Princess Fiona

October 25, 2016
By , lafayette, CO

Once upon a time there lived a young, beautiful, princess named Fiona.  She had rainbow hair and purple eyes. She is super nice, but she gets jealous easily.  Princess Fiona lived in castle in Ireland.  She lived with Queen Kj and King Bailey.
Queen Kj had strawberry blonde hair, with a blue, mint-ish color.  King Bailey had brown-hazelish color hair, with green eyes.
  The castle was about 5 stories tall.  Princess Fiona lived in the top level,  and everyone else lived on the second level.
One day, at about the morning Princess Fiona was out in her garden,  when she heard a strange noise.  She went over where she thought the sound was coming from, when she got to the shed out popped a blue haired man with light blue eyes.  Princess Fiona couldn’t help but stare into his eyes.  They stared into each other's eyes for about a half hour, until the king called to Fiona to come in for the night.
That night the princess was getting ready for bed when she heard something hitting her window.  She walked over to her window to find the man she had found in her shed earlier in the day.  She opened her window to ask the man what his name was, and he replied to her “ I’m Pince Greg.”
She couldn’t believe that he was a prince.
The princess then asked him why he was in her shed, and all he could say was “ because I had heard a beautiful princess lived her.”

Fiona just looked at him and asked “ why in the world were you in my shed if you're a prince?”
He just looked at her and said “ I just answered that question.”  The princess walked away from the window and went to bed.
The next morning the princess woke up and went down for breakfast.  When she was sitting at the table, Queen Kj asked if she had heard what sounded like rocks being thrown; Fiona just sat there saying nothing.  So the queen started to think that there was someone who messing with the princess. Kj told the princess to not go anywhere after six o’clock.  The princess didn’t think that was fair due to the fact that she didn’t do anything last night but hang in her room.
That afternoon the princess was taking a walk into town when she ran into the prince. Greg ran over to Fiona and asked why she had just walked away from the window last night? She looked at him with an annoyed face and said bye, as she was walking off, he put his arm through her arm. She looked at him like he was crazy. She didn’t like the fact that he was all over her, because obviously she wasn’t all crazy about him. Greg went to a stand to buy something for Fiona, while he was a the stand Fiona ran into another store. Greg looked all confused because he didn’t know where Fiona went. Fiona had a “finally” face on.
When Fiona got back to the castle, the king told her that a new family from out of town was coming over for dinner. She asked if they had any children. They told her that they had only one kid named Greg. All the princess could think was “great the stocker from the shed and town was coming over for dinner.” The king asked if something was wrong, and Fiona just looked at him and said nothing, but the king knew something was bugging her.
When the time came for dinner the new family showed up and so did Greg. Fiona knew it was going to be a long night.
They were having dinner in the nicest dining room they had. It was on the fourth floor, with huge bay windows and bamboo hardwood floors. The table was made of a dark oak. Under the table was a big rug, so if the table ever got pushed it wouldn’t scratch the floor.
When the dinner actually started they all sat down. The two men sat at each end of the table, and the two moms sat on the side closest the their husbands. There were only two seats left that were right next to each others. Fiona asked if she could switch with her mom, and her mom said she could sit next to the boy because he looked nice. Greg had a little smirk on his face when Fiona’s mom said to sit by Greg. At this point she was starting to think she hated her mom or her mom was punishing her nothing. She thought it was that she hated her mom, but she couldn’t say that outloud or she would get grounded for a long, long time.
There were two servants who came out. One was the king’s and queen’s personal servant, and the other was the princesses personal servant, who was hoping Fiona would get married soon, so she wouldn’t have to just serve one person.
The king’s and queen’s servant’s name was Hailey, she was a younger girl. She had green hair with orange eyes;she was a little odd.
The other servant was named Ian. He had purple hair with blue eyes. He was a little older than Hailey.
During the dinner Fiona had to go to “the bathroom.” As she was walking back she got stopped by Greg. He got down on one knee and asked Fiona to marry him.
“Well I don’t know what to say.” Fiona said.
“All you have to do is say yes, and we can be together forever!”
“Yes! I will marry you!”
After Fiona said that he got up and put the ring on Fiona’s finger. They went back into where everyone was sitting at the table. Everyone looked at them, and asked “where have you two been?”
Fiona looked at her father and said “dad, I have made a big decision.”
“Yes, what is this decision you have made my darling?”
“Well, I have met someone who means the world to me!”
“Go on.”
“He is in this room right now.”
Everyone looks around the table and tries to find the person she was talking about.
“Well who in the world could it be?” the king asked.
“His name is Prince Greg!” said Fiona as everyone gasped.
“What is the big deal, I mean all you people are married, I don’t see everyone gasping at you.” Fiona said angrily.
The king said “ok it’s time for dessert!”
After the king said that, there was an awkward silence. For the rest of the night everyone was quite.
The expressions on the company's faces looked like they never wanted to return, but then they remembered the marriage proposal.

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