The Other World

October 25, 2016

    Billy was in a cold, icy castle.  He looked through metal bars; he was in the dungeon.  He looked behind him and saw his mother, huddled in a corner with her fluffy gold hair in a mess and her pale skin covered with goose bumps.  Her face was frightened.  Then he heard a loud bang, bang, bang.  It was his alarm clock.
Billy heard his alarm booming in his ear. He turned it off and lingered in his bed for a minute, remembering his dream, then slowly went down the stairs and munched on breakfast.  He hadn’t dreamed about his mom in a long time.
Billy had blue eyes, blond hair, and pale skin. Some said he was exactly like his mother, until they got to know him.
     Billy heard his dad making a ruckus. He went in the barn to find his dad yelling at the tractor. His dad’s tan skin was slick with grease from the tractor.  His black hair was ruffled and his blue eyes were staring straight at Billy.
    “Why don’t you come help me out son?” his father asked.
    “I’ll be there in a sec”, Billy replied. He scarfed down his food and went out to the barn. “What’s wrong with it?” Billy asked.
    “Why don’t find out for yourself,” his dad replied.
    “What, why can’t you tell me?”
    “Well, someday you’ll be running the farm, an- “
    “Why do you think I’ll be running this stupid farm?”
    “Don’t call this farm stupid, mister!”
    “Well, it is!”
    “That’s it!” Billy’s dad yelled. “Go to your room!” Billy stomped up the stairs to his room.
              For some reason Billy got a little too angry from that, so he slowly opened the window and climbed down the rough wooden wall.
              Without knowing what to do or where to go he scrambled into the woods. It started to rain so he found a cave to take shelter.  He spent a few hours thinking about the argument, and decided he had overreacted.    He walked out of the cave and found that instead of a forest, he was in a swamp.
    In confusion, he thought that maybe there were two exits from the cave and he had gotten turned around and left through a different exit than the one he had entered.  He turned around to go back in and found a stone wall. 
    Now he began to panic, wondering what was going on and what he should do.  Suddenly, he heard a croak.  He thought it was a frog, but then it croaked again.  He wished the frog would shut up.  With another croak, a giant four legged alligator frog leaped from the bushes.  Billy began to think he was dreaming.  He closed his eyes and opened them several times, trying to wake himself.  He decided to explore the dream.
    He asked the frog, “What is your name?” 
            The frog answered, “Gort.  Gort is my name, and I would like to say how did you get here?” 
    “From a cave,” answered Billy.
            He was thinking that his dad was probably noticing his absence.
            The frog asked, “What are you and what is your name?”
            Billy answered, “I’m Billy the human.”
    Gort raised his hand to shake Billy’s.
            Billy asked Gort, “Do you know how I can get back where I came from?”  Gort     answered, “Yes.  In Ray’s and Roy’s castle.” 
            Billy was starting to think that this would be a fun dream quest.
    He followed the frog to the mysterious castle.  Along the way, they found a dark pine forest and decided to cut through it.  They began to hear a humming sound.  All of a sudden, a floating scarecrow came towards them.  Instead of being filled with hay, it was just a skeleton levetating in the air.  Billy saw that Gort was frightened, which made him nervous as well. 
The legless floating skeleton said, “Please don’t run!  I just want to find my way out of this terrible forest!” 
Gort answered, “As long as you don’t hurt us, you can follow us.  We are going to get out of here soon.”
The three moved on through the forest. 
Once they exited the forest, the skeleton said, “My name is Carl, by the way.” 
Billy sort of liked that name. 
They finally reached the castle that Gort was talking about. 
Gort said, “This is as far as I’m going to go.” 
Billy asked, “Why?”  
    “Because Ray and Roy hate me and their pet could tear me to shreds!”  Billy was beginning to realize that this was no dream. 
            It made him very nervous, but he was determined to get back home.
    So Billy and Carl entered the castle alone.  It was very cold and frigid.  They found an unusual portal, and Billy felt strongly that it was the way back home.  They heard a loud hiss,
          “What are you doing near the portal?  No mortal soul can leave this land!”
    Billy thought it was either Ray or Roy, but he was wrong.  It was Ray AND Roy.  It was a two-headed snake monster.  Billy began trying to convince them that he came from somewhere else and that this was his only way home.  But the snakes did not believe him, and they threw him in the dungeon to make sure he never tried leave again.
    In the dungeon, Billy found someone was already there, an old wrinkly woman.  Billy wondered how long she had been there, so he asked her.  When he asked, the woman became very excited and happy. 
           She asked, “Billy, is that really you?”  Billy realized that he had found his mom, and was certain that this was no dream. 
    He was even more determined than ever to get back home.  He was blocked by metal bars and a giant six legged crazy dog on guard.  Billy thought to himself, This must be the pet Gort was talking about.  Billy had an idea to get Carl out of the dungeon by taking him apart, and piece by piece, slipping him between the bars.  Then Carl could rebuild himself, get the keys from the dog, and let them out.  Carl decided to sacrifice himself for Billy and his mom by distracting the dog with a game of “fetch the bone”, the dog ran straight for him and jumped.  Right before it hit Carl, he slid to the side and snatched the keys off the dog’s collar.  The dog slid into one of the cells, where Carl locked him up.
    Carl let them out and they all ran back to the portal, and saw Ray and Roy. Billy thought there would be a fight, but Carl once again sacrificed himself to stay and fight off Ray and Roy, as Billy’s mom  grabbed him and entered the portal that left that world.
    He didn't even get to say good bye. He didn't even know if Carl was alright.
            They found themselves inside the cave, and walked back home to the farm.  They found Billy’s dad worried sick.  When he saw Billy and his mom, he was happier than the happiest dad in the world. 
    Later in his life, Billy made a movie about his adventure, made millions of dollars, and never had to run the family farm.

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