Going In a Time Machine

October 25, 2016
By ZachDeFord BRONZE, Warsaw, Indiana
ZachDeFord BRONZE, Warsaw, Indiana
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I’ve been working on a time machine for about 3 years and today is the day. I just finished I'm about to try it out but then my mom told me to come down stair.
My dad said “ Got anything to tell us.”
I said, “No"
My mom said, “ Come on tells us”
I said, “ I know I got in trouble today but thats it.”
My dad said, ” you are grounded for a week”
I said “ Ok” then I went upstair and got all the things I needed for the time Machine. \
I got in the time machine, it went black for a second and then I walk out and I look like a was five again I look in my minor and I had my old, long, blonde hair, short, and a baby face. I look and
outside and I see my grandma, she died last year. I went outside and took a deep breath. We lived by the ocean at that time. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath  and smell the salt in the air and the nice breeze of the ocean.
Then I when on a bike ride a saw a lot of my old friends. I had a old friend named Jack had wavy hair, blue eyes, and tall. I went to his house that night we played basketball,and football. We had fun then I had to go home because it was a school night. So then I went home and went to bed.
The next day I went to my old school in Florida. The school was right next to the ocean. The halls of the school were outside.
The next day was the day that my grandpa dies in the hospital so I go see him before he dies. Knowing that was the last day seeing him made me cry.
The next day I wanted to go back to normal time but then I dropped the time pad and broke. I thought oh crap what am I going to do now? I went in my old room and found the pieces I made the pad out of. I found the pieces I start to put it back together. It was back together. I tried it out and it didn't work. I taught why it didn't work and finally taught why there was special piece I added in after I made it. It was a paper clip off my moms papers from her work. So I asked my mom for a paper clip how her work and she said yeah let's go.
We got their and there was one left so we grabbed it. Then my mom had to talk to people about her work and stuff . Finally we went home.
We get home and I run up to my room and the pad is gone. I looked at around I was so scared I lost it. I stop looked taught of crap. I think I forgot it at my moms work. I walked into my sisters and she had her hand and I said for it and she said no. So I went up and I grab it. Then I in my room and put the paperclip on my pad.
I tried the pad out and it work. I came out of the Time Machine and it felt like days but in the real time it was like 5 minutes in the real time. The next day was normal. I didn't go in the Time Machine.

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