The War of the Elves and Orcs

October 25, 2016

 Thirteen months ago the city of Kooblan was attacked. By the time the standard army arrived it was too late. Part of the city was a red and yellow ember that could be seen for miles. Almost like a second sun that was on earth. The part of the city that was not burning was stained crimson red. The streets, the walls, the buildings were splattered with blood. All the houses were looted and beaten. Piles of bodies were thrown into the market and courtyard. They were the bodies of the men who defended the city. All of them had no head that lay on top of their shoulders. Instead they were put on pikes that were placed around the city. Still dripping warm blood. And they all had the same look  of absolute horror on their faces. They each had a different look but they all have the same look of fear. The women and children were hung. From every street light, every tree, every house you can find someone hanging. But the prince had the worst. He was tried to his chair. Then they plucked out his eyes and left him to die. And that's where they found him. Dead.

‘And that's why we are fighting this war.’ said Sir Granfid.
‘So we can have some kind of revenge for those good orcs.’ said Sir Granfid
I looked back at Sir Granfid. He was a tall orc. Brown skin with green eyes. He wore a shirt of fine blue wool. And pants of black leather. He was an army trainer. He trained orcs in heavy weapons and armor. 
‘With that said, you all will be going to a camp south of the capital.’ Announced Sir Granfid ‘I don't know if you all will fight or not but be prepared.’
Silence. No one said a word. We all just stared at the floor or at Sir Granfid.
‘Ok, you all are dismissed.’ said Sir Granfid.
We all went up and went to the barracks.  It was a rather large building. It had two stories. The top one was used for sleeping and the bottom had mosty beds. But it had a common room too. The beds were made out of wool and had cowhide blankets and the pillows were also made out of wool. The common room was decent at best. Everything in it was thirty years old or more. Half the things in there were about to break. But there was one round stone table in the middle of the room with six stone chairs. That table was for the little time we had on our own for gambling. Other than that no one sat at that table.
I was sitting at one of the old table when I heard the horn blow. It was the horn saying we have five minutes it get to our assigned wagons.
I got to the wagon. It was just like you expected.  A old beat up wagon that was made to carry a lot of orcs. We got in and left for the place that might be our last.
It was cold. No more like freezing. The wind came in through the wagon entrance. It was turning my skin into ice and numbing my mind. It was around midnight. The bone chilling wind woke me up. Despite being in the middle it was still bone freezing cold. I looked out of the wagon entrance. I could see outlines of  mountains with ice tips. They were quite the distance away. A hour went by when  I was focusing on the oak trees and how they where so much different than the pine back home when my thoughts were shattered when a booming voice came from the front of the wagon.
‘Wake up you nitwits. We are near the camp.’Shouted the driver.
Soon every one started to wake up. A few minutes later the wagon came to a stop. We all shuffled out. When we all got out of the wagon two orcs came out of the camp. One was in some robes. The robes were red with a gold belt. The belt held a knife and some bottles with some unknown liquids. From where I was, I could only see half of his face. His skin was a more common color of orcs. Green. The other one was wearing a polished iron chestplate. With the war symbol on it. His leggings were also polished iron. He wearing a purple cape with gold outlines. His skin was also green with some deep blue eyes.
‘Hello and welcome. I am Klogla, Lieutenant Klogla.’ said klogla. ‘I will be you captain for your stay here.’
His voice was loud and was threatening. It sounded like this giant war drum coming out of his mouth.
‘And this is my chief wizard, Bimdoll.’ Said  Klogla
Bimdoll just gave a small nod.
We next walked inside the camp. Blackness surrounded us. Bimdoll had picked up a small lantern  as he walked in. And it was the only light I could see was the one he was couriering.  I could only make out lines of all the tents and buildings.  Every now and then we would come across a dying fire from the soldiers who made them. I could see only the entries of the tents as we walked past.
We made it to our tent. The outline of it was long. It was about three times longer than the other tents.
‘This is where you all will be staying. Here you will put your things and sleep. Other than that you all will not be here that much.’ Said Klogla.
Everyone just noded.
‘Well then i guess that is everything then.’said Klogla
‘Umm sir aren't you forgetting something.’ whispered Bimdoll
His voice was old and thin.  You could hear the weakness in his voice. Like it had been used to much.
‘Oo yes right…...don't get too comfy.’ Said Klogla. His voice had the sound of regret in it. ‘You all might be moving soon.’ ‘Any ways get some sleep and i will see you at dawn.’
No one else seemed to question what he said. What did he mean by we might be moving soon. I questioned it but I just forgot about it in the morning. 
At dawn Bimboll woke us up and first did a run around the camp. He called it the waker upper. He didn’t do anything. All he did was sat in a chair, read a book, and watched us run.
Running around the camp gave me a good look around the camp. Most of the buildings were barack's. They were long, but not as long as our tent. They were made of furies. Of things like Beaver, Deer, And Yeites.  Then there was the the lieutenants tents. They were circular, made of cloth and were big enough for two of three people.  Next there was canteens and storage. The canteens were like our tents but even longer than ours and had tables and some food stations. The storage was pretty much like you expect them. Weapons, armor, and food. And finally in the middle was the General's tent.  General Finblang. At that time I didn’t know what he looked like. 
“Alright everyone that’s enough.’ said Bimdoll. “Looks like you orcs have ran enough fo-.’ He was cut off by the sound of a horn. It was ear bleeding sound. At that moment Bimdoll shouted
“ EVERYONE get to the armory!” “NOW!” Next thing I knew I was right behind him. Running to the weapons storage.. As soon as we got there a loud bang filled our minds. I looked around and I could see the front gate was blown open.  I next ran over to the storage and grabbed the first weapon. A battle axe. It would have to do. I next ran over to where i could hear shouts and screams.  I got to the front gate, and i could see elves with shining armor and riding horses. Some had swords and others had bows.  I ran in without thinking. I raised my axe and with all my strength brought it down on an elve. I could hear his head pop like watermelon. I was sprayed with blood. It covered my face and part of my chest.  Then I went for another and another and another. Soon I was the only orc left, surrounded by elves. I taking them down by the dozen. I was in a rage that I never knew I had before. And the only thing that made me stop was them shouting. “RETRET!”
I came back to my senses.From the wreckage of the battle field I could see bodies of elves and orcs. Their cold lifeless bodies covered the ground. With a few dead horses. One’s head was about five meters away. I was stained with the smell of death. And I realized as everyone stood around me I realized by the looks of their faces that I was death. The only thing to break this thought was automatic bell rang. And that meant one thing. And one thing only. Lunch.
In total we lost about forty three to fifty orcs. They lost seventy five to ninety two. We still had about 670 orcs ready for battle left. And that included me. No one really talked or ate anything. Everyone was just silent and sat around doing nothing. But later that night I was called in to Generals Finblang’s tent.
I walked into the tent  The room was big. Not amazingly big. But bigger than you thought it was. The bed was in the left corner. It had a wood from. Probably made from mahogany or some other rice wood His bed was made from silk and some was his blankets and pillow. And at the base of the bed was a chest. I assumed it was for his personal belongings. It was made of steel and the only wooden part were the handles on the side. The chest was a little rusted at the bottom of it. To the right of the bed was a night stand. It had three drawers that went long ways. It was also made of some rice wood. On top of it was a candle that was in a silver candle holder. There were also some books on top of the night stand. But I could only make out half of one book tile and it said “Ganver and.” The floor had a carpet on it. It had the orc war symbol on it. And to the right was a small table with two chairs. On the table was another candle on it. And in one of the seats was him. General Finblang. As soon as I came in he stood up to greet me.
“ Good, you came. Glad you could make it.” he said “ Come sit.” I sat down across him. He was wearing a yellow robe with a leather belt to keep it together. His hair was black and went down to his shoulders. His head was rectangular and his face were full of scars. “So I see you have taken a notice to my scars.” He said. Before I could reply he said “They are mostly battle scars, but some are from animals.” His voice was not mean or threatening. It was quite soft for his appearance. “But we are not here to talk about my scars, are we.”
“No sir.” I said.
“That’s right.” Said Finland
“So what am I here for?” I said. He took a deep breath.
“I saw you out there today. I saw you surround by twenty or thirty elves, and I saw you kill every single one of them.” He said. “For the lucky ones that weren't in that circle ran for the hills.” He said “we were losing that fight, if you weren't there we would all be dead.”
“I I don't know what to say.” I said
“And with that said, It just so happens that I need another lieutenant.” Said Finblang.
“Umm what?” I said
“I have some more soldiers coming that need a lieutenant. I want you to be that lieutenant.” He said.
“Sir I I will take it.” I said
“Good, glad to hear it.” He said. “Now they will be coming tomorrow some time so be ready.” “And before I forget make sure they don't get to confey.
“Why.’ I said.
“We were planning on attacking today at sundown, but as you can see that never happened.” He said “Now the new plan is to attacking tomorrow at three pm.
“Ok sir I get what you mean.”I said 
I got my new squad. Later that night around two AM. Then two hours later a horn was called. We got our armor and weapons. All lieutenants got on our Dire Wolves. Mine was brown and called Fluffy. He was about to my shoulders in height, and had about fifty scars. I was given steel armor and a battle axe. So we sat out to most of our deaths. The plan was to meet up with five other camps and attacke.
We got there around five, and the sun was settling. The cool winds of fall got to me and made me shiver. We could see the shining city of the elves. As rain clouds came crashing towards us in the distance. Light of the torches of the other orc camps were shining around the city. And before we could get a good look at the city, a horn was blown. Then everyone just charged in. I was in the front of the horde of orcs, now I was in the middle. As soon as the wall ladders hit it. It started thundering down on us.  Arrows were flying past me.  In the distance i could see great balls of five going up towards the elves in the towers. BOOM!!! The tower exploited as bodies of liquid fire went in all directions. I started climbing up the ladder. A elve came in front of the ladder and pulled his bow back. He fired. It graced my left shoulder taking flesh with it. He pulled it back again. And out of nowhere and fire ball like the last one came up and blow up right next to us.  It notched the ladder over.  As I was falling I drove my axe into a the wall. A hanged there for a few seconds watching all the chaos. Big portions of the wall was gone. Ladders with orcs climbing up. Lava covers the walls from to fire balls.
I started climbing up. Drive the axe in and find a place to hold on to. I repeated this until I was about five feet from the top. Then a elve pops it head out from the wall. His eyes were bloodshot. Have his face was burned up because of the fire balls. His face was dripping on the stone wall. I only knew it was a elve from the one pointed ear on his head. But that was gone in a few seconds to. His eyes were filled with pain. He held up a crossbow and pointed it at me. Without thinking I got my axe out of the wall and drove it into his head. I went through like butter. It was like it skull was not even there. I used his body pull myself up.
Once I got to the top of the wall I could see others that had got on top too. But more elves were coming. As soon as they got to me they were as good as dead. As I ran more and more were falling to the ground dead. As soon as I got the stairs that lead to the main road I was notched back. My battle axe flew out of my arms and off the wall. It was seven feet tall. And about as wide as two men. It had a sword in each had. I picked up the closest weapon I could fine. A mace.
I stood up. I got into a battle stance.
“For light and for justice!” He screamed.  We charged each other. Weapons clashing. Ching, Ching. The sound of the swords and mace hitting each other. He final this my arm driving my sword into it. He lifted the other sword up. This left a opening for a strike. And so I hit him in the knee with the mace. The sound of bone cracking seemed to be the only sound I could hear. Because it was all I could hear. I next took the sword out of my arm and stabbed him in the neck with it. Just then a fire ball hit the wall below me.
I went flying into a near house. I crashed through the roof. I got up and looked around. It was an attic with some old chairs and some boxes. I looked up to the wall I just came from. There was a giant hole where the wall should be and I could see the giant elve on fire. He was long dead. I found a small hatch with a rustled handle on it. I tried lifting it with my left arm but the cut cause too much pain. So I lifted it with my right one. I went down the house to the bottle floor. It was a poor house. With little furnishings and no color to the house at all.  When I got to the bottom stairs a sharp pain went to my leg.  I looked down to see a small woman elve stabbing a knife in me. I notched her over, pulled out the knife, and stabbed her in the back. She hit the bottom steps. I stepped back. I looked at the gash in my leg. The pain was intense.
I found the front door and kicked it open with my good foot. I stepped out to the street. I saw more elves coming. They were endless! And as I saw them coming towards me I realized that this was the end. How it all ended. So I ran towards to elves. But before I could get there, a fireball came crashing towards us.
I work up in the street.It was morning. Pain was all that I could feel. I was so weak. I slowly got my head up and looked around. I could see elves that were tied up and orcs that were down range with bows.
“Help, help me!” I screamed. Two orcs came by. They picked me up and put me and a stretcher.
The commander of the archers said “Fire”. But I didn't hear them. I looked up towards the sky. The sun was rising, with lovely pink gliding across the sky. Clouds shared the sky with the birds as they both passed us. I looked at the city it was in complete ruin, but with that I fell into a deep sleep. The deepest sleep I have been in. I will probably never sleep like that again.

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