Halloween Night

November 2, 2016
By , Louisville, KY
On Halloween Night a group of teens were wondering the streets looking for something to do. It was after 10 o’clock, and they were getting bored. Island, Zeke and the others decided to walk into a haunted house. Nobody was in line, so they all walked up to pay. Everyone had money except for Zeke. Island had enough money to pay for Zeke and herself. Once she payed for him, Zeke noticed how pretty she was. Then he said “thank you” with a calm soft voice. She said “no problem Lil Zeke”. Zeke started laughing.
As they were walking in, they were interacted to walk in at a time. Zeke was about to ask his friend Delquan, but he was going in with Nene. He then realized that Island was standing by herself, so he asked her to go with him. She said “yes”. Island and Zeke look like a couple as they held on to each other.
When it was over, they were making fun of each other on how scared they each were. As all the friends were walking the streets again, Island and Zeke stayed with each other the whole night. As they walk through an alley, they saw three dudes walking towards them. They were colorful with something in their hands. The girl’s thought the guys were trick-or-treaters. But as they got closer, they saw that each wore scary clown masks, and there were carrying bats. Zeke and Delquan said that seen these clowns like them on Instagram, they said that clowns like them kidnap people and take them to the woods.
Without saying a word, all the kids took off running, as the clowns started chasing them. The clowns were fast. One them caught Island. Zeke turned around too late, and realized she was gone. He decided to go back for her, Delquan and Nene followed him. As they were walking back through the alley, they saw the woods and they figured that the clowns would be in there. So they went looking for Island. All of the sudden, the group heard a scream. They could tell it was Island. Nene called the police saying “My friend got kidnap by three dudes wearing a scary clown mask”. The police said “We be there shortly ma’am”.
As they got closer to the screaming, they saw the clowns surrounding Island. Zeke yelled “GET AWAY FROM HER!” as he came from behind a tree with a stick. The clowns attacked Zeke, but Zeke wasn’t afraid. He started fighting back against with the stick he had found. Delquan and Nene coming from behind a tree and help Zeke fight. They were no match for the big and scary clowns. The clowns dragged the beat up kids to an abandoned house, and laid them down next to each other.
What the clowns didn’t know was that Island had run off looking for help. Island found the police, and she told them that three clowns got my three friends in an abandoned house in the woods. So she took the police officers there. The police seen the clowns and told them “FREEZE!” but the clowns turned around and tried to attack the police with knives, and bats.
The police shot the clowns dead. As the police officers help the sore and beaten up kids. Island ran up and gave Zeke a tight, and long hug. All of the kids went to the police station and called their parents. The friends said bye and went home with their parents. A week later, the kids met up again to talk about what happened that night. They all agreed to never stay out late on Halloween Night again.

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