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October 25, 2016
By NatalieSyndram21 BRONZE, Warsaw, Indiana
NatalieSyndram21 BRONZE, Warsaw, Indiana
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“Knock” “Knock”
“Go away, it's only Max said she checks her phone on the left side of her bed.
“ It's only 6:30 a.m let me sleep” she said
“C’mon Max we have to get ready for the day, today is normal day but we can make fun!” Bella said
Bella is Max’s best friend since kindergarten and never left each other's back. Bella has the most golden hair you would ever seen, she has blue eyes that sparkle in the light, and has a scar from surgery on her chest. Bella has a lot of health issues mostly on her heart.
    “Fine I will go in the shower and get around just for you.” Max said. Bella smiled showing her white sparkling teeth. Twenty minutes later Max get out of the shower and wraps a towel around her body. After that she goes to her room and walks into her closet to see what Max should wear. Max is now out of her baggy sweatpants and black tank top and now into a blue jeans with a hole on the knee and a t-shirt with a band she likes named Top (Twenty One Pilots) Max has the reddest hair ever seen, she puts in a ponytail, also has a shining green eyes, and she has freckles on her cheeks.After getting for an hour she walking and Bella standing looking all scared, shaking almost in tears.
    “Bella, what’s wrong? Is there some-” Max was interrupted by Bella.
Bella starts to tear up and points at the television, it was on the the new channel and it was Kelly Marks talking and there was a picture of Max’s Dad on the screen.
    “Hello, it’s your host Kelly Marks on News 123 (Kelly is a robot but with a human body and face on the outside) today we have a story about a man named Toby Lock, he has a written a letter to the government about trying to find his daughter Max L-”
Bella turned the tv off with the pad on the couch and ran towards me then Max feels arms go around
“Max it's all going to be okay, trust me” Max shook her head yes because she knows that everything is okay with Bella by herself.
    “OPEN UP, WE NEED MAX LOCK TO COME WITH US NOW!” said one stanger.
Max knew that was one of her dad’s men coming to find her but how did they find out where she lived? Max never liked her dad because he killed a her sister in her life.Max’s dad was in jail because of the guilt of the death of Max’s sister.Three months ago Max’s mom was sick a died.
    Max looked at Bella while grabbing her hands and look towards the window she has on the bottom of the house. They have a underground place to get to the streets without anyone knowing.
    “Do you trust me?’ Max said to Bella, “We need to go, Bella do you trust me?” Max whispering
    “I do, now let's go before they try to get in.” Bella said
    That’s what they did went to underground basement if you call it, Max has laser gun for practicing shooting for her safety. Max has protection from the laser or shock guns they have in the world, bombs that shock your body that makes you fall and lastly is tracking from a smell from the person you're trying to find.
    “We should have protection, to make sure we don’t shocked from the shock guns or any laser guns also” suggest by Max
“Great idea, but what else should we bring, like any weapons or food if we have to hide?” Bella said.
After fifteen minutes of getting things to get other they tried to find the keys to their invisible car parked in the ground, you have to push a button securely placed and it takes Max’s fingerprint. When the button gets Max’s fingerprint then a huge hole comes up with the car.
“Okay, ready to go now?” Max asked Bella
“Yep, wait let me check if we have everything.” Bella asid
All of the sudden they hear a huge THUMP from upstairs, they look at each other with this scared look.
“All right Sir, but we have to hurry Boss will be mad if we aren't  back on time” A different man robot voice called out.
“I know just look for her NOW.” The first man robot said
Max and Bella starting packing everything fast, Max grabbed the keys then jumped into the car.
“Hey yo Todd, look what this is, looks like a secret door to like a basement or something.” The second mystery man robot voice said.
“What are your talking about this house is garbage, it's probably worth like I don’t know like $1,000 at least, now stop joking around and get to work.” Tod said.
“Sorry Tod it's more like $3,000” Max said with attitude.
They started the car after listening to the conversation, they turned left than right. Max is driving and doesn’t know where she going. She taking a turn at every four way stop. After a long drive, they saw a headlight in the mirror it was bright light brighter than most headlights. Ten minutes later the headlight is still behind them.
“Max turn left up here.” Bella said with a scared tone in her voice.
“ Um, okay?” Max said confused but that’s what Max did what Bella said, the headlight followed and followed them every time they turned.
“What this guy deal?” Max said in an angry voice.
“Max it’s okay just keep turning we will lose him soon don't worry.”
Max kept on turning left,right,left,left but the car is turning the same way and getting closer. It’s so close to Max’s car it sprays a paint the license plate. Max turned a sharp right, then the car went straight.
“Finally, that was really crep-” Max said interrupted
“MAX WATCH OUT” Bella screamed
There was that same car in the middle of the road it teleported. Max couldn't stop it slide right into the protection wavys the men set up so it wouldn't it hit their. They were asleep from the wave they hit. One man grabbed Max and put her in the back of the van and then grabbed Bella and also put her in there.
“Ow my head Bella.” Max said trying to open her eyes.
“Bella where are you, I can’t see you!” Max said in pain.
“Hello there, Max dear.” Said from a creepy old man.
Max got quiet real quick because she knew that voice and she tried to open her eyes but it hurt her eyes to much.
“Nice to see you my dear, it’s been how many years ten or eleven, well you grew up nice”
He put his hand on Max’s shoulder, Max try to move her shoulder but she couldn’t everything in her body hurts all expect her feet.
“Sorry if you hurt, we might of hit couple times for that reason you know, running away after what I did to your sister, very inappropriate to run away.” He said while rubbing his hand on Max’s cheek.
Max felt angry in her because her sister was the best thing in her life. Madison was two years younger than Max. Madison had the darkest brown hair but light  on the top, she had light green eyes, and she is tan color. After Max say her sister dead on the floor and her father a couple feet over Max ran out the front door crying at the same time.
“Max are you listening?” Max’s Dad said
Max didn't hear a thing her earpiece was buzzing in her ear, telling her that someone is coming close. It’s a COP.
“Yes, sir I can.” she replied as she did that she kicked him in the knees. While he is was falling the police was banging on the door/
“OPEN UP, IT’S THE POLICE WE KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE!” One cop shouted loud and clear.
Max’s Dad stood up and looked at Max and shook his head while laughing. Max looked up at him like there was no big deal.
“Little Girl that was a bad idea, I wouldn't of did that if i was you.” He gets his fist up and try to punch Max but she dogge it. While dogging she saw a room and there was Bella looking she was dieing inside.
“You're a killer, just a killer not a dad to me” Max said
Max’s dad looks down at her with a smirk on his face.
“Oh your friend over there is gone she not dead… yet”
Loud noise came from the door, Max shook her to the left while her dad was hiding evidence that nobody was here and a eye glass came out of the earpiece and saw the police shooting laser logs at the door trying to break it open. After twenty minutes of her Dad trying to hide everything he grabbed Max and put her in a room far from the door.
The door slammed open and cops running in holding their lazer gun.
“You won’t find anything officers.”
“Will we see ourselves
Max tied pretty good also really beat from her father. She felt the footsteps of the police under of feet. Wishing to scream but can’t because of the cloth around the mouth. She starts to move around for the ties behind her back to get loose. After a couple of minutes trying to break loose nothing happen but she heard the footsteps get closer, full of hope for there a officer to be outside the door. She starts to move closer to the door then as she tries to hit the door.
“Sir, do you hear that noise?” First Officer said.
“There is no one here officer, it's just me” dad said.
Max keeps on hitting the door harder and harder each time.
“You're not the only one here, where is she?” Chief of the police said.
Max keeps on doing it but this time it's her feet kicking at the same time it hurts her ankle but she needs there attention.
“Look everywhere for her put him in the car and stay in there with him”
Max doesn’t give up she feels harder footsteps running closer and closer to the door. A crack of a light is opening, Max looks up and jumps around to be loud.
“SIR, I FOUND HER!” First Officer said yelling.
“Thank God we found you.” The Chief said.
“Bella in the dark room..dead.” Max said in a quiet voice.
“Stay with Max I will go look for her” Chief said.
Officers trying to untangle the knot. Cutting all the ties, wrapping all the cuts, and  trying to feed Max. Few hours later Max was in the back of the robot’s ambulance.
“Where is a Bella?” Max asked tot the officer next to.
“They had to rush her to the hospital.” The second officer answering.
After a couple months Max was back living by herself but the police close by. Bella passed a couple weeks after she got back from accident. Max has been staying home by herself but there is a cat for her to take care of.
Max opens the door and has a robot spray behind her just in case.
“Hi, i’m new here and I was wondering if you can help since you're my next door neighbor?” A boy said
“Ya of course, by the way i'm Max.”
“I’m Corey”
“Nice to meet you Corey” Max said.

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