects off her colorful wings.

“I hate you.” I say gripping her corset.

“No you don’t, you hate my actions. Now where do you want to go?” She lays on her back as we go through the air.


“That’s not what you wanted a second ago.” She remarks with a frightening smile.

“I hate that smile of yours.”


“A lot do.” She smiles again at me this time very faint.

I don’t know why out of all places I could ask to go to I could only think of one.“Take me to my job.”

“Want me to show you how a God does it?”

I frown when she says this. “Please don’t.”

We arrive in minutes. Balance sets me down softly and then falls to her own feet. “It looks trashy, I like it."

“Balance you’re making me worried about the sanity of this world.” I say making her laugh.

“Don’t worry, I’m destroying this world tonight.”

“What do you mean destroying?” I say in a panic.

“Like I’m destroying this world. I didn’t make it and it’s very flawed. I came down here to see what I could leave and what I wanted to take out. Though I met an interesting soul that I would hate to not take with me. That soul is you. Party like it’s your last night because essentially it is.” She looks around us. “I might leave this place in.”

One last night to live. “Balance do you think you can keep up with me?”

“That shouldn’t even be a question.”

I take her hand and drag her into the club. Have you ever seen God on a pole because I have and she kills it. Her wings can reflect off of the lights in the club. Shining the club up and her.

It’s about to approach sunrise when I get her to myself. I stand in a corner with her in front of me.

“Do you accept me Balance.” I say in the moment of treading on the line of alcohol poisoning.

“ I’m sorry you couldn’t be your Mother's expectations but you are mine. Don’t worry I’ll accept you. Love you are not sinned, trust me.” 


Her body starts to float above me. She kisses the scar under my eye and then on my lips. Her body disintegrates in the air turning into colored powder. I close my eyes not wanting it to end. It was at that the moment the world ended. I didn’t notice the screaming around me or the crashing of buildings as they crumbled. All I could focus on was that kiss.

A hand shakes me violently. “Miss are you okay. You passed out here.”

I rub my eyes and look around at the club. “Yeah. I’m okay.” I get up from my seat and look at the middle pole. They really did leave it. I wish I could remember who said that to me.  Ironic that they called me love and that’s my name now. I look down at my hand and revert it back to its original. Not today. 


Well time to get back to the Upper World.

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