The Disaster

October 25, 2016
By calebjs BRONZE, Warsaw, Indiana
calebjs BRONZE, Warsaw, Indiana
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If only I had taken my time and focused. What if I had built it correctly? If this doesn’t ever stop our world is going to be endangered. We have to stop them before it gets worse.
“Aaron, we can’t stop them, there are too many of them.” Ethan Keeps yelling at me but I can’t focus, I’m shell shocked at what has happened to this city.
“Aaron! Get out of the way” Henry is also yelling at me, but as I look up I see the Sears Tower Hurdling for me. “Move!”
“Aaron, are you awake?”
I shoot out of my bed and rise to my beautiful wife Zoey, sitting right next to me. She’s holding a steaming cup of coffee with two eggs over medium, a couple pieces of sizzling bacon, and a piece of wheat toast with grape jelly.
“Did you sleep well?” Zoey asked.
“Yeah, I just had a terrible dream.”
I had just finished working on the portal, and I had turned it on to see if there would be power, and it turned on. But after five minutes of having power, it started shaking and quit. I just gave up on it and left. When I was walking to my car, I looked up and saw an odd shaped object and then it landed right on top of the Sears Tower and I couldn’t see what was coming out of the object but they just started destroying the city. I went over and the Military, Army and all of the rescue teams were already on the scene. I got out of my car, and Henry and Ethan were already there helping people out of buildings. I ran up to Henry and started helping him evacuate people. We had just finished evacuating the Sears Tower and I looked up to see that there were even more aliens coming out of the portal. The portal I had built was causing all of this destruction. It was all my fault, and I was just shocked. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t do anything, I was just mesmerized by what was happening to Chicago. Then Henry yelled at me to get out of the way, I didn’t move Ethan was now yelling at me to get out of the way, I didn’t move. Then I heard a loud crash, I turned around and the Sears Tower was coming right at me. I was so amazed by what was happening, I didn’t move. Then you woke me up, and here I am.”
“Well I’m sorry you had such a bad dream” Zoey said holding her hot cup of coffee. “You need to be getting ready for work though. You are running late.”
“Yeah I know.” I hopped in the shower, put my contacts in my big blue eyes, combed my dirty blond hair, brushed my teeth, threw my suit on, grabbed my phone and headed out the door.
“Bye Honey, have a good day at work. Take your time on the portal.”  Zoey said nervously.
“I will.” I went out the doors of my beautiful home, hopped into my Ferrari, and took off for work. It was about a fifteen minute drive to my work, but today I got there in ten minutes.
“Today is going to be a good day” I thought to myself. I pulled up to the gates of my work and on the gates it says “S.A.S.S.” in gold. Secret Agents Security System is what it stands for. I showed Monica my ID, and she buzzed me in. I pulled into my parking spot, got out, and walked up to the office with Henry. Henry is one of my closest friends, we’ve been friends since we were in elementary school, and we said we would work the same job as each other.
“Do you think we will finish the portal today?” Henry asked.
  “Yeah I’m pretty sure we will.” I said. “There is a lot of pressure riding on us right now. If we build it wrong or mess up, you know what could happen,” I said.
  “Yeah, I know what could happen.”  Let’s just take our time on it so we can see if it works.” Henry said. “You know how big of a success this will be if we build it right and it works?”
  “Yeah I know but we have to build it correctly first.” I walked up to the my lab where I am working, still talking to Henry about the portal. He’s been helping me build it because he’s very good with wires and technology.
  “Today is the final day. We’ve been working on this for over two years, let’s finish it today!” Henry said with enthusiasm.
  “All we have to do is plug it in, double check everything and turn it on.” I said very excited.
  “Everything good? Are we ready to turn it on?” Henry asked.
  “Yep, that’s everything, go ahead and flip it on.” I said. Henry and I were both nervous, and the only thing going through my head is turning it on, and seeing those objects in the sky, the odd creatures, and seeing the Sears Tower falling on top of me.
                        “Are you ready?” Henry screamed.
“Yeah turn it on.” I yelled back. Henry flipped the switch up and there was a very bright light. The portal was very loud and kept rattling. I looked over at Henry and his hand still on the switch, turned and looked at me like something bad was about to happen. “Turn it up to 100%!” I yelled. He turned it all the way up, and it was rattling very bad, and making a very bad noise, then suddenly it stopped. The whole thing stopped, we both walked over to it, it was still on, the portal was still open but it wasn’t making a noise or shaking.
“Look inside. See if there is anything.” Henry said.
I peeked my head in, and it was just a very bright blue light. “I can’t see anything.” I said nervously. “Wait hold on, there is some metal thing, it’s pretty small. Hold on now it’s getting bigger, and bigger. We need to get out of here right now!” I yelled at Henry and told him to get out of the way. “Let’s get out of here, right now.” We took the stairs down to the lobby, and as soon as we stepped outside, all I could hear is screaming, sirens, and loud crashes. I looked up, and a UFO, thousands of them taking over the city, destroying everything in their way.
“Was this our fault?” Henry asked.
“Had to have been. I don’t know of anything else that could've caused this to happen,” Henry and I had got in my car and we got out of the parking lot because the whole building was about to collapse.
“How did everyone get out of that building and we didn’t even hear anything?” Henry asked.
“When we started the portal up, and how loud it was, we could hardly hear ourselves talk.” I explained to Henry.
“Oh yeah. I forgot how loud it had been in there.”
We got out the parking lot very quick and headed for downtown Chicago to see what was happening. And to see if there was a source from where they were coming from. I was looking around, and so much destruction had happened. Buildings, roads, bridges, cars, tree, destroyed, flipped it was an amazing scene to see.
“We need to get the city sooner, this is taking too long,” Henry said.
We were the only ones on the road that wasn’t much of a road any more. But I started going faster because the John Hancock Building had just crashed to the ground and I was getting very nervous.
“How many people are still trapped in there?” Henry asked.
“I don’t know, probably best we don’t think about it.” I said.
We finally got there and the army, military, police, national guard, were all there trying to get everything under control. We got out of my car, and Ethan to my left evacuating people out of buildings. Ethan has been my best friend since middle school. He saved me from getting the snot beat out of me. He stopped the fist that were coming at me, and ever since then, Henry, Ethan and I had been best buds.
“About time you two show up,” Ethan said.
“This was all me.” I told Ethan. “This all is my fault, I knew this would happen. And that stupid dream.” I said.
“What are you talking about?” Ethan asked. “And what dream?”
“I built a portal for work, to see if we could get more information on the aliens. And it backfired and now they are here taking over the city.”
“Did you destroy the portal?” Ethan asked.
“No, but I think it got destroyed when that UFO came out of the portal.” I looked over to where my work stands, and it was still standing up.
“It didn’t get destroyed, the building is still standing.” I said.
“Yeah cause look where they are coming from.” Ethan said.
I looked up and saw that there was a portal and UFO’s were coming out.
“How does that work?” I asked.
“I don’t know, but if you can turn the portal off, and flip it the other direction  everything that came out of the portal will go back in.” Ethan said.
“Okay I’ll go back and try to turn it the other direction. Henry you help evacuate people.” I said.
“Alright but before you leave I need help evacuating the Sears Tower.” Ethan said.
“Okay but we have the army and all of them to help you.” I pointed out.
“Yeah but they are fighting them, our main focus is getting people out of buildings and their job is to fight them.” Ethan said.
“Yeah I suppose I can help you with it real quick.” We only had to do one more building and it was the Sears Tower. Knowing what was about to happen frightened me. Everything that I imagined had already happened so why wouldn’t this? I hustled into the building and there weren’t a whole lot of people. Someone has informed that there is no one on the top level of the tower. It was a good thing that they weren’t because the building was starting to come down. We got all of the people out of the building, and I paused. There I was looking up and seeing all of the destruction, the UFO’s, it scared me.
“Get out of the way.” I hear.
Just like in the dream I don’t move. I’m too mesmerized at what is happening, I even know what is about to happen but I don’t bother moving. Here comes the Sears Tower.
“Move!” the only thing I hear.
“Ethan, go get him out of the way, so he doesn’t get smashed.” Henry yelled.
“Fine,” Ethan said.
I hit the ground hard with Ethan on my back. He just saved my life. The Tower hit the ground, and it was a huge crash.
“Get out of here! Go stop these things, I’m not doing that again,” Ethan yelled.
I ran over to my car, and tailed out of where I was parking. There was even more destruction coming back. I weaved my way around all the debris, and finally got to my work. I sprinted into the doors, and went up to my lab. There was the portal, I Know what I have to do. I turned it on, it was still working from what had happened when Henry and I were here. I turned it on, flipped the switch all the way down, and set the intensity level at 100%. I only had one shot at this.
“Hopefully this works.” I said to myself. I got out of the way, and watched. It was working, I looked inside the portal, and saw the UFO’s going back, and not toward me. I was so relieved. I looked out my window across the city, and it had worked, no more UFO’s but the damage was insane. I got back in my car and headed back to Henry and Ethan to make sure they were alright. And I got back to the city, and the damage was terrible. I couldn’t believe what had happened.
“I can’t believe that worked Aaron,” Henry said surprised.
“I know. But all of this is my fault.”
“Don’t look at that way. You made a huge accomplishment in technology, and we will make the portal work one day.”
“Thanks for that Henry,” I said.
“We need to destroy the portal before it gets into the wrong hands,” Ethan said.
“Yeah I know, but we should keep it to reflect on when we build the next one so let’s just hide it in the lab. ” I said. So we hid it in the labs basement where no one could find it.
I headed home after that to see Zoey. I know how scared she was to know that my life was indangered. I pulled into the driveway and there was Zoey, standing in my middle of the drive. I got out of my car and gave her a big hug, and a kiss.
“I missed you so much, Aaron.”  Zoey said happily
“I know I missed you too.”
“I can’t believe that actually happened, what you dreamed about, it actually happened.” Zoey exclaimed.
“I know it’s ridiculous.” I said.
“Please don’t tell me you are building another one. Tell me you will stay out of trouble, and try not to get killed?”
“Yes, I promise, Zoey.”

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