Escape From the Belly of the Beast

November 15, 2016

Escape From the Belly of the Beast


Little Red Riding Hood was walking to her grandmother’s house for cookies and milk like they do every weekend.  When she knocked on the door, she was expecting Grandma to answer, but when the door opened, it was not Grandma at all.

It was a wolf, and it didn’t look like sweet Grandma.  Riding Hood was stunned with fear. 

Her Grandmother yelled, “watch out!” from where she was sitting on the floor.

Then, Snap!  The wolf ate Riding Hood in one swoop. Grandma fainted from shock and horror.  When she passed out, the wolf ran off into the woods.  A huntsman that was walking by her house saw her house, and saw that the door was wide open.  He went over to see if everything was alright.

He found Grandma on the floor and tried to revive her.  She told him everything that had happened and that her granddaughter had been eaten by a wolf.  He helped her up and placed her in a chair and said, “I’ll get your granddaughter back.”

So the huntsman started to track the wolf.  He found the tracks to the wolf and went a pretty long ways.  After an hour or two of following the tracks, he came to a clearing where the tracks suddenly stopped. He stood there, wondering where the wolf had gone.

“Where are you?” the huntsman whispered.

Then all of a sudden, Pow!

The wolf pounced from behind and almost got the huntsman.  It was a frightening standoff between the wolf and the huntsman.  The two looked at each other for three minutes, not moving an inch. 


The huntsman knew that he had one shot to kill the wolf.  As he was going for the kill, the wolf pounced into the air.  The wolf looked like it was going to kill him and then, Slice!

The huntsman slit the wolf’s throat in midair. He checked to see if the wolf was dead, and it was.  The huntsman then cut open the wolf’s stomach to see if Riding Hood was still intact. 

After cutting the wolf’s stomach, the most strange thing happened.  Riding Hood walked out and thanked the huntsman.
“Thanks, it was starting to get tight in there,” Riding Hood said with a smile on her face.

The huntsman stood there in shock as Riding Hood walked away towards her grandmother’s house.

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