The Vision Pill

November 2, 2016
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The year was 2085 and science and medicine were progressing at an unthinkably rapid rate. Besides the technological advancements, not much was different about the way people lived their lives. There was still greed and lust and jealousy; however, all of which now readily curable with the new array of over the counter supplements. Nonetheless, 2085 was a pretty typical year in regards to the course of the 80’s, that is until about mid November rolled around. Award winning scientist and renowned medical mastermind, Damian Sharp, had just publicly announced his brand new experimental drug that supposedly allowed users to get a momentary glimpse into their future. Since the pill was still in its early stages, pharmacies were selling it for surprisingly low amounts. For as little as $9.99, you could find out if you were going to end up successful, if you would get married, if you were going to die in a horrible tragic accident; the possibilities were endless. The pill was flying off the shelves; millions of Americans were desperate to know the secrets of their future. Every news station was covering the stories of those who reported what their visions entailed. The visions apparently lasted just a few minutes, but in that short amount of time people were able to see years worth of their future. What was intended to help citizens plan for the future, began to spiral out of control. Many people became addicted to the drug, taking it day after day hoping to see something new, but the story of their life never changed. Thousands of college students who had visions of future unemployment began to drop out of school in fear of never reaching success. There were multiple reports of people who saw themselves dying in horrible accidents, committing suicide to avoid the future tragedy. Families were torn apart because of arguments that hadn’t even happened yet and life became too predictable to be enjoyed. The nation was in chaos and no one knew how to stop it. Crime rates skyrocketed and happiness dwindled. Many people began to think that the life they saw in their visions just wasn’t worth living. Damian Sharp went into hiding after receiving multiple threats from people claiming he ruined their life. One night, as the evening sun began to set over the nation, Damian released a cryptic video that was broadcasted onto every television channel and radio station in the country. “My name is Damian Sharp,” he began, “creator of the vision drug. I know I have a made a lot of people very upset and have created many problems that I am unable to undo, but please listen to what I have to say. Americans are unhealthily obsessed with the future, always have been and always will be. You are all so discontent with the present that you have forgotten how to just live. Life is not about what is going to happen, it is about what is happening. Without the present, the future ceases to exist so you all must stop wasting todays worrying about tomorrows.” 

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