Olga's Parents Kidnapping

October 25, 2016
By Anonymous

I was sleeping soundly, dreaming that I would be Queen. The coronation ceremony was beautiful, my dad was about to put the crown on my head when I heard a scream. I awoke and went down to see what happened. I saw one of the maids was on the floor crying.

“ What’s going on here?” I ask.

It was silence for awhile..No one was saying anything.

“ Will someone tell me what’s going on!?” I was getting worried.

My parents weren’t anywhere to be seen. That’s when everything made sense. My parents were gone. I pushed past the people near their room, I looked in their closet because when I was younger they would always hide their when we played hide - and - seek. They weren’t in the closet, I looked around the room until I spotted a note on my mom’s desk. 

The note said: Wondering why I took your parents? They have something that I don’t. Want to guess what that is? If you figured it out, it’s a crown and kingdom. You have exactly a week to give me $50,000 dollars or you won’t ever see your parents again. Time’s a ticking, better hurry or you’re going to miss mommy and daddy. 
I ran out of their room and into mine. I must’ve been in my room a while because the sun was setting.  I live in St. Petersburg, Russia. It’s always cold here, and it always snows here. My friend, Spencer always comes and visits me. Spencer and I are the same age, Spencer has blonde hair and blue eyes. He’s a little taller than me. I have two other siblings, Isaac and Mark. Isaac looks more like my dad and Mark looks like my mom. Everyone says that I look like my mom, which I do. So back to my problem.

Spencer knocks on the door later that day. I let him come even though I don’t want him to.

“ Do you know where my parents are?” I ask.

“ No, the last time I saw them they were talking to a man, I didn’t get  good glimpse of what he looked liked, when they were talking they sounded mad, I heard something about the kingdom, that’s all I heard while they were talking to the man,” Spencer said.

“ I want to find my parents, I don’t care what it takes. I want to find my parents.” Spencer looked shocked at what I said. He knows I don’t like to get dirty, but at this point I don’t care, I just want to find my parents.
“ Wait, what, you want to go out there, where it’s like -50 degrees out, if you’re going to go out there, you have to do it with me.”

“ So you’re going to go with me?” I asked.
“Yes, I want to help you find your parents too.”
“ Oh thank you Spencer!” I got up and hugged him.
“ Go get some rest, we’ll talk tomorrow about it.”
“ Okay, bye Spencer.”
“ Bye.”

I didn’t sleep that night. All I could think about were my parents. I had a nightmare that the man that Spencer was talking about was  kidnapping me and my parents were laughing at me.

I woke up and there was a note on my window. I always lock my window at night, but my window this time was unlocked. I pick up the note and under it is a map of our kingdom, but there was a line going beyond the kingdom and into a different kingdom I’ve never even heard of. I know Spencer probably isn’t up but I get dressed and go to his house.

I leave a note on my dresser saying that I’m going to see my grandparents. It’s still dark out, and it’s cold. There’s a guard sleeping on the job so I easily sneak past him and out through the gate that surrounds the castle.

I get to Spencer’s house and he’s already awake.
“ Ready to go get your parents,” Spencer said.
“ Yeah, hey I found this map outside my window, I don’t know what that other kingdom is.” I said showing him the map.

“ That’s Drusselstein, it’s just south of here, on the map it says to beware of magical creatures. There hasn’t been a sighting of any magical creatures in over a hundred years, maybe more than that.”

“ Well, we’ll just have to see if we come across any, let’s get going before anything bad happens to my parents.”
We set out to go get my parents back, everyone is still asleep. The town is so peaceful when it’s all quiet. We made it out of St. Petersburg safely. I was getting tired but Spencer insisted we keep moving. I kept seeing shadows out of the corner of my eye. I asked Spencer if he saw any shadows, he said no. My stomach started to hurt while we were walking. Spencer and I took a break until my stomach ache went away. I slept for a couple hours, when I woke up I felt sick to my stomach. I get up to go walk around, I stepped in this weird gooie stuff, it was all slimy and green.

“ Eww, what did I just step in. “ The green slime stuff made me want to throw up, it was so disgusting.

It was like once I stepped in that slime stuff, I felt better. I head back to Spencer. Spencer is still sleeping, I was looking around and spotted something shiny, it was a kingdom crest. Spencer wakes up finally.
“ How long have you been up?” he said groggily.

“ Couple hours I think.”
“ What’s that green stuff on your boot? “ Spencer asked.

“ I don’t know, I was feeling sick earlier and I stepped in it and I felt better soon after that,  I also found this.” Showing Spencer the kingdom crest I found earlier.

“ It’s definitely Drusselstein,we better get a move on. “

So we head out. We come across these animal tracks that Spencer and I have never seen before. They were like human like footprints, but they were smaller, like dwarf size footprints. Then we heard a branch snap. Then this dwarf popped out of nowhere.

“ What makes you think you can just come into Old Bubs place?”

Old Bub, had the highest pitched voice ever. He didn't look like he took a bath in a million years. He wore this really old coat and pants.

“ We were just on our way, we’ll be out of your way in no time, can you just let us past you.” Spencer said.
“Where are you guys going? Can I come? I'll be so much help?”

So Bub was asking so many questions that Spencer thumped him on his head and he was out cold.

“He was getting annoying and we had no other choice.” Spencer said looking down upon him. After that little delay we keep moving on. We were about to Drusselstein when another delay happened, but this delay gave us clues to where my parents were. We heard voices whispering, then we found a group of people, they were all wearing wizard like clothing.

“Mitch, where did you take them?”
“To the dungeon in the castle, sir.”
“Very good, now we just need to get the princess and we’l-”

“About that sir, she's trying to find her parents, and Bub said they were coming in this direction, Bub also said to watch out for the big one, he said he hit him on the head to shut him up.” Mitch said looking down at his feet knowing he's going to get a punishment.

“Spencer can we go.”

“Not yet, I want to know what else they're going to say.”

We stayed and listen for a couple more minutes. I wanted to get to the castle in Drusselstein and get my parents back, but Spencer insists we stay a couple more minutes. So I finally get up and go down to the wizard looking people.

“HEY, where did you lock up my parents!” I shouted looking at the leader.

“Nice to meet you too, I’m Tom, and yes I did lock up your paren-”

I didn’t give Tom a chance to finish what he was going to say be I lunged and tackled him to the ground. I punched him, the other people that were there were trying to pull me off but something happened, it was like all my anger just exploded all around me. I look around me, every single person around me was out. I poked Tom and he didn’t move, so I start to look through his pockets. I found a key and I ran, when I was running I ran into Spencer.

“Geez, slow down turbo.” Spencer said trying to catch his breath.

“Sorry, I found a key and I think it might lead us to my parents, so we need to hurry… COME ON!!!” I said helping Spencer up.

We ran forever. When we finally got to Drusselstein, the streets were packed with people. I started to think about my parents and Spencer and then POOF… We’re with my parents in the dungeon.

“Olga? Is that you?” It was my mom’s voice.

I ran and we hugged, my dad came in and hugged me too.

“How did you even get here?” My dad asked looking puzzled.

“I don't know, but let's get out of here and I'll explain later.”
“Do you even have a key.” My mom asked.

“We don't need a key, I can teleport us back, just hang onto me.”

I thought of home and we were back home. It felt good to be home. Everything went back to normal just like it was before.

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