Kitsune's Impossible Mission (Prolouge)

March 6, 2009
My name is Kit. It is short for Kitsune. I am one of the few remaining mythical creatures left on this Earth with humans. I am a Fox Demon. I live in a wooded realm behind my old house. I can hardly remember anything before I was turned intoa Fox Demon, but I do remeber how and when I became one. So that you may better understamd my life and my mission that is soon to come, I will begin the tale of my life at the begining time at which I was turned.

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innergenious745 said...
Mar. 24, 2009 at 12:46 am
i think you should definitely finish it, it's a great start. i LOVE your title choice, it's so memorable it really caught my attention. the mythical theme also stands out, definitely keep writing, i'd love to hear how the story ends up, please check out mine too at
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