the way the world became

November 18, 2016

In the great beginning, there was High Nymph and Mighty Centaur.
High Nymph and Mighty Centaur had always withheld a rocky friendship probably due to the fact the two were polar opposites. Fire was to High Centaur as water was to High Nymph. High Nymph loved the pure and living. Mighty Centaur reveled in anger and slightly less than living. On this day, High Nymph was walking amongst the roses and lillys with Mighty Centaur. She bent and placed herself onto the ground. She pushed her long flowing brown hair behind her elvish ears and caressed the white lilly. “ this lilly is so fair “ “ fairly borring “ Mighty Centaur said flatly and rolled his eyes. He fiddled with his quiver of arrows and waited impatiently while her fingers danced around several other flowers. Mighty Centaur grew agitated and deliberately pulled an arrow from his quiver and slashed several of the flowers savagely. High Nymphs eyes slowly turned from fair blue to devilish black. “ I am done with you, Centaur. You have stepped on me for the last time “ she stood with the grace of a swan and left him with the fury of a storm. Centaur too became overtaken with anger and he retreated to his home, a dreary and dark cave off the shore of the spirit sea. High Nymph sat in the field not far from the flowers. She floated there for a long time, deep In thought. She felt as if she was only existing in what she was thinking about. “I am going to create my own world of beauty so I do not have to live near that Centaur “ she grounded her hands into the dirt and began to envision a whole new world. “ it shall be round and filled with lakes and lush plant growth and the tree people shall take care of it for me “ she moved her hands in a circular direction and became lost in the power. Meanwhile Centaur had also been deep in thought. “ perhaps i should apologize. I might lose the only entertainment I have here “ he mused and played with the idea for a while before rising and slyly exiting his hole. He called for High Nymph in the fields and she did not answer however he did over hear her working with her magic. He crept up behind High Nymph and watched her for several more minutes. Soon he could not contain himself anymore as a ball of magic emerald energy  began spinning without her hands. He quievered with rage and towered over her. “ THIS IS THE THANKS I GET!? I WAS GOING TO APOLOGIZE BUT NOW……YOUR WORLD IS MINE”
High Nymph shook out of her deep magic and managed to roll out of the way before High Centaur could smash his hoofs into her head . She let the ball spin, rose and faced him. her nose was almost against his chest and she craned her neck to look up at him. Mighty Centaur almost danced backwards. He pulled a scarlet arrow from his quiver and focused every last bit of his ruby magic into the arrow. High Nymph followed suit and focused all of her magic into a ball. They aimed and in a single second showdown released everything. Only at the last minute did Nymph realize the world ball was still spinning right between them. Her blackened eyes widened as her emerald beauty and Mighty Centaurs ruby rage exploded into each other.  Several things happened in that moment. The first was much of Mighty Centaurs rage was absorbed into the world ball. The second was the collision of such powers caused a curious but deadly occurrence. In that moment Mighty Centaur and High Nymph had their power drained.  Mighty Centaurs drain was such that he was drained of his very life force. He lay on the ground before her, his body in shreds and pieces. Nymph herself was barely alive. she saw Mighty Centaur and wept for a moment and then just as her apologetic sobs were intensifying she saw the world ball which had stopped spinning. It was a small circular ball made mostly of water with rocky terrain here and there. It looked just as beautiful as High Nymph had intended it except for one thing. It had an ever so slight scarlet glow about it.  High Nymph picked up the world in her slender hands and drew a window into the world and looked inside of it.  her perfect world had been contaminated. Her tree people were slightly fleshy with long fingers and the roots had been uprooted and twisted into two knots which they were using to stand with. The animals were angry. The rivers ran red with blood and the skies were dead and the sun was fading. With the last bit of her power, High Nymph poured her beauty into the earth, hoping to give her angry world some light. As High Nymph also fell to the ground dead her world became a balanced world of dark and light.

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