The Family

October 25, 2016
By CalleenEberly BRONZE, Warsaw, Indiana
CalleenEberly BRONZE, Warsaw, Indiana
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“Whoa, that’s amazing!” my little brother screeched as we walked into the newest world update. My brother was six years old, he had short hair that was a very light brown or maybe like a really dark blonde, he was talkative ,and loved to argue. Especially with me.
It was the first time he saw the world change right before his eyes.Our backyard had suddenly just switched between landscapes. One second it was a grassy green meadow with families of rabbits and squirrels eating gigantic acorns and fresh brightly colored carrots that came from our old garden, and the next it was a forest with deadly flowers everywhere I looked, and not only were they everywhere I looked but they were beautiful too and there was a clearing that had amazing dandelions.
“Will you take me exploring?” my brother asked with his big-I want something-eyes.
“No, absolutely not, you never know what’s out there. They haven’t worked out the kinks yet!” My grandma said flipping faded brown hair. She was always very bossy, and she loved to be respected. Disrespect her and you’ll be sorry.
“Yeah, she’s right Jayson, you could get eaten! The next headline could be six-year-old boy eaten by unknown exotic animal,” I said freakishly.
“Whatever Kacey, you’re just trying to scare me,” Jayson said angrily.
I was always trying to scare him; that's what I really enjoy doing the most . It was kinda like my hobby. Other than tennis that was my favorite.
“What are we having to eat tonight Grandma?” I asked as politely as I could.
She didn’t like it when we complained, especially about her cooking.
“Pasta,” she exaggerated as she rolled her eyes.
She always assumed that we were comparing her to my mom, the chef.
I haven’t seen my mom since the morning she died. It was a hard week for us; we lost two parents in a three days. The leaders came to take my dad to the home after seventy-two hours of the accident; no one in the district was allowed to be a widow.
As I lay half asleep in my warm comfortable bed that night; all I could think about was my parents.
The next morning, we got a voice message in our voice box that said, “The new update came with a ruler, but we don’t know if they are sincere about helping us. We please ask that you do not go outside of your homes without a partner or you will be punished.”
All of a sudden my grandma started screeching through our visiting room. Tears rushed down her face. I grabbed her arm. She stopped. Her face looked like she had just seen a ghost. Next she dropped to the ground. I tried to catch her but she fell to fast.
“What? What happened? What do they mean?” I questioned her eagerly. “What do they mean by ruler, grandma?”
“There will be someone to command us for the new world; last time people were killed without warning,” she whispered so Jayson didn’t hear her.
When you die your feet get cold, then it travels up to your knees and they start to buckle you fall to the floor then you feel like you're drowning.
She coughed. No. It wasn’t a cough, water spurted from her mouth.
“I’m drowning,” she coughed again struggling to catch her breath.
“No!” I sprinted out the door onto the front porch.
“Help, please someone help me.”
“Don’t move;  you're not supposed to go outside alone,” said a mysterious voice.
“Who said that?” I was worried.
“Will you help me,” I yelled into the distance.
I wondered why someone could answer so fast. I blinked. When I opened my eyes I wasn’t on the front porch anymore. I was standing in a room with no floor. I mean you couldn’t see the floor. It had three walls connecting into something like a pyramid, but they weren’t just walls they looked like the walls in our visiting room. They were like televisions but instead of us watching characters in the TV show.
I turned around to see if I was alone just to find out that my dad was standing in the same room. He was tall just as I remember-maybe even taller. He had the same silver hair and dimple. I ran to him to give him a hug -even though he didn't like them. I was a foot from him when I got stopped and thrown onto my back. I guess that's what happens when you break the rules. You have to spend eternity a foot in front of the one thing you love the most.

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