the power of best friends

October 25, 2016

One day this boy moved to a new place, New York. His name was Alex and before he moved he lived in a small town in Iowa called Knoxville.In Knoxville there was a lot of farming but alex lived in town. Alex loved it there but always wanted to go somewhere new where he knew no one.But enough about that the only reason he moved was because he was different he had some special powers that no not a lot of people had in fact no one he thought had. The things he could do is fly, read minds,  and had x ray vision. He didn't know he wasn't the only one that could do that One other person could and that person was his best friend, mac short for mackenzie. They were friends for a long time ; since they were babies. They would always hang out and go places together. They would go to the park and they would play with alex's dog named Mr. They came up with the name a year before they got the dog. When they were in 7th grade and now they are in 8th. The dog is a year old Here is what happening today on there way to school.                                                                                                                                                   “Hey Alex,” said Mac                                                                                                                                                                      
“Hey what's up?” Alex said
“Nothing, did you get your homework done for math and science?” Mac asked
“No, I didn't have time to do math but during football I was able to do the science homework,” explained Alex.

“Do you think you would be able to do math during football?” asked mac
“ Yeah, i asked the coach and he said yes.” answered Alex  “Well that's good thinking Alex.” mac said
“Thanks” alex replied
                                  8 hours later        “so, Alex are you going to the school dance on friday?” Mac asked
“ Yeah, but I don't know who i'm going with.” Alex explained 
“Well if you want we can go together.” mac said
“Sure, it will be fun.”Alex hoped
          Alex hoped it would be fun because they both just moved there and this was his 2nd school dance. The other dances he was at home playing video games and texting Mac and seeing how the dances were going for her. The last school dance he enjoyed. So he is going to this dance because Mac is making him.
Alex and Mac walked home and they talked about how they were going to make stuff for the school dance,but then he started to levitate and she told him that she could do that too.
       “Alex, you can fly” she said tried to sound surprised
      “Ummmm….” She said as she tried to think of something to say but she didn't want him to know “I….I can do that too” she said with hesitation
     “You can levitate too!” He said confused and surprised “I thought I was the only one that could do that.” He said more confused 
“Well, i guess you're not the only one.”she added
“When did you know you could do that kind of stuff.” she continued
“I guess when i was 10 my mom yelled  at me for running so I started flying and my mom flipped out.” he said
“I thought you couldn't do that, you told me that no one could fly and stuff you flipped out.” She said
“Well to be fair at that time I thought I was the only one that could do that kind of stuff.” He said
“Why did you just now show me this did you think I forgot or you didn't tell me yet?” She asked
“Well I forgot you knew I thought I didn't tell you.” He said
“How would you forget something like that.” She said
“I don't know I'm not thinking right right now.” He said
“Well I thought you would've remembers.” She said
“Well I have bad memory.” He said
“Well I don't think right now is a good time to fly someone might see you.” She said
“Well I'm trying to get down but I can’t.” He said
“How can you not get down.” She said
“I don't know are you just going to stand there or are you going to help me?” He said
“What could I do pull you down.”she said sarcastically
“You could put me on your shoulders so I won't weigh that much because I'm levitating.”
“Ok fine but if u stop levitating when ur on my shoulders I'll hurt you.” She said.

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