The Rigged Mansion

November 3, 2016
By , louisville, KY

Once there was a person who lived in a house who people were murdered. The person’s name is Christian Cox. He didn’t know that the house was haunted.
Before he just got this big check from the NBA, Christian lived in a poor neighborhood and was struggling with life. So now, he’s buying accessories for his house and him. The house seemed like a paradise. It had much more than what most mansions had. He bought everything, from Maserati’s to watches and gold chains. Every day was a happy day. Today was different. Today, something started to go wrong.
When Christian went back home, his dog, Diesel, was acting a little weird. Usually, when Christian would come through the door, Diesel would jump on him, licking him, welcoming him back home. But today, Diesel wanted nothing to do with him. When Christian went near him, Diesel either ran from him or tried to act aggressively, so Christian called the vet and asked him to check the dog at his house. The vet checked the dog and he had nothing wrong with him. Christian was surprised, but he didn’t give up. So he went to pet Diesel because he was whining, and asked, “What’s wrong?” Then, all of the sudden the lights flickered and the house shook violently, things started floating and dropping. Then after about 15 seconds, everything just stopped. It was quiet. Then Christian turned around to see if everyone was ok. But then he seen the vet just dropped on the ground. Then all of the sudden Christian felt a cold chill shoot up his spine, he felt like he couldn’t move. Then all of the sudden, a really deep voice said, “DO NOT TOUCH MY DOG!”
When Christian could move again, the dog disappeared and the vet was still on the ground. He went to see if he was ok, it seems as if he was just knocked unconscious. As soon as Christian touched him, the vet looked like he had a seizure. Then he stood up just a little of balanced. He looked normal to Christian, but then the vet had this evil smile. Christian said, “Did you see and hear that! What could that have been? Um, are you ok?” Then the vets’ eyes and mouth glowed to a whitish yellow, then the vet said,” Get out before bad things happen! You have been warned.” Then out of nowhere the vet fell on the ground and just disintegrated into an ash pile of where he was standing.
So Christian needed to act fast, so he called a paranormal team to check the house for any spiritual or demonic activity. When Christian told the group of three of the news and told them all of what was happening, they came as quickly to his house as they could. As soon as it was night, they all went into the basement and they had a machine with them that helps the team communicate with the ghost. As soon as they opened the door into the basement, they seen the dog just run in circles and just disappeared. Now they all know what is going on. But that didn’t stop the group and Christians’ courage to figure out what’s going on. So they stood in the basement listening for the ghost to talk. For countless hours they waited and waited to hear his ghost, but as soon as they were beginning to become inpatient, they heard breathing. They were relieved and really anxious to hear what the ghost had to say. They all huddled around the machine and to see what the ghost had to say. The ghost said,” If you do not get out my house in five days, you will feel my wrath, if you just don’t believe me take a look outside.” Two of the paranormal team members ran out the house for their lives, but one of them stayed with Christian and was still curious. He asked the ghost,” What is your name? Can you tell me your name?” The ghost said,” That is none of your concern, all I told you to do is to get out my house and to never come back.” So they went to take a look outside to see what the ghost was talking about. One of his Maserati’s were on fire! Christian was livid. But he knew the ghost could do more damage than that, so he started packing and trying to move everything out. He found another house for sale in the same neighborhood but far from that house and decided he’s going to move to there. So in just three days he got his things from the house and moved out with the help of a few of his friends. So he lived a better life in that house and even his dog came back! No one knows were the vet went. People even today are trying to figure that out. But the mansion is now a place where people all over the world can go to and is now called, The Rigged Mansion.

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