The Killing of Harambe

October 25, 2016
By DoxNation34 BRONZE, Warsaw, Indiana
DoxNation34 BRONZE, Warsaw, Indiana
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One day in Cincinnati, Ohio at the empty Cincinnati zoo in Gorilla World lived a 17 year old male Western Lowland Silverback Gorilla named Harambe. Harambe was adopted by a thoughtful man named Dylan Schneider. He used to live with an abusive owner and he beat Harambe mercilessly all the time. At that time he was Harambe was named Steve and he hated his owner. Harambe learned to love everybody because of that he hated his owner so much everyone else in the world was like a brother or sister to him. One day his owner punched Harambe and kicked him in the stomach continuously. Harambe snapped… He grabbed his owner and threw him to the other side of the room in anger then he broke a window and escaped. Later, Harambe was caught and put in the place where they find lost gorillas and that is when we found him. I have been working in the Cincinnati Zoo for about four years and let me tell you I have never seen a gorilla like Harambe before. Harambe lived in the Gladys Porter Zoo for four years, then they decided it was best that he learned how to lead a group of gorillas so then that is when we got Harambe at our zoo. Harambe has been living here for two years now and instead of being a leader of the pack he is more like a god to them. I never knew why, they all worshipped Harambe and were always by his side. I never actually knew why until the day of May 28th, 2016.
Harambe would wake up everyday at 8:30 sharp. He was always the first of the gorillas to wake up. When the zoo opened he would always stand at the top of the enclosure so he could view the children. For some reason Harambe was the most beloved animal in the zoo. In the gift shop Harambe has the most sold items out of every other animal in the zoo… COMBINED! Harambe has more than the zoo’s official mascot. Now it was the day after Harambe’s birthday it attracted lots of visitors especially since Harambe’s birthday party was cancelled yesterday because of lightning, so the zoo decided to have it today. That brought in a huge crowd especially around the gorilla habitat for the primate’s party. The gates finally opened and as always all the children and parents flooded into the zoo and went straight to Harambe’s enclosure. Usually as soon as Harambe saw the customers he would first hop off the rock and to the little weight lifting area we set up for him and he would bench twenty reps with three thousand pounds! Harambe was unbelieveable. Then, Harambe would have like a little church service with everyone there one of his famous quotes was “I love every child in this world and I will protect any child in this world”. Once Harambe’s party began they brought out all these inflatables bouncy houses, games, food, and fun, just like Harambe wanted. Later, Harambe got his birthday cake and the entire crowd there sang to him as he blew out his candles. Harambe was giving a birthday speech after his candles blew out,
“Thank you my friends so far this the best celebration ever conceived for a Western Lowland Silverback Gorilla like myself, I want to thank you all and let you know that I love you all!” Right when Harambe was done something happened that changed him and the Cincinnati Zoo.
I heard the sound of child he yelled,
“Wait Harambe!” The kid came sprinting down from the lion exhibit and he jumped into the gorilla enclosure right into the moat that Macee, and Heather were in while Harambe got all the attention on his birthday. All you could hear was gasping, yelling, and worrying from the enormous crowd, everyone freaked out. When the kid landed he lost consciousness for like ten seconds then he got up and called for his hero,
“Harambe? Where are you?” The zookeepers and I called the gorillas off, Macee and Heather left and Harambe didn’t listen and went for the child,
“I’m here my young one,” Harambe picked up the child and carried him like a baby. Harambe looked at the kid and saw that he had been rolling around in the mud pit all day,
“My my, have you been hanging around in the mud all day? Harambe asked, “We need to give you a bath,”  so Harambe decided to drag the child around in the moat to clean him off. Everyone thought Harambe was trying to drown the child but I knew he wasn’t. Burt the sourest zookeeper in Cincinnati never liked Harambe and even told everyone in the zoo that Harambe was trying to kill the child. I tried to stop him but I was a lower class zookeeper and Burt was head zookeeper. I yelled to everyone at the zoo,
“Harambe is not a monster he is just trying to care for the child!”
“Shove gorilla crap in your face!” Yelled back Burt. Burt was so mean I hated him. Burt called the cops and told them there is a seventeen year old silverback gorilla trying to maul a child to death. We all knew that wasn’t what was going on and Harambe would never do that. He tried to make everyone believe that Harambe was misbehaving. Harambe then picked the child up and cradled him like a baby again,
“Where are your parents little one?” asked Harambe to the child,
“They are up over there somewhere I can’t see them,” replied the child. Harambe then went on top of the rock to get a better view of the kid’s parents but, little did Harambe know the police snipers were right there waiting for him… BOOM! The shot was fired and Harambe went down dropping the child and hurting the child. Harambe gave one final quote before he died,
“Don’t worry I will come back… back for revenge.” I feel like everyone in the zoo died a little inside once Harambe was shot. Every kid and parent of the child immediately dropped to the ground and cried. Even Macee and Heather started balling.

Days later… The Cincinnati Zoo couldn’t take it not having Harambe anymore, we haven’t had over 100 customers in a day since Harambe’s funeral and then 2,000 people showed up to that. Then, one day there was a terrible storm at the zoo. It was so bad we actually sent people home and closed the zoo. There was even a tornado. Once the storm had vanished me and the other zookeepers went to check out the damage, we saw a strange purple colored fire right in the same place where Harambe was standing when the shot was taken. We also had a great oak tree the tallest any of us had seen was bound to break world records at the pace it was growing. The tree was planted by Burt the man who accused Harambe of harming the child. The tree was down… Struck down by lightning and under the tree, was Burt’s office building, destroyed. We went back and saw the purple flame. It changed into the shape of a gorilla,
“Harambe?” I asked,
“You shall remember me forever and always, I will never die out, make a statement for me, never forget the all powerful Western Lowland Silverback Gorilla HARAMBE!” The purple image stated. Soon we heard rumbling noise and felt the ground shake,
“Earthquake!” Burt shouted, our 200 year old redwood tree came tumbling down right on top of Burt’s vehicle. That night Burt had a employee take him to his house, he was tired from the stressful day and was looking forward to sleep but, when they reached his house it was in the bottom of a sinkhole. Burt then rented a hotel room and chilled out for the night. When he went to he woke up from his slumber he was hairy, walking on four legs, and felt very strong. He was turned into a gorilla. With Burt gone I was promoted to his job and I quickly decided to add in a brand new gorilla in Harambe’s place. His name was Burt. Like I said, after Harambe died the zoo has never reached over 100 customers in a day until we installed the Harambe memorial statue on August 3rd, that day there were 250,000 people there. Those people came from all the way across the world to support Harambe. People say he is just a stupid gorilla, tell me this… If he is just a stupid gorilla then why is he loved by millions of people around the world?

The author's comments:

I was inspired to write this when I heard aabout the famous murder of our great hero Harambe the Silverback Gorilla. 

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