The Night

November 3, 2016
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It was a slightly cold fall day and Halloween was a couple weeks away.

There were haunted houses around in their town, there were decorations and candy, and many
scary things around. Their town was the kind where anyone could be themselves and they were
very creative. People loved holidays around there and loved to decorate. There is a girl who is
artistic and loved to explore. Her name was Amber and she was 15 and she loved everything
about her and everything around. Today was Saturday and she was laying on her bed being bored
and she was playing on her phone. Something caught her eye and it was an advertisement for a
haunted corn maze called “Grim Trails”. Amber was thinking about it and decided she would ask
her mom to see if she could go. She went downstairs to look for her mom and she found her in
the kitchen making tea.
Amber went up to her mom and asked her, “Hey mom, can I go to a haunted corn maze
with some friends?”
Her mom replied back to her, “I don’t know, where is this place at, who’s all going, how
much is it, and how are you going to get there; I need all of that information”.
Amber sighed to her mom and said,” This place is called Grim Trials and it’s 20 minutes
away from here, I need a ride there and back, it’s $20.00 to get in, and I don’t know who is all
going. I think I should invite Loren, Zach, Kylee, and Edwin”. Her mom stood there and Amber
was waiting for an answer from her mom.
Her mom finally answered and said,” Okay, it’s fine with me, I’ll take you but I want to
know who all is going”.  Amber got excited and jumped around and hugged her mom.
She finally said,” Okay, I will let you know as soon as possible”.
Amber went up to her room and texted her best-friends Loren, Zach, Kylee, and Edwin.
They had all been best of friends for a few years now. They lived in the same town, all went to
high school with each other, and would hang out all the time. They all responded back to her text
and all agreed to go. Amber went back downstairs to find her mom and tell her who was going.
Amber then told her mom,” Hey mom, Loren, Zach, Kylee, and Edwin are going.”
Her mom then responded to her saying,” Okay, that’s fine with me”.
Amber went upstairs to get ready to go. She had to be there at 8:30 p.m. and had to leave
around 8:00 p.m. She got dressed, did her makeup, and fixed her hair. After she got ready, she
waited until it was time to leave. It was 8:04 p.m. and she was finally on her way to Grim Trails.
On her way there, she decided to watch the preview for Grim Trails to see what she would
expect. She watched it and seen that there were clowns, vampires, devils, witches, and
zombies. People went through the maze in the woods and the actors had their own place where
they would scare people when they passed through it.
They had finally arrived at Grim Trails and she seen her friends and she went up to them
and scared them.
She said loudly, “Hey guys!”
            They all had jumped and turned around.
“Hey Amber,” Loren said
“Hey!” Kylee and Edwin said. Zach stood there and was whined like a baby.
“Don’t do that to me anymore!” I laughed and Zach got mad at me but he was acting like
a baby. He had his arms crossed and pouted like a kid who just got in trouble. Zach eventually
stopped when we were waiting in line. They eventually purchased their tickets and were
waiting until they got to go through the maze.
Kylee then said,” Guys, I’m not going to lie, I’m kind of scared.”
Edwin hugged her and said,” Don’t worry, I’ll protect you, that’s what boyfriends are for
Kylee responded saying, “Yes it is” and they were hugging each other. They have been
dating for over a year now and everyone adored them.
Amber and Loren said at the same time, “Aww you guys are so cute!”
Zach stood there and said, “Gross.”
Loren responded saying, “Shut up Zach you’re just mad because you can’t get a girl.
Zach got mad and gave Loren a dirty look and they continued to wait in line. After waiting for 10
minutes, they finally got to go in and let’s just say, they weren’t prepared as they thought. Zach
and Loren cuddled up to each other and so did Kylee and Edwin while walking through. Amber
got annoyed by the fact everyone left her alone.
Amber then said to them, “Hey guys, thanks for leaving me alone!” No one answered her
and they still continued to walk through the maze. They all walked ahead of Amber and she got
left behind. She was scared because she was alone and she didn’t know what could jump up and
scare her. She had a feeling, but it wasn’t fear, it was a feeling that was weird and she was
uncomfortable. She felt like something was watching her from behind. She turned around and
nothing was there. She continued walking and then turned around again and nothing was there.
She continued to walk again and by this time, she couldn’t find Edwin, Kylee, Loren, or Zach.
She heard rustling behind her and she turned around again one last time and finally froze and
she was scared. She had seen a clown. He was tall and he was looking down at her. She thought
he was going to scare her but he stood there looking at her.
Amber finally said to him,” Uh, hello sir.” He stood there doing nothing and he finally
finally walked up slowly to her and he put his hand over her hand and he dragged her deep
into the woods. She tried to scream for help and get her way out but he was too strong for her.
She started to get anxious and she then had a panic attack. Before she knew it, everything went
black for her, she had passed out.
Meanwhile, back at the maze, everyone had made it through the maze and went back to
the entrance of Grim Trails. Everyone was telling each other about what had scared them. Zach
turned around to talk to Amber but she wasn’t there. He looked around and couldn’t see her
Zach then told everyone,” Guys, do you know where Amber went?”
Kylee responded to him saying, “She may have gone to the bathroom, give her time,
she’s a girl,”
They had waited for 20 minutes for Amber and she still wasn’t there. Everyone started to
worry why she hasn’t come back yet.
Kylee then told everyone, “Okay, I’m going to go look for her. Loren come with me to
help look for her.” Kylee and Loren went to the bathroom and no one was in there. They went
outside and looked for her everywhere calling her name. They came back to the group and
wondered if she went back to them but she wasn’t there.
Kylee then said, “Guys she’s not in there and we already looked around for her. I don’t
know where she is.”  They eventually looked around again and called her name but she still
wasn’t there. All of a sudden a group of girls were crying to a cop saying their friend was
missing. “Please do something, my friend went through the maze with us and she didn’t come
out with us,” one of the girls crying said.
Loren then said, “Hey guys, our friend went missing too, we tried to find her and she’s no
where to be found.” All of the girls froze to Loren’s response.
The police officer then told everyone, “I’ll find them as soon as I can, I need to see what
they look like and what their names are first and I’ll look for them.” One of the girls showed the
officer a picture of the missing girl.
“Her name is Emily,” the girl said to the officer. Loren showed the officer a picture of
“Her name is Amber,” Loren told the officer.
The officer then told everyone, “Okay, I’ll go look for them, stay up here while I find
something.” They all nod and waited and the officer went to go look for them.
  Meanwhile, back to the woods, Amber had finally woken up from her being passed out.
She looked around and remembered she had been kidnapped. She looked to her right and seen a
girl who looked around her age. They were both tied up and had cuts and bruises all over them.
The clown was over in the corner scaring kids who had walked through the maze and he
wasn’t paying attention to them. The girl had woken up eventually and freaked out and
Amber looked at her and shushed her and whispered, “Be quiet, I can try to get us out.”
The girl calmed down and Amber tried to untie the rope but she couldn’t. All of a sudden she
Sees a man walking around with a flashlight and she had seen who it was, it was a police officer.
Amber looked over to the girl and whispered to her, “There’s a police officer over there,
count of 3, scream as loud as you can. She nodded and Amber then counted down.
“One, Two, Three,” and they both screamed really loud. The police had run over there
and untied them.
The police had asked them, “Who did this to you?”
They both had pointed and Amber had told him, “A clown, he’s tall and has a killer
Clown mask on.” The police looked for him and seen him running. The cop caught up to him and
caused him to fall and then he arrested him. All of a sudden, everyone started running over to
them and untied them from the rope. Loren called her mom and told her what had happened.
They both had to go to the hospital for the cuts they had and had to get some stitches. After
what had happened that night, nobody had returned back to Grim Trails.

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