Deep water tails

October 25, 2016
By allisonzartman BRONZE, Warsaw, Indiana
allisonzartman BRONZE, Warsaw, Indiana
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“Wait are you joking?” I said sarcastically.

“Just stop, I know it’s hard Serenity.” Mako sighed.
Tomorrow will mark seven years that our merparents have been gone… or possibly dead. We are not positive. Anyways my two older mersisters told me when I was seven that our merparents got captured and got eaten alive by sharks. This is likely but it doesn’t happen all the time. I honestly think that my parents just got lost in the sea but my sisters think otherwise. Then again I was seven and was clueless and didn’t know anything about it. The reason I didn’t believe them was because when I was seven I said to myself “When I’m fourteen, I am going to find my merparents.” I’m fourteen now.
“Hey…. Um Mako can I ask you something?” I nervously said.
“Yeah?” Mako said acting confused.
“Can we find mermom and merdad? Please. I know they're not dead. I just know it.”
“Okay… I know they aren’t dead either. I was just trying to go along with Callie.” Mako said sadly.
Callie is like the mother of our sisters. She’s strict, she runs our merhouse, and she can be bossy sometimes. Ok, maybe a lot. I HATE IT! She's so bossy. It's fine I guess. I have to live with her so I have to follow her “rules”.
“So……. Can we find them?” I asked wondering if she would really say yes.
“Okay. We have to ask Callie. If she says no, then it means no. Okay?” Mako said.
“YESSSSS!!! FINALLY!” I screamed with excitement.
“But we're gonna have to get some help. Like Caco and Marley.” Mako said sounding a little bit concerned.
Caco and Marley are seahorses, they’re our little friends that help us with anything we need. But we don’t get to see them as much anymore because they moved far away from us. They live in another palace. Our palace is called the royal palace. Every part of the ocean has it’s own palace from creatures/animals.  Caco and Marley’s palace isn’t as big as our palace. The palace we live in is beautiful. It has so many things to do like mertag or watch each other do flips in the water. Our palace is only meant for mermaids, but before we knew it, Caco and Marley came to the palace for some place to live. Two years later, they got kicked out. We never figured out why. We spent two years with each other. I miss those two years when we didn’t have to worry about anything. But now we have to worry about finding my parents. 
“Callie? Can I ask you a question…?” I said trying to not show how scared I am.
“Yeah? What’s wrong?” Callie asked acting confused.
“Can we go find mermom and merdad?” I nervously said.
“Wait wha-” Callie announced very loudly.
“Please! I know they aren’t dead! I’ve doing some research in the library. They aren’t dead, they're myths. All the books that I read said that the mer-octopuses make them up.” I said acting sad.
The mer-octopuses are the meanest creatures in the sea. (expect for sharks, they are scary too.) Anyways there the “supposed” creatures that take mermaids and feed them to the mermaids. But when I read the books about the myths of the mer-octopuses, it said that there are only like three in the whole Atlantic ocean. And it’s rare to see them out and about because there “supposedly” feeding mermaids to sharks. I think that’s fake.
It’s the next day. Today marks 7 years. That’s a long time. Callie still hasn’t given me an answer.
“Callie. Can we please find mermom and merdad please?” I said giving Callie puppy eyes.
“Ugh. Fine. But we have be back by  midnight. It’s the palace’s rule. We can’t be out after midnight.” Callie sighed.
“OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH LET’S GO WE HAVE TO GO NOW!” I screamed with excitement.
I was positive that we are going to find mermom and merdad. So now we're heading out to find them! It’s eight am so we have about sixteen hours. I can’t believe we’re actually going to find them! The only thing I’m scared is that we’re not gonna find them and we did all of this stuff for nothing.
While we’re on our way we’re going to pick up Caco and Marley at their palace, we see all of the other palace’s and they are all small. I don’t know why they are all small because our palace is probably the biggest palace in Atlantic ocean. I thought that all of the palace’s were equally the same but apparently not. I ask Callie why our palace is the biggest and Callie said that because our King is the wealthiest in the whole sea. That probably explains why Caco and Marley’s palace is small.
“Are we even close yet?” I sighed as my tail is aching for swimming all of this way.
“Yes. Were really close to their palace.” Mako sighed with relief.
Mermaid tales can ache very quickly and there could be chance that your tail could even stop working for a day. Yeah. It sucks because it happened to me before. But it heals, sometimes it will take a day or two. But if you're lucky it will heal in two hours, but it’s rare if that happens. If your tail aches a little bit then you're fine. You don’t really have to worry about it unless you're in high pain. But my tail is hurting really bad now.
“CACO! MARLEY! OH MY GOSH I HAVEN’T SEEN YOU IN FOREVER!” I shouted on the top of my lungs.
“Ok! Let’s stop shouting now and let’s get to mermaid business. Okay, we need your guys help. We want to find our merparents. Can you please help us?” Mako said
“Totally! Marley and I needed to get out of this place anyways.” Caco said.
“SERIOUSLY! OH MY BARNACLES THANK YOU! Ok, but we have to leave now though.” I said.
As were leaving their palace I keep thinking that what if we don’t find merdad and mermom. Like what if we did this for nothing. We swam all this way with our tales aching, going hungry the whole way, or not ever getting to see merdad and mermom. There are so many what ifs in this sea. I need to stop thinking that way. We are going to find them if it's the last thing I do.
“Were really close. I’ve seen this cave before. When we went on a field trip with our classmaids, we were on our way and we went pass this cave. It had DO NOT ENTER yellow tape on the side of the cave.” I told Callie and Mako as I’m acting a little scared to go in the cave.
“But it’s weird, it doesn’t have the yellow tape on it anymore.
“Ok. This could be life changing for us…” Callie said as we're heading into the cave.
“What if we don’t see mermom or merdad?” Said sadly to Mako.
“Then we don’t see them.” Mako said acting a little bit sad too.
As we're heading in the cave, it’s pretty scary. There’s a bunch of bones lying everywhere…. It’s not that pleasant. There’s a lot of dead fish, dead sea turtles, and as we’re getting closer, we’re hearing voices…. And the sounds of splashing. Could it be mermom or merdad? Or possibly sharks.
When we finally we saw the octopuses…. They were huge! And scary! They were big and their skin was purple and some parts of them are ugly green. They have red beady eyes with their pupils green… I don’t think that’s normal but you never know. There tentacles we’re big and they had those sucky things that can stick to things. Great. Three braveless mermaids, with two tiny seahorses and then over here the two biggest sea creatures. That’s great.
“What are these helpless mermaids doing here Karilo the great?” As the octopuses asked the other octopus named Karilo the great. Don’t ask me why he has “great” in his name.
“Well…. Um. We’re here to find our parents… Are they here?” I tried not to stuttered as I talked because I didn’t want him to know that I was scared. But I was. I was afraid they were going to feed us to the sharks… Or worst. Wait, I don’t know if there was worst.
“Well little missy, what if we did have your merparents? Karilo the Great said as he chuckled.
“JUST TELL US WE’RE THEY ARE!!! FOR SEAS SAKE JUST TELL US!” Marley screamed at the top of his little lungs.
“If I tell you then you figure out our secret and then we’ll have to feed you to the sharks… And we don’t want to do that to your little sweet mermaids.” Karilo the Great said sarcastically.
I rolled my eyes. I can’t believe this happening! Why won’t they just let us see our parents or at least take them home!? Why are they so mean! We have to think of a plan to try to get mermom and merdad. While Callie keeps talking to the stupid octopuses, I’m going to get Mako and going to the corner of the cave and start thinking of a plan to get our parents. I think it’s going to work.
“Mako. Come with me.” I said quietly.
“Okay. What are we doing” She said as she swam towards me.
“You’ll see.” I said acting suspicious.
“Ok. So we need to keep octopi distracted.” I said.
“Um, how?” Mako said acting confused.
“Keep Callie, Marley and Caco talking to them and we’ll sneak behind them and they won’t see us. Sounds good?” I said.
“Yep. Let’s do this.” Mako said acting excited.
As we get back into the cave, we still see Callie, Marley, and Caco talking to the octopi. Luckily me and Mako somehow made it passed the stupid octopi. When we get into the main cave… I can’t believe it. We see mermom and merdad. Oh my gosh.
“MOM! DAD!” I swam over as fast as I can to them.
“SERENITY! MAKO! What are you guys doing here! How did you find us?” Merdad ask questioning me.
“I guess we just found you guys. We were worrying. We’ve missed you so much. Will you please com with us.” Mako said as she started tearing up.
“Of course! How’d did you guys even get pass the octopi.” Mermom asked me.
“No time to ask. We have to go.” As we got mermom and merdad and swam away with them.
As we swam out we swam the fastest as we could. When we bursted out of the cave we grabbed Callie, Marley and Caco and swam out without the octopi catching us! I’m so happy! We made out alive! As were swimming back to our palace mermom and merdad tell us everything that happened and how they got captured. I’m just glad I have my whole family back.

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