Death Forset

November 3, 2016
By , scarbourogh, KY

Hey dad its jt, what can we do today, we can go to death forest, ok dad said. When they arrived at the forest they went through the woods and then they found the path and then they followed it through the woods. Then they arrived at abandoned building with an abandoned road going into the fog. “What’s that running? Jt Replied”, look dad it’s a monster! They ran away from it then the monster looked at them and followed them into the woods to eat them alive! Where do we go?” I don’t know jt lets go to the car NOW!!! Dad shouted”, then the monster ran after them… there happened to be a cop sitting by our car passenger door, he said look you need to run from that thing before it gets you now go! So they just kept running. After a while they came up on an old liquor store open but there was blood all over the windows of it. We’re not going over there no way!!! Then the big monster came out and ate them up for dinner and they died. There was a person that saw it happen and they went to the cop and told him what ha d happened tom them the cop got very spooked and told the old lady to get away from the area so she would not get hurt but then the monster swooped down at her and at her all up. Then the monster worked its way up to the town and then the city but it would need babies to help it. Then it found an old man’s farmhouse to look around for food at. It found itself a nice tasty and juicy cow and two calves’. then the old man happened to see this event then he hit the monster in the back and injured it but didn’t do much damage to it though. He went to check on the cows and they were all dead and he was madder than ever. So he decided to leave and go to the city to spread the secret of the monster of all this killing. When he arrived at the city he was scared that the monster had followed him to the city because then he would pretty much be giving the peoples positions away for them to get eaten ALIVE.    

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