Would This Last?

October 25, 2016

The glass shattered. It was a complete silence. I ran out the door shutting it hard right behind me. I ran straight out in the woods seeing my friends house. I was about to tell him about what had happened with me and my dad. Before I could even climb one step the ground started to shake, suddenly I appeared in this darkroom. I wasn't really sure if it was a room, but all I know that everything was dark.
Let's not get into so much detail, maybe we should start from the very first thing that had happened this morning. You know, I woke up hoping that it would be a normal day like always. I always think that today is a different day because I hope that everyday is not the same every single time. Like always I go to school like other people do. I go to school wishing that Aspen would like me, maybe I should start with that first.
Aspen and I are really close friends and a lot of people say that we should be a couple, I wish but that is how life works for me. He is tall, brown hair, hazel eyes, so dreamy, but no.He  is already interested in someone else. Aspen is not like other guys in the school or that I know of. He is so kind and generous to other people. Trust me if you were me you would know how it felt like to be around him.
The bell rang for school and people knew what that meant. I wasn't even in my class and before I could even go to my class,I got stopped by the marching band. I was so nervous because I thought I was going to be late for class. Then I realized that my teacher is always late for class so I thought that I might have a chance here to make it in time.
I tried to squeeze through the marching band, lucky that Mr. Polston had dropped something. I was heading straight for the door, then,
“ Miss Grey, why are you not in class.”
When I turned around my cheeks turned red.
“ Sorry Mr. Polston it’s that..”
“ I do not want to hear another excuse from you Miss.Grey. You know what I expect from you. This one is going to be your final warning. Understood.”. I shook my head and walked into the classroom.
When I came into the classroom, everybody was staring at me like I just killed someone. I sat down in my seat and Mr. Polston was teaching boring things, I wasn’t paying attention. I was thinking if this day has gone a little more weirder than normal. What if we have an earthquake, is there a special event today that they didn’t tell us about, I know that something weird is going on and I need to find out.
I’ve gone to the rest of my boring classes. Finally there was seventh period and before the bell could ring I took out my phone and the teacher caught me because apparently I took out my phone too soon. I went to the principal's office I overheard some staff people. Before I could even hear what they were saying, the ground started to shake and I wasn’t even holding on to anything so I just landed straight to the ground.
I heard people screaming from down the  hallways. I didn’t know what to do, so I just grab onto a pole. Before I could even turn around and see what was going on, i saw people flying everywhere. Then I turned my head and saw this dark hole and people were falling into that hole. I had tried  to find objects that would stick to the wall so that I wouldn’t flying out the hole.
Then something hit me. I blacked out for a couple of hours and I heard some people speaking.
“ DOCTOR SHE IS NOT RESPONDING! LET'S CRANK IT UP BOYS WE NEED A SIGNAL!” That is when I woke up in  hospital bed. I didn’t know what was going on. I saw some doctors, well I wasn’t sure because my vision was still blurry. Then I heard this voice but somehow I recognized that  voice.
“ I need her to stay alive, I can’t loose my baby girl. She already lost her mom seventeen years ago. I just can’t loose her doctor, I just can’t.”
“ Well let’s see how she is right now, ok?” My dad shook his head not tempting say say furthermore. “ Tori, can you sit up for a moment, I need to see how your health conditions are.”
“ Ok “ I kind of said that like tears were stuck in my throat.
“ Ok Tori. Now I need you to follow this light for me.” I was following the light and this real big pain felt like it had stabbed me in the eye.
“ Oww. It hurts so bad.”
“ Mmm… let's  try something else. Lets see your reflexes. When I tell you to stand up, you’re going to walk all the way to the counter and i am going to throw a ball and see your reflexes. Ok.”
“ Ok.”
“ Ready...Set...GO!!” I stood up from the bed and when I stood up, I couldn’t feel my legs at  all but I knew that I had to do this to prove I was strong enough. Before I could touch the counter, I fell straight on my knees.
“ What’s the point of doing this if you know that I can’t?” He just left silently  and then left the room without saying any words. Two weeks later, I finally got to get out of the hospital and head back home. We signed out leaving with medications.  Even got this tube going through my nose. That was the worse pain I had experienced in my whole life, but before I left I saw Aspen and his mother waiting in the waiting room. I saw that Aspen had brought me flowers. I thought that this day hasn’t been bad after all.  When I got closer to the flowers, they were red roses and those were my favorite roses. They also smelled really good.  I got to go home fast because I was invited to a party. Although I never told my dad about that, so I had to sneak out of the house.
I ran up stairs to get ready. I put this royal blue dress on, it had flowers around the waist and it was strapless. I had went down stairs and had totally forgotten that I have not told my dad. When he saw me, he got so angry at me. He told me,
“ Tori, what are you wearing!?”
“ Well, I forgot to tell you that I am going to a party in town.”
“ You know that you are still recovering and that you are not supposed to go down town!”
“ Dad what it so wrong about going down town?”
“ Maybe I shouldn’t tell, maybe there is a wall there for a reason. Now go change, you are not going anywhere.” I went up stairs and thought about what my dad had said. Why would a wall be there anyway, I mean no has the answer to it. It was true, scientist have been studying why but they haven’t found the answer to it,and it is going to remain that way.Tori don't even try to see what is behind those walls. Maybe I should go when dad is asleep. NO STOP. YOU ARE NOT GOING THERE, or maybe I should.
I had been talking to myself for hours. Until I heard no noises I was free to see what were behind those walls. Before I could even open the door. My dad had caught me. I started arguing. It was the first time I had seen my dad so angry. I started to throw things at him and then before I knew it, he threw a cup of glass at me. I was fast enough to dodge the glass. Although it had cut me a little. I had walked out the door, slamming it right behind me. It was cold outside and it was foggy. I was so mad at him that i could burst into tears right now.
I saw Aspen’s house straight across from  the woods. Before I could take the first step. The ground started to shake and there was this dark black hole. It was trying to suck me in. Before I could turn around, I let go and fell in the dark black  hole. I don’t exactly remember because I had hit my head on the ground. I woke up and there was something out there. I heard the sound that it was making. Everything was dark so it made it more scary. Then this light came on like I was in a room or something.  I saw a door and I started running towards it and someone just magically appeared in front of me. He just told me to follow him.
Then this machine or person spoke.
” Hello Tori, you’re safe with us, there is nothing to be afraid of. I’m Agent Lolph Now come follow me if you want to survive.” I didn’t know what was happening. I thought that this couldn’t be real I  mean this can’t  be real. I was following Lolph into this world that can only be in a  dream. I saw futuristic things that blew my mind away, but it was impossible that those gears were here.
Finally we stepped out into the big doors and this big light was flashing at me. We went into this helicopter and went outside of their world. We had went were me and my dad started arguing, but when I got a closer look, I saw the whole town destroyed. I didn’t realize that this shaking was some kind of invasion. I saw some houses abandoned. The saddest part when I saw people standing in front of their house, thinking that they had lost everything. Then we went back to Lolph's world.
He told me that I had to help and save my world from tearing apart. He started explaining that there were these creatures that were created by this evil scientist. Then before he could test the creatures, the creatures somehow had gotten out of their cage and they devoured the evil scientists. Before the scientist could die, with final breath, he said that he would return from death and destroy the planet and make the creatures his own.
Before I could do any of that, he told me that there was still people that worked for the scientist, but the people who worked for him had a chip inside their brains. It almost looks like a alien in their.  Lolph and his crew had captured one and locked it away for experiments. He had taken me there and saw that this person was in their. It had tubes going through its brain. He showed me and x-ray. Her brain had this alien figure in her head. He said that there were dozens of them and that we had to kill them all, and by we I mean me and this whole group of team.
We had taken lessons on how to fight and how to shoot a gun. When I turn around I saw Aspen. I thought that he was gone forever. I didn't have time to say hi because of the training I had to do. Then I met Dr. Alex. He had built this head gear that lets you see other people’s brain if they have this green alien on their head.  I had put in one and things were happening. It started saying random things.
We had been put into groups. I was with Zombie, Nugget, Black Eye, and Rodger. Since I was the only one my age, Lolph put Aspen with my group. The only problem is that I barely paid any attention to him, even though I liked him. It was kind of strange because I would always look at him and try to talk to him. This man had barged in and said that my father had died. They said that they had out surveillance camera. They said that that house was a experimental house and that they guy that had been working there was nutz. The government had put those cameras for safety and that Lolph had been working there. The man turned on the camera and showed me the surveillance.
“ Tori where are you? Come home. I'm sorry for everything just come back. Who are you?
“  Let's not rush into that, but I'm sorry I'm afraid that she can't make it. Mmm. What should I do with you old man.”
“ Why are you doing this. Just please don't do this to me. I beg you. Just wait what are you doing…”
“Just doing my job grandpa.”
“What was that, I should kill you and conquer the world. Sorry the voices in my head. That's not what they really said. Sorry man , hope you have a great night.”
“One down, 599 left to go.”
I heard some noises like an echo in my head. I didn't know what it as but I just kept moving along. I still wasn't sure if this was a dream or not. The man in the camera look familiar, and just by the thought of that, I kept hearing echos. Me and my group had gotten in the helicopter and Lolph told us the plan.
“When I say go, you guys are going to put your helmet on and make sure that it is on. You guys are going to be in an abandoned place where the workers for the scientist have gone to. Just remember, if there is anyone who has a green alien in their brains, you shoot them. You guys are going to risk your lives here. Make it count. Understood?”
“ Ready…GO, GO, GO!” They helicopter door opened from  the back and we went to the field where the people were. We were hiding behind cars that were on fire. Suddenly someone spotted me and started shooting. We were behind cars wall. Then we saw a bus that had the door open. We started running towards it. People started to shoot. The glass windows started to break and we duck down. If not, we are gonners. The Aspen had an idea to blow up the bus and that we run toward the wall.
“ Ready guys. GO,GO,GO!” We started running because the bomb ready.” 3...2...1…” BAM. The bus bursts into flames. We went into this building and I saw that Zombie had a green alien in his brain.
“ What this doesn’t make sense. How is this possible?”
“ What let me check everyone.” When I checked everyone had it. Even I did. Then I realized that we were killing the wrong people. We were killing actually killing people. We went back to the station and I still had my helmet on. When I looked at Lolph, I saw that he had a red alien in his brain. We started to attack him but he was too powerful. The only way to defeat him was to blow up the place. Aspen said with worries” Are you sure that you are going to do this? That you are going to blow up with this place?”
“ I have done wrong in my time.My dad is probably dead. My mom had died seventeen years ago. This is my only chance to make a difference. I'm stuck in this world and  can't go back. You should go back and help other people in our world. Please.”
“I won't leave you.”
“I'm sorry  but I have to.” Aspen and the rest of the group left. I was here alone with Lolph and his crew. I pulled it and BAM. I was one the floor with final breath.
“ TORI,TORI! Come on this place is going to blow up.” A few weeks later I woke up in a hospital bed. I didn't know what was going on. “ Hey Tori, it’s Aspen. Are you okay.”
“ What oh yeah I’m ok. Now what are we going to do?”
“ I don’t know? Well there is one thing I  do know, and that is to get out of here.”
Aspen and his mom had survived this. We had rented a hotel. This thought went in my head. I had unpacked and I looked in the mirror and my eyes were green. Then I realized what  I had to do. You really think that this was going to end here.

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