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November 22, 2016
By , Silver Spring, MD

Want to communicate with the dead? Well, it’s your lucky day. The Ouija Board has been approved since February 10, 1891. It is used to communicate with the dead. This essay will cover the Ouija Boards origins, Theory, and lastly Experiences with the Board being used. Let’s find out the mystery of the Ouija board.
What's behind the Ouija? How does it work? Is it, as the manufacturer suggests, a harmless game? Or is something more sinister involved? Well scientist have to theories about how the Ouija board moves. According to “Ouija: How Does It Work?” By Stephen Wagner a Paranormal Phenomenon Expert the first theory is The Spiritualism Theory, “Ouija messages obviously come from forces beyond our control. You contact or "channel" these entities through the board. They are discarnate spirits, ghosts, or other ethereal beings who have a purpose for contacting the living.” (Wagner, 1) This is the theory most people believe, because it some weird way it makes sense right? In my opinion this is the theory I would believe because spirits can and do move things so why wouldn’t it take the chance to communicate with us? The second theory is The Automatism Theory from “Ouija: How Does It Work?” By Stephen Wagner a Paranormal Phenomenon Expert, “The clinical term is "ideomotor response." You may not know that you are moving the message indicator, but you are… They claim that the Ouija board opens a kind of shortcut from the conscious to the subconscious mind. Collective automatism occurs when more than one person is operating the board.” (Wagner, 1) In my opinion this Theory makes zero since. What if a person is playing by their self and it moves? What’s the theory behind that? People just have to understand that there isn’t a Clinical Theory for everything there are just some things that we can’t explain.
Let’s get to the interesting things. The following experiences are from “Do Ouija boards really work?” By Nicola Oakley. Experience #1 is called “A warning from beyond the grave” By, Jackey "I hadn't spoken to my dad for three years, then one night in November 1996, my mum and I did the Ouija board and my dead Nan came through and told me to call my dad as he was sick.  I called him the next day and asked how he was, he said he'd been having some breathing problems, but he was only 53 so wasn't too worried. We stayed in contact until he passed away two months later from a massive heart attack. I feel if my Nan hadn't told me to call him, I wouldn't have got to spend my dad's last two months talking to him." (Oakley, 1) Experience #2 is called “Little did we know it was going to be so frightful” shared by Emma. “At first we all thought each other was pushing it until the board spelled out a name that wasn't familiar at all. After all looking puzzled we asked: ‘who are you?’ and it continued to move the glass across the board and spelled 'LRC', which was a block in the school. We went down and had a look to see what was meant by it and there was a plaque on the wall that said this man's name, which he spelled out. He had died and had a great deal to do with the school. The next day we decided to go back and do another round on the board. The glass started to move and we were all excited as to what lay ahead. Little did we know it was going to be so frightful. It spelled 'die' and then all of a sudden the glass went flying, the blinds were going crazy, things were going across the room. Everybody was so scared! We all ran out the classroom and decided we would never do another board again. Luckily nothing has happened to any of us and we are all six years older.” (Oakley, 1)  The last Experience is called “They’re safe if you know what you’re doing” by Deena Romahn. “I use them all the time, as I own my own ghost hunting group. They are perfectly safe to use, if you know what you're doing. I have been using them for four years now and nothing has happened to me or my guests. The woman in the story didn't do protection or closing down. This is what is wrong with the stigma surrounding these boards, it's the inexperience of people using them, not the board itself." (Oakley, 1) There are people that’s have had good experiences with the Ouija board and bad experiences in my opinion it all depends on what spirit you contact with.
Overall, The Ouija Board is still a mystery to me. No matter how many people try to discover its mystery and theory it will still remain a mystery. Its origins are unknown so it just came out form the blue. Maybe it was made by the undead. If so maybe it was made by an evil or good spirit. Who Knows? There are lots of maybes with the Ouija board but at the end it’s up to you what you believe.

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