The Truth About Me

November 15, 2016

The Truth About Me
“How about this one, mom?” I asked impatiently-we had been looking for flowers for what had seemed like an eternity. All we had been fishing around for was a simple, inviting plant to place in our bland, pristinely new home.
    “No,” she pronounced wearily, along with a heavy sigh, “Wait…” her voice trailed away, along with her legs.
   “What are y-” I stuttered as mom slowly trotted up to a peculiarly beautiful plant, one with a small stem, but it’s leaves were lush, and flooded with exotic colors and striking marks.
  “This one!” she triumphed without hesitation. As she promenaded happily to the checkout counter, I began to conjecture about the spitefully odd vegetation.
  I’ve never seen this type of plant before, and we’ve been to The Greenery countless times! I contemplated hard, and long. I combed all of my thoughts and memories from any class I’ve had in the science field until my mother yanked me from my muse;
“Come on Zoe, let’s skedaddle!”
I followed obediently, embarrassingly guffawing at the word ‘skedaddle’.
  “Mom,” I started, then relented, “Isn’t that plant a little, um-” my query was brought to a subtle end with a wave of my mom’s small hand, “Different? Why yes, quite. But that doesn’t mean we can’t take it and make it our own, honey!” she finished abruptly and resumed her focus on the smoothly paved road ahead.
   I was called out of my room around 7 o’clock for the dinner I had been longing for.
“Pizza!” I exclaimed happily and pranced to the dinner table for the scrumptious Italian dish. I sat down, eager to devour the pepperoni and cheese goodness. As I took the first heavenly bite, an odd sound filled the hollow room; ksh...kshh...ksh.
Both Mom and I paused and glanced at the window sill as the new plant stirred and shuffled  across the ledge and about toppled over into the sink. I immediately dashed into the kitchen, and the sight in front of me was horrifying. 
   It was a child. A baby. An emerald vine of girth protruded from its petite body where the umbilical cord should have been. It’s skin had a sickly green jade tint, and small twigs penetrated through it’s small arms. 
“Mom!” I squealed like the small child before me.
“What is-,” she was cut-off by a piercing wail and just the pure shock of a live baby.
“You mean to tell me,” she began, “that I-bought anoth-? I...I why? I am so calling The Greenery…” her voice trailed off more and more as she got closer to the phone.
I turned to face the baby and it’s cries gradually came to a halt. I outstretched my seemingly large hands, somehow yearning to pick up the odd occurrence. As my long, spindly fingers were about to contact the baby’s soft, squishy skin, mom pulled the home phone to her shoulder and glared at me, but then relaxed her face.
“, go clean your room. Go, hurry!” She instructed. I obeyed and lunged into my bedroom, and abandoned the baby in the kitchen.
  As I closed the door, I heard the muffled grumbling of mom on the phone with The Greenery.
“Look,” she growled menacingly, “this has happened before, and it was completely rare. How has it happened once more?!” she exclaimed.
   I turned to face the far wall. It’s happened before?, I pondered fiercely about the strange subject.
The muted speech started once more and I pressed my ear rigidly upon the top door panel. “What do you mean it’s never happened before?” Mom started, the continued in a barely audible voice: “My daughter, she was one...”

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