One Body, One Mind

November 14, 2016

When I woke up I saw myself standing across the room. How could I see myself if I wasn’t looking in a mirror? There was something else wrong. I looked lost, dead inside. That might have been because I could see the knife clearly peeking out of my side. I had been stabbed, but how was I standing and walking? And how could I see myself like this, dead?

I walked, no glided, over to my body. My hazel eyes were glazed over as if I had been in a haze. My long brown hair was clearly knotted and matted down by blood. My clothes were dirty and soaked in blood. My body was walking aimlessly out the door that had been left open, maybe by my killer. I followed my body outside to an open field where I saw two men walking.

They were talking and didn’t notice my body walking unsteadily behind them. I tried to warn them, but they didn’t seem to hear me. I tried to shove them to get their attention before my body got to them, but my hand just went through them. I didn’t know what my body would do and I felt helpless.

When my body made it to the men, I turned around, afraid of what it might do. I heard a bloodcurdling scream then, I turned back around to see what had happened. One of the men were on the ground with what looked like bites. Did I do that? I walked over to him and saw blood dripping from it. The other man pulled out a knife and stabbed it in the left temple. My left temple began to pound as it hit the ground.

The man began to walk away with a sense of defeat. I felt sympathy for him as he turned back to look at his friend’s body. Maybe he was my killer, maybe he wasn’t. I would never know. I bent down to look at my body that was now lifeless. As I looked down my vision started to become blurry. I began to disappear from this world, and I was okay with it. Everything turned black abruptly and I was pulled into the warm embrace of death.

When I woke up I saw myself standing across the room. The troubling thing was that there was a knife buried into my side. I was dead. How could I have died? Who killed me? The only thing that worried me more than seeing myself like this was that I know I have seen this before. If I concentrate on my memories that are left, all I remember is waking up and seeing my reanimated dead body. I know exactly what is going to happen. I have lived this exact moment 87 times. Would it ever end? Will I ever be able to rest and end this terrible nightmare? What is going to happen to me? Would I ever become one body and one mind again?

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