Nightmare for a Zombie

October 31, 2016
By Anonymous

Eyes. Blood shot eyes. Feels like I haven’t slept in days. My skin looks rough and wan, I seen my self through a cracked mirror that was laying next a broken chair near me. Everything in this room looks damaged as if a massive tornado came through and swept everything away. Nobody was around seemed like I was the only one alive. I try getting up but I cant, from my waist down it was gone; smells like a putrescent odor. Dragging my self seemed like my only way out from this disturbing house. I reach for the door handle but it’s too high up. I claw the door to reach it, mean while my nails rush down with reddish gore , I didn’t mind it, it didn’t bother me I just kept going. I reached it and I smiled widely. My rotten teeth and makeup scattered through my face made it seem like I’m a lunatic but I thought I looked radiant even though I haven’t fully seen my self. I open the tall brown door, outside there were bodies laying down some dead some alive some dragging them selves like me.
I didn’t recognize this place, it seemed like my old town I grew up in but then again it’s not. The donut place across the street is where me and my uncle would go to get fresh made dough to make them at home before mom and dad woke up. We would wake up around 7 to be back at 7:30. My uncle, mom, and dad all would laugh and tell jokes from when they were little and how they all three grew up together. Telling me how one day I’ll be just as happy as they are. I took that kind of harsh only because I thought that they would actually think I’m not happy because I don’t ever talk. But I was always happy with my uncle he made me do things my parents wouldn’t even begin to accept. It’s all okay now though, I thought.
  The sky looks like a orange with cotton candy swirls. I’m getting hungry I hear my stomach growling like a lion. Dragging my pasty body across the hard black pavement seemed very odd. I see a middle aged woman laying under a car that seemed like she was driving. “ Ah, get away get away now. Let me live.” Pulling my self closer to her to look closer. Her yelling and screeching voice stopped. Her delicious, warm blood dripped down my jaw. I took a large bite off her neck. Leaving her lifeless. Her neck looked gross, I cant believe I actually did that. All I was hungry and thirsty for was for- for blood.
What happened to me ? What happened to everyone? Remembering was a huge struggle. My head pounding, I had to hold it in place. I couldn’t focus on any event going through my head. Feels like I got hit with a brick. Others dragged like me looking for what seemed like fresh blood were dragging them self’s close to me. I asked “ Hey, what happened recently do you know ?” They all mumbled their words as like a baby learning how to talk.
I needed to talk to someone who can talk English too. Dragging my half dead body around town wasn’t easy, I was very physically built so it took me a while. A man who stayed in his locked car, looked very frightened. I knocked on the door, he shouts and yells like the other lady I was with. I use sign language to roll down his window and he didn’t. I shout “ Can you help me?” and he yelled and screamed to leave him alone. I guess I wasn’t speaking English ? Maybe I thought I was because talking in my head sounded like it but to them it was also mumbling.


Reaching over to his car mirror I felt my self stretching and leaking. I look at my self. I don’t look like I used to at all, my face is literally the most horrendous thing I’ve ever seen. I’m a zombie ! All this disaster was caused by a zombie apocalypse, now I know what happened and who I am.. But this can’t be I still remember being in the kitchen with my family when- when a shiny bright light went in our window. Oh god what have I done, what did we do to cause this ?
Upset and out of breath I dragged my self to a safe corner. Over and over again thinking where can my family be. I must look and help them if they’re injured. I’m a zombie and I can’t believe that this is how I’ll stay forever now. 

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