October 25, 2016
By kendralove21 BRONZE, Warsaw, Indiana
kendralove21 BRONZE, Warsaw, Indiana
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All I can remember is my parents saying “Hide Twix, don’t let her take you!” and that is the last thing I heard and saw of my parents. Twix is my name. People always give me weird looks once I tell them my name. I mean I don’t look weird I’m just one of those non-popular kids that everyone hates. I’m fine with it. I’m guessing my parents named me Twix because they liked the candy or they wanted me to get made fun of. I have dark chocolate eyes, caramel hair, and I am short for my age. I ran away from my orphanage when I was 6 years old. Then I ran into Lolly when I was 8 and her family took me in. Lolly has blue eyes and black hair. We are in 8th grade at Winston School in Florida and today is the last day of school. Usually everyone is excited about this day but I hate it for one reason only.
“Happy Birthday, Twix!” Lolly screamed in my ear at 6 o’clock in the morning.
Of course she remembered. I got up and got ready for school and my step parents took us to school. At school the teachers made us clean their rooms and wished us good luck at high school next year. Our parents drove us home and we ate dinner. Once we got done with dinner Lolly ran upstairs and came down with a rectangle box wrapped in pink paper. I imagine it being clothes or some makeup. When I opened it, it was a cardboard box that read Candy Land. We played many games but we have never played or heard of candy land.
“Where did u find this?” I asked curiously.
“I have friends that know people that make these kind of games, this game doesn’t exist yet we are the only people that have it and will only have it.” Lolly says excited.
Lolly got out the game and set it up on the dining room table and I read the directions. How to play: Roll the dice and move your chip the number of spaces on the board. Read the block you land on and do the following. The first player that gets to the magical castle wins the game. Warning: You have to the finish the game no turning back or else. Well this should be interesting. Lolly grabs the blue chip and I grab the green. Each chip is a person and the green one looks like me a little but I shrug it off. I go first since it’s my game and I roll a two. I move my chip two spaces and land on a purple space that says “Go up one space” so I move my chip up one space. Now its Lolly’s turn and she rolls a five and moves her blue chip. Her spot is to make a wish. She closes her eyes once she opens her eyes the board starts to shake and glitter pops out from the top. A tall, fat lady stands in front of us. I was in shock. Where did she come from and how?
“Your wish will now come true,” she says
“Lolly what did you wish for?” I was scared
“I wished we could be a part of this game,” she says excited.
“What, why?” I was screaming now. Then the next thing I remember is that we are transformed in to plastic and inside this colorful land. Candyland.
Candyland is a colorful land where everything has a different color and made of different kinds of candy. Everywhere you look is Lollypop trees, chocolate rivers, and a bright yellow sun that always is shining. Every square in the game is a different color and description on it.
There were two other people with us. A green chip and blue chip. Lolly was a purple chip and I was an orange chip. The green chip was an older adult like in her mid 30s, she had brown haie, bright blue eyes, is wearing green clothes, and is made out of plastic. The blue chip is a young boy, probably 13, has short blonde hair, and hazel eyes, is wearing blue clothes, and is plastic also.
“Now what do we do?” I asked aloud.
“We wait till the next players come and play,” The blue chip said.
“When will that be?” I questioned her
“We don’t know I have been trapped in this game for 13 years and only four other people before you guys have played this game. They were all lucky and got out,” she said.
“Wow, that must have been awful,” Lolly said
“Well, now we will be here for the rest of our life because of you,” I said with a tone.
“Yeah, it is awful I lost my child because of this game, and you would think I would know how to get out without winning, I created this game.” Said the green chip
“Why don’t you?” I asked.
“I didn’t know that it did this side effect. When me and my husband created this game. We only wanted to make our daughter have a game where she could wish for anything and get it. When we played the game, my husband and I didn’t know creators couldn’t play the game, so the fairy got mad and she trapped us. Then she changed the rules that when you lose the game the last loser would be killed, and that’s how my husband got killed.  Anyway my name is Candy. What’s your names?” The green chip said.
“Oh my I am truly sorry about your husband and my name is Lolly,” said Lolly.
“I’m Twix and why would the fairy do that, its cruel” I said. Then all of a sudden Candy started to cry. I didn’t understand.
“Candy, why are you crying?” asked Lolly
“Twix is that really you?” Candy said crying still. I look at her confused, but then I put the pieces together. She looks exactly like me and she lost a daughter 13 years ago like I lost my parents 13 years ago.
“Mom?” I asked. She ran and gave me a hug. I actually started to cry. I never cry unless I get hurt or when I watch sad movies. So, she didn’t leave me she got trapped by the fairy.
“Where did you stay?” She said wiping away her tears.
“I stayed at the orphanage then in school I met Lolly and her family took me in. Wait wasn’t there another guy in the game when we got here?” I said.
“Thank you so much Lolly for taking her in as your sister.” Candy said to Lolly
“She wasn’t a pain,” Lolly said laughing.
“Yeah his name is Charlie, he doesn’t like new people and he kinda scares me” Candy said to answer my question.
“Where is he and what’s are plan to get out?” I asked.
“No clue and there’s nothing really to do” Candy said.
“What if we wish on the fairy again?” I said.
“How would we do that?” Lolly asked.
“We play the game on our own and when we land on make a wish we wish for all of us to get out” I said.
“How will we roll the dice its double our size?” Candy asked.
“We could all push it at the same time” a low pitched voice says behind us. Charlie the blue chip finally spoked to us.
“That wouldn’t work because only one person can roll the dice” I said. I wonder how heavy the dice is though. It might be light enough to pick up. I walked over to the dice and move it one inch. It wasn’t that heavy.
“We can pick up it’s very light weight” I said.
“Well I guess we will play the game of Candyland.” Candy said.
“I’m not playing I’m following the rules and wait till a next player comes,” said Charlie. Of course he wouldn’t.
“Well I guess we will leave you behind too lose since you don’t want to come,” Lolly said
“Okay I’ll come” He said in a rushed voice. We all walked down to the start of the game and each did rock, paper, scissors. I would go first then Lolly then Candy then Charlie.
“Remember, everyone when you land on the block to make a wish you make a wish, to get all of us.” I said to everyone. I picked up the dice and threw it and it landed on a three. I moved my spot and it said to go across the bridge. So I do the following. Next is Candy and she rolled a five and she moved her spot.
“You only need to roll a two to get out of here.” I said to Candy. She rolled her dice and gets a three, like me she moves across the bridge. Now it was Charlie’s turn. He rolled a two.
“Yes! Now wish for all of us to get out.” I said to Charlie
“Have fun trying to get out,” He said in a sneaky tone.
“What?” said Candy
“I’m not saving you all,” Charlie said, then the fairy appeared.
“What would you like to wish for my little boy.” She said with a suspicious look on her face.
“I wish to get out of this game” He said to the fairy. 
“Well I would, but 5 years ago you lost to your best friends and u got trapped in this game. Part of the rules you can’t wish for your freedom, so I’m going to have to get rid of you.” The fairy said to Charlie. Right after she said that she raised her wand and poof he was gone. Charlie is dead.
The fairy waved and left with the brightest smile on her face like she’s proud of what she had done to Charlie; who just wanted to get out like everyone; who gets caught in this stupid game.
“He deserved it,” said Lolly
“No he didn’t he just wanted to save himself for getting trapped by that awful fairy and she made him gone forever,” I said
“Now what do we do?” Candy asked
“We can’t turn back because we already started” Lolly said. When she said I remembered something you can’t turn back and the last loser will die I have a feeling that we all know that because we all have that weird expression on our faces. Is just part of the game no turning back so it’s every man for himself. Who would you choose your sister to die or your birth mother that you found after 13 of her death. I choose myself, I will lose. I will die.
We all just looked at each other not talking and continued with the game rolling the dice and moving the number of spots. Once we got to the last row of spots the castle was in sight and the fight for the freedom was on. You only need eight spots to get to the castle from where I’m at. Candy needs seven and Lolly needs ten more spots to win. Its Lolly’s turn and she rolled a five. Candy’s up and she rolled a one. My turn I rolled a four and landed on the spot that said lose your turn. I’m dead, right?
Lolly rolled six and got to move up one spot. She is now one spot closer to win. Candy rolled the dice and she gets to move one spot she gets moved to the spot behind Lolly. The look on the faces makes my stomach drop and scream on how unfair this is. It’s my mother’s fault she’ll kill me because she created this stupid game, so that I would get anything I want. Instead of anything I want, I got my wish, my death.
I wondered, death is peaceful you get to go to your happily ever after. At least that’s what everyone said.
“I’m am so sorry Twix I love you lots, I am so dumb for wishing to come into this game I just wanted to make your birthday special. You were the best sister I have ever had.” Lolly said crying. Now my mother looks at me but I turn and I don’t want them to see me cry because I would make them feel even worse about themselves.
“I wish I could turn back the clock 13 years ago and fix everything.” Candy said with tears in her eyes. Then I look under her square and I said “Candy, look at your square it says make a wish.”
The air started to swirl and the mean awful fairy reappeared right in front of my eyes. Now that Candy wished for the world to go back as it was will I ever be able to see Lolly or her parents ever again? What will happen I can’t picture my life starting all over again?
“Will I ever see you again, Twix?” Lolly said still crying.
“I promise I’ll make sure you both go to the same preschool.” Candy said joyful.
“Please I don’t know what my life will be like without her being with me,” Said Lolly.
“So you want to turn back the clock 13 years?” The fairy asked.
“Yes I do, so I may never see you again,” Candy said to the fairy.
“Who said I’ll be gone.” The fairy said with a smirk on her face.
Then poof the fairy threw her fairy dust and makes the world go black. I don’t remember what happens next but I heard the screams and fears of my unfinished future then I fell into a deep sleep. I woke up and I am back at home with the smell of cooked bread baking in the oven and the arguments between my parents that never stop. I’m back to where I last saw my parents when I was 2 years old. I watch my parents fight as they discuss about the game and watch them get rid of it in the fire and the ghost of the fairy disappeared. My mother was wrong; I would never know or see Lolly again until my 15th birthday.

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